Top 6 Best Cheap Selfie Drones That Will Make Your Holidays Special

The selfie drones are widely popular among beginners and casual remote pilots. They can be both incredible educational and fun to use, especially when it comes to making your special holiday moments memorial. A selfie drone typically doesn’t weight too much and has average flight time. The quality of the camera, however, depends on the price tag of a selfie drone. For drones with high price-tag, you can expect better camera quality mounted on gimbal systems and vice versa. In this guide, I’m going to share the top 6 best cheap selfie drones that will make your holidays special.

So what exactly is a selfie drone? Well, in general, they’re known as “drones” which means the drone is capable of taking selfie pictures using gesture mode or positioning it in front of you. Then you either make a selfie sign or push the take picture button to give the drone command to perform the function. The selfie drones are very popular for traveling due to their lightweight and affordability. I decided to assemble the top 6 best cheap selfie drones guide that you can shop for. If you want to jump ahead to the list, click here. Otherwise, you can read more to learn about selfie drones.

Benefits of Selfie Drone

Best Cheap Selfie Drones For Beginners

Of course, the main benefits of selfie drones are the ability to take pictures and making your trips memorial without the need for a second operator to take pictures for you. Plus, taking aerial selfie shots is bounded to catapult you into the stardom on social media. Who doesn’t love having all the attention they want?

There are several best cheap selfie drones that you can grab for less than $500 to a mere $50. Depending on how much you want to spend to obtain a selfie drone for yourself. It doesn’t just only have the benefit of being able to take pictures, but also to teach you inside and outside of drone engineering.

If you’ve no idea how the drone works, then you should go ahead and pick up a selfie drone. From that point, you’ll learn new skills such as piloting and mastering your aerial photography. These two skills can be especially important if you plan to become a professional drone pilot and want to start your own drone business in the future.

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Why Should You Get A Selfie Drone?

Perks of Best Cheap Selfie Drones for Beginners

Simply put, they’re easy to use and very fun to fly. A high-quality selfie drone can give you plenty of hours of fun without break. After all, that is what the selfie drones are built and designed to capture interesting aerial shots and selfie pictures. If you’re on a tight budget or a student looking for a simple drone to start with, there’s a good chance why you should consider buying one of these selfie drones that I am going to share in the guide.

Travelers love selfie drones because they are very easy to carry. Plus, they come with a high-quality camera (surprise!). At least for drones with a high price tag. If you’re looking to expand your gallery set by adding aerial shots, these best cheap selfie drones are the perfect choices to fill in the gap.

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Is Selfie Drone Worth The Money?

Is Best Cheap Selfie Drones Worth The Money For Beginners

In short, yes, the selfie drones are worth the money. Even if they can be quite simple and basic. The worthiness of drones depends on how creatively you use it and how long you plan to use. For high-end model selfie drones, you’re likely to look at using it for probably between 3 to 5 years before the quality of drones beats it. While we keep the content fresh, it’s strongly recommended that you bookmark this guide for future reference.

Most of the selfie drones are incredibly affordable and can be bought for less than $500 which is probably around one or two paychecks. Smart selfie drone usually comes with advanced features and are much more autonomous in taking pictures without the need of a remote pilot. While cheap selfie drones will likely require you to fly the drone manually. Depending on your budget and how much you want to invest in buying a selfie drone is entirely up to you.

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On the top list of the best cheap selfie drones for beginners is the DJI Spark. This compact and mini-sized drone is packed with impressive camera as well numerous of features. It’s one of the most popular choice among beginners who wants to have a friendly drone that is capable of taking high quality images.

If this sounds like you, then there’s a good reason why you want to check the Spark drone out. The DJI Spark only has a battery life of 16 minutes and has a remote control distance of up to 2,000 meters. This is pretty decent for a simple selfie drone at its price range. Read more to find out more about its features and camera quality.


