Autel EVO Battery Review: Compact & Packed with Long Flight Time

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Extending your Autel EVO drone flight time is just about that important as it is to keep it flying airborne to capture aerial footage. If you are looking to expand your flight session from half an hour to two hours or even three hours. Then you will need to buy additional Autel EVO batteries to extend your flight time.

Fortunately, Autel EVO is a high-quality drone crafted with care. It is among one of the best foldable camera quadcopter designed for professionals. It even boasts impressive flight time and camera quality that beats DJI Mavic Pro. In our in-depth Autel EVO battery review, we will talk about its specifications and features.

Introducing Autel EVO Battery: An Intelligent Battery

To start an in-depth Autel EVO battery review, we are introducing this to you. By far, this is one of the smart battery that is designed to provide up to 30 minutes of flight time with your Autel EVO. This battery features an impressive capacity of up to 4,300mAh and 13.05V. Which is enough to deliver power to meet performance standards.

Autel EVO Battery Review

By default when you order a brand new Autel EVO drone, it will come with a battery. Additional batteries will extend your flight time by half an hour. While the product page says that each battery does provide up to 30 minutes of flight time. Realistically, you will be able to fly Autel EVO drone for up to 25 – 26 minutes per fully charged battery.

That is to account for the time it takes to takeoff and landing the drone as well as weather factor and how aggressive you are piloting the drone. Even though so, a real 26-minutes of flight time for an advanced smart camera drone is very good. Installing and removing the Autel EVO battery is quick and easy to do so.

Integrated Safety Features

A smart battery isn’t that intelligent without built-in safety features. The Autel EVO battery comes with a ton of critical safety features that acts as a protection measure against the electrical current while in use and charging. That being said, it is just about that important as it is to extend the battery lifespan for longer use. See the protection features below to learn more about how they help extend your Autel EVO battery lifespan.

Short-Circuiting Protection

Typically a short circuit happens when there is a low electrical resistance between two conductors. This results in an excessive voltage that causes the flow of current to the power source through a short route. Thereby, short-circuiting the power source.

Autel EVO battery is designed to prevent short circuits by redesigning its internal electrical infrastructure. By featuring a secondary resistance to ensure optimal electrical flow in the event the first resistance fails to lower the amount of voltage. This helps protect the battery lifespan and prevents it from swelling internally.

Overcharge Protection

Overcharge happens when power source delivers more than what is necessary to fully charge a battery. Typically it happens when a battery cell is weak or for some reason don’t measure the amount of capacity correctly that results in excess power.

Autel EVO battery is equipped with overcharge protection with built-in discharge protection. If it takes in more power than what it can support. The battery will automatically discharge the excess power to optimize its storage capacity. Which results in a longer lifespan and better flight time.

Self-Discharge Protection

When you are not using any of this Autel EVO battery in the long term. It will naturally discharge over time by removing excess power to around 50%. This is an important protection feature as it serves to protect against hot weather and cold weather.

By maintaining an optimal half-charged battery, helps extend the battery lifespan as it doesn’t need to heat the battery cell during the inactivation period. Just like every other intelligent flight batteries such as DJI Mavic 2 battery and Phantom 4 battery. Autel EVO battery takes advantage of self-discharge protection to prolong its term to protect against extreme weather.

Should You Buy Autel EVO Battery?

If you were going to ask me whether to buy this battery or not. I would say yes because this battery will easily extend your drone’s flight time. While it only provides up to a maximum of 26 minutes of flight time to be realistic with you. It is considered pretty good in general terms of performance. For instance, DJI Mavic Pro 2 which is a direct competitor of Autel EVO only provides up to 25 minutes of flight time realistically.

Autel Robotics EVO Battery

At the price tag that Autel EVO drone is going for and its battery specifications/performance. It is a dealbreaker. Even though so Autel Robotics isn’t exactly a well-known brand, it has steadily gained a foothold with its innovative drones and stellar quality.

If you are thinking of getting yourself an Autel EVO drone. It is a good time because the price of the drone has dropped steadily over time. Which means they are getting more affordable than ever before. So head over there and get your hands on an Autel EVO drone. Be sure to purchase additional batteries to extend your drone’s flight time.

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Last Amazon price update was: April 19, 2024 11:20 am
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
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Editor's Review

The Autel EVO battery is crafted with expert craftsmanship designed to provide long flight time and durability. With up to a real-time of 26 minutes per battery pack is enough to keep your Autel EVO drone airborne for a long time to capture stunning aerial footage. We highly recommend purchasing additional Autel EVO batteries.

  • Long flight time.
  • Good built-in protection.
  • Intelligent design.
  • Pricey.
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