Top 5 Best Contixo Drones For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

If you are a big fan of Contixo who is well known for making popular drones. You probably want to know what are the top 5 best Contixo drones for beginners. Especially if you want to find the right one for yourself or to buy as a gift for Christmas. The Contixo drones are popular for their high-quality drones and it is no secret that some of their quadcopters sell fast. We assembled a list of the top 5 best Contixo drones for beginners so that you can find out which one you should be checking out.

Even though there are several popular brands such as the Holy Stone drones and DJI quadcopters. We encourage you to check out the Contixo drones for several reasons: they have great customer services, they are a US-based company, and their drones are pretty darn reliable. Finding out what are the top 5 best Contixo drones for beginners isn’t that difficult because they are well-known. However, we want to share the best ones with you regardless. So, without further ado let’s find out what are the top 5 best Contixo drones for beginners.

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Top 5 Best Contixo Drones for Beginners

Contixo F18

Top of the list is of the best Contixo drones for beginners is F18. This agile drone features a built-in GPS module that makes it self-aware of its location. In addition, it can lock onto the satellites for a smooth and precise flight controls. It comes with a smart Return-to-home function that remembers its landing point the moment you takeoff. This makes it the perfect entry-level drone for beginners who wants a smart quadcopter.

Performance-wise, the Contixo F18 drone is built with four powerful brushless motors that provide incredible power and precision. It allows you to command the drone with precise controls such as adjusting the height level. The brushless motors provide the Contixo F18 with a much-needed speed for amazing performance while reducing the power consumption. A battery on a single charge gives this drone approximately 20 minutes of flight time.

Finally, the Contixo F18 drone includes a 1080P HD camera that delivers quality images and videos. Thanks to the built-in 5.0GHz frequency signal that allows fast and responsive controls. In addition to that, the 5.0GHz lets smooth and flawless streaming of video in real-time to your smartphone/tablets. The Contixo F18 drone also comes with an incredible long remote control distance up to a maximum of one mile. Overall, we think the Contixo F18 drone deserves to be in the top 5 best Contixo drones for beginners.

The drone has an average rating of 4.2 out 5 in Amazon, 69% of which are five-star ratings. According to its satisfied users, the quadcopter pretty much has everything a beginner drone flyer needs for a smooth flying experience with high-quality videography. The GPS feature is its best feature. Next are its intelligent flight modes, then the high-quality camera, decent battery life, and the useful bag that comes with the package.

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Contixo F20

Another amazing drone that earns its second place in the  list is the Contixo F20 drone. It is one of the most advanced quadcopter that is packed with a lot of cool features for beginners to experienced remote pilot. It has load of features including Follow Me, Automatic Hovering, Altitude Hold and even you can fly in first person view (FPV) mode. Thanks to integration of intelligent flight modes, you can tell the drone to perform 360-degree Orbit mode and TapFly mode.

The Contixo F20 drone is equipped with a GPS module that provides incredible stability and precise flight controls. This makes the whole flight operation simple and easy for beginners who have no prior flying experience. Design-wise, this drone is crafted with durable material that makes it tough and impact-resistant. Not only that, but the motors are also brushless featuring low noise, and thanks to the compact design, bringing this drone is possible.

When it comes to flying, it has a maximum flight time of 20 minutes most of the time. We highly recommended that you purchase additional batteries here if you want to extend the flight sessions. However, it has a maximum remote control distance of up to 300 meters, which is considerably less compared to the Contixo F18. We still think the Contixo F20 drone is best because it uses a built-in 1080P HD camera that uses 5.0GHz for ultimate real-time video experience. Thus, it is worthy enough to check out this drone.

In Amazon, this drone got an average rating of 4.1 out of 5. Sixty-seven percent of which are five-star ratings from happy users. One notable review is from Rated R Cars, who said that the drone held its own and hovered in place despite a very windy condition. Despite the breeze, it flew without problems and was very stable.

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Contixo F22

Introducing the latest and brand new drone to the family, the Contixo F22 quadcopter. This advanced and smart foldable drone is geared toward beginners and travelers who needs a smart and flexible quadcopter made for portability and easy to use. Like every other popular Contixo drones, the F22 comes with a load of features that suits beginners to experienced remote pilots. From a wide range of features, it can perform Selfie Shot, Automatic Hovering and use intelligent flight modes.

One of the main advantages that the Contixo F22 drone has over other popular drones within its price range is the ability to be commanded via Gesture Mode. That is a feature originally launched by the famous DJI Spark. Later it became available to other drones that use GPS mode. Only certain drones like the Contixo F22 foldable drone is capable of using Gesture Mode. You can easily take selfie shots with simple handshape or have it follow you for a completely immersive journey experience.

When it comes to performance, the Contixo F22 has a built-in 1080P HD camera that delivers aerial footage via 5GHz frequency for the best video experience. Battery-wise, it has a maximum flight time of 15 minutes and can fly up to 200 meters away. Design-wise, the Contixo F22 is durable and packed with a lot of tough armor that makes it one of the most reliable choices for beginners. We think the Contixo F22 deserves to be in the top 5 best Contixo drones for beginners.

With over 600 customer ratings in Amazon, the Contixo F22 has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5. This is also a fantastic GPS drone that many of its users love. Some customers say that it is a great drone to get on with drone photography and flight. After a short practice, it is relatively easy to operate.

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Contixo F6

If you don’t want to spend too much money for a starter drone, the Contixo F6 is a great alternative choice. It is basically a stunt drone mounted with high quality 720P HD camera and built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. This quadcopter is crafted of durable ABS plastic that makes it tough and impact resistant. Not only that, the package comes with propeller guards that provides additional layer of protection. It’s a must-have module for beginners and kids.

You can live stream the video from the drone’s camera to your smartphone using an app. In addition to that, the camera can be rotated to give you a wider aerial perspective to capture the perfect angle for aerial shots. This makes the Contixo F6 drone the perfect training quadcopter for beginners and kids. Not to forget to mention that this drone comes with a wide array of beginner-friendly features made for a simple and interactive flying experience.

The F6 has an average rating of 3.4 out of 5 in Amazon, with 46% of it consisting of five-star ratings. Some customers are happy with the drone’s overall performance, while others report about the drone flying away and not returning. Fortunately, Contixo has great customer service.

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Contixo F10++

Another Contixo drone that we think deserves to be in the top 5 best Contixo drones for beginners. Introducing the Contixo F10++, an incredible affordable drone for beginners. Unlike other drones in this guide, the Contixo F10++ is mounted with a 720P HD action camera. But, the nice thing about that is you can switch the action camera to GoPro HERO5 if you want to upgrade the quality of aerial footage.

While there is not a lot of features on this drone compared to advanced quadcopters. We still think the Contixo F10++ will be worth buying because it comes with a multitude of beginner-friendly features such as Headless Mode and Altitude hold function. Not just only that, this drone is packed with an amazing long flight time up to 15 minutes and has a maximum remote control distance of 100 meters. With flexibility and great performance, the Contixo F10++ drone gives you a wide choice to customize your aerial experience.

Like the F6, this drone’s average rating in Amazon is 3.4 out of 5. Some of the customers were glad about their purchase of the F10++. However, others had trouble with the drone’s durability and app features.

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