The DJI Spark comes with gesture mode which allows the remote pilots to control the drone using hand motions. You can become like a Jedi or Sith and command the drone using your hand. To take a selfie picture, simply form a “V” handshape and the drone will snap an image for you. Beckon to tell the drone to come to you. Wave to let the drone know that it needs to back off a bit.

Most of its flight functions can be done autonomous thanks to its built-in sensors that detect the motion. The DJI Spark also comes with a number of flight safety functions such as low battery alarm and out of range warning. With a combination of a remote controller and smartphone, you’ll have access to intelligent flight modes such as follow me, waypoint mode, and several other modes available via DJI Go App.


Unlike most cheap selfie drones that I’m going to list in this guide, the DJI Spark actually uses a 12MP camera mounted on a 2-axis gimbal system. This gives the drone the ability to take smooth images and videos without any issue. It makes the drone the perfect choice for making short recreational films.

If the image quality is important to you, then you’ll understand why the DJI Spark is very popular among beginners and recreational remote pilots for its excellent aerial footage. Even though, it’s simple and packed with a lot of features. Its price tag is hard to beat.

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Hover Camera Passport

The Hover Camera Passport is a unique designed foldable drone packed with ton of features and incredible camera quality. It certainly have taken a different approach compared to standard quadcopter design with four motor arms extending out from its main body framework.

One of the key design features that the Hover Camera Passport has is a built-in cage that provides the protection it needs for long service life. Plus, it also protects the users and other people from getting hit by the propellers. Which is a big win-win for the users and drone industries. This advanced and autonomous selfie drone comes with quite interesting camera quality and features that will make you consider getting one.


The Hover Camera Passport drone comes with a multitude of features such as gesture mode and automatic follow function. You even can grab the drone outside of your bag or purse and start flying it on the go. Plus, it’s orbit mode lets the drone perform a 360-degree video around you or a subject for a complete and immersive viewpoint.

But that’s not all about what the Hover Camera Passport brings to the table. It comes with automatic self-editing that will edit the videos and give you a preset that you can upload on your social media platform right away. All of its functions are built to do everything on its own while giving beginners and travelers more focus on movement and taking perfect selfies.


This foldable camera selfie drone is equipped with a 12MP camera that can record videos at 4K / 30 frames per second. The camera quality is good enough to take beautiful images and videos without producing too much noise. However, its camera controls are somewhat limited compared to Spark which has a rotatable camera that can point upward and downward.

Regardless, the Hover Camera Passport drone provides a smooth and steady aerial footage which is pretty much a win for entry-level travelers and beginners. The battery on average lasts around 10 minutes. It’s good enough to take beautiful selfies and videos. You don’t even need to use your phone because the Hover Camera Passport drone will follow you around like a puppy which makes it the perfect choice for an autonomous selfie drone.

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Mirage Pro D50

Meet the Mirage Pro D50 drone. This is a recently released smart selfie drone carefully crafted for beginners and kids. It comes with incredible 1080P HD camera quality. Unlike most selfie drones, the Mirage Pro D50 is intergrated with all the latest technology upgrades such as advanced GPS module and better camera quality at an affordable price.

While the Mirage Pro D50 drone does look a little bit like DJI Spark, it’s actually different. It has already gained traction among beginners, mainly because of its stylish appearance that is appealing to customers. This smart selfie drone is capable of performing intelligent flight modes and whatnot. For beginners who are on a tight budget or don’t want to spend hundreds on high-end selfie drones, the Mirage Pro D50 drone might be a better alternative choice. Here is why:


The Mirage Pro D50 drone comes with built-in features such as Follow Me mode, Orbit Mode, and Waypoint Mode. Thanks to a built-in GPS module, this smart selfie drone is capable of performing automatic smart return to home. Which means it will fly at least several meters upward and return to the landing points automatically. Furthermore, it can communicate with the satellites which ensure a precise hovering position for a safe and smooth flight experience.

In addition to that, the Mirage Pro D50 drone incorporates beginner-friendly features. Namely, the built-in barometers detect changes in the air pressure automatically and adjust accordingly to ensure a steady height level. This also includes simple and basic features like headless mode, capture photo, and record videos. Beginners and travelers will enjoy this drone because of its intelligent flight mode that makes a solo journey possible.


This smart selfie drone is packed with an optimized 1080P HD camera that is delivered via 5.0GHz frequency. This means the video streams to your mobile devices from the drone’s camera is at its highest quality: 1080P HD. Furthermore, the 5.0GHz frequency is superior to 2.4GHz frequency which is still being used by most drones within its price range. Because it uses higher frequency, the latency is much lower and you will be able to see the video clear with the best details possible.

The quality of the camera and delivery of video at the best frequency available overall makes the Mirage Pro D50 a serious competitor. Given how great its camera quality, beginners, and travelers will find this drone an incredible and useful gadget. With great battery life and good control distance, you’ll have incredible flexibility and a lot of tools on your fingertips with the Mirage Pro D50 drone. A great choice for all levels of pilots.

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IDEA7 Foldable GPS

The IDEA7 Foldable GPS drone is another excellent selfie drones for beginners. It can be bought for less than $100 and comes with built-in GPS module which makes it smart enough to follow you around. While it doesn’t comes with fancy tidbits that you normally would find on more expensive drones, the IDEA7 foldable GPS drone is packed with some serious punch. Read more to find out its features and camera quality.


This foldable orange selfie drone includes smart flight modes such as waypoint function and follow-me mode. Simply select yourself as the subject and the drone will follow you automatically. Thus, making it the perfect choice as an entry-level selfie drone. If you prefer to make your own custom flight mode, you can do so using the waypoint mode.

Along with these two popular functions, there is an automatic takeoff and landing that makes the whole flight operation easy and simple for beginners. In addition to that, it comes with a built-in altitude hold function and return-to-home feature. Not only it is packed with beginner-friendly features, the drone comes with built-in warning systems if the battery gets too low or if the drone goes out of control range.


IDEA7 foldable drone comes with a built-in 720P HD camera that can capture images and videos at a good detail level with little noise. However, it is manageable if you are only interested in having a selfie drone that follows you around and takes pictures of yourself to share on social media.

The camera can be adjusted remotely thanks to the built-in GPS module. This allows beginners and recreational remote pilots point the camera in the direction they want it to look at. Thus, it is the perfect training drone for practicing and honing your aerial photography skill as well as piloting.

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If you are looking for a stylish and professional selfie drone that can be bought for less than $100. Meet the SG-900 drone. It exactly looks like a DJI Mavic Pro clone, although it is cheaper and definitely doesn’t comes with a lot of features. But the key feature is that the SG-900 drone comes with a built-in GPS module that makes gesture mode possible.

Ideally, the SG-900 foldable selfie drone is the perfect choice for beginners and first-time flyers who don’t want to spend too much money on it. But want to have a selfie drone that is smart enough to perform follow me function and all of these little fancy stuff.


The SG-900 foldable camera drone comes with quite a lot of features such as automatic takeoff and landing. Plus it can perform smart return to home function back to its landing point. As I mentioned previously that the SG-900 drone can do Follow Me mode, Waypoint Mode, and finally gesture mode using your hand motions.

Furthermore, its motor arms are foldable which gives it portability design for simple travel. Its battery only lasts around 10 minutes and has a control distance of up to 100 meters which is pretty much standard for an entry-level selfie drone at its price tag. Lastly, the SG-900 foldable selfie drone comes with a built-in low power warning that vibrates the remote controller to let you know that the drone needs to return home as soon as possible.


Like the popular IDEA7 foldable GPS drone, the SG-900 comes with a built-in 1080P HD camera that is incredibly powerful enough to capture images and videos. The quality of its camera however isn’t that stellar compared to well-famed DJI Spark. Because the SG-900 foldable drone doesn’t come with built-in gimbal systems that make it hard to take steady pictures.

With several flight practices and mastering at flight controls, you can capture steady and quality shots. There are at least three different ways you can capture images with the SG-900 camera drone. The first and most obvious way is using the gesture mode to form a V handshape to take pictures. Second is take picture with the remote controller. And to a lesser extend, you can capture images or videos using your smartphone connected with the drone.

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Visuo XS812

Finally, we have reached to the top 5 best cheap selfie drones for beginners. Meet the Visuo XS812 drone. This is one of the Visuo latest release drone built with GPS module that makes it very easy for beginners and recreational drone pilots to take selfie pictures. It has taken on a different and more stylish approach that makes it unique compared to rest of its competitors. Read more to find out about its features and camera that makes it a very hot selling drone.


Believe it or not, the Visuo XS812 Selfie drone is actually packed with a lot of features. In fact, it is among of of the drone packed with features under $100. Needless to say that it comes with an incredible and powerful built-in 1080P HD camera that makes it a potential starter choice for beginners. The Visuo XS812 drone comes with several upgrades such as built-in barometer that detects and adjusts the air pressure automatically for smooth and stable flight controls.

Plus, the drone includes speed mode function which provides smooth and gradual learning curve for beginners. The fun just don’t end right there, if you want to impress your audience who is watching you fly the drone. Perform the 360-degree flips to awe them. In addition to that, the drone is smart enough to perform waypoint mode and follow me function. Thus, making it a good choice for people who enjoys solo traveling and to take selfie pictures.


As I mentioned previously that the Visuo XS812 selfie drone comes with a built-in 1080P HD camera. While its resolution size of the drone is quite impressive for a quadcopter at its price tag. It is no where that close to the level of quality that the DJI Spark brings to the table. If you want to take nice and smooth aerial shots, you need to practice its flight controls in order to take steady images.

Not to forget to mention that the Visuo XS812 camera can be remotely controlled upward or downward using the remote controller. Mainly thanks to the built-in GPS module that enables this function. Which means beginners and recreational remote pilot can point the camera in the direction they want to take picture of, ultimately making the Visuo XS812 a very good budget-friendly selfie drone.

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Which Selfie Drone is Best for Beginners?

Which One Is Best Cheap Selfie Drones for Beginners

If you were to ask me which is the best selfie drone for beginners, I would say it is the DJI Spark. However, it depends on your preference and how much money you want to spend. Ultimately, I think all of these quadcopters that I just listed are good selfie drones that can be bought cheaply.

You definitely don’t need a fancy camera to take beautiful aerial shots. It would be a nice feature to have if you want to spend few couple hundred more. But for the most part, the selfie drones serves the purpose to take pictures of yourself from a limited control distance.

It is not built for long flight time, aside from have good camera quality and such. A selfie camera drone is good for travelers and students who wants to capture special moments like holidays. Imagine your friend and you standing outside in snowy weather behind a huge Christmas tree. You launch a drone off your palm and form V handshape to take selfie picture. How awesome is that?

Other Drone Recommendations & Tips

Selfie Drones Recommendations and Guide

Finally, before you decide to shop any of these best cheap selfie drones for beginners. If you are still looking for different types of drones to shop. You can bet that I have several drone recommendations and tips for you. In fact, there are so many recommendations to make that I am just only going to share what is relevant to this article. I also suggest you to bookmark these guides since I update the guides’ content frequently.

Plus, I have few important and useful drone guides for you to read. I strongly encourage you to read and learn how you can become a good remote pilot. Because once you start flying drone, you will represent the whole drone community and it is important to have a good public image of the community itself.

That’s all I have to share with you. Afterall, we all love free information. 🙂 If you have any questions about these best cheap selfie drones guide that I just wrote. Or you want to know more about drones in general. Feel free to drop a comment below in the comment section below and we will answer to you as soon as possible. Happy flying and fly smart!

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