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Global Drone GW168: Camera Drone With GPS & Servo Stabilizer

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This week we’re going to talk about the GW168 drone. It’s among one of the newest drones to make the debut in 2019. The GW168 drone is manufactured by Global Drone, a new drone company but they’ve picked up the pace for selling quality drones in recent years. Smart camera drones are becoming incredibly popular among beginners and recreational remote pilots. However, they’re often plagued with the inability to adjust the camera remotely and provide smooth aerial footage.

So, Global Drone launched the GW168 drone which features Servo Stabilizer that helps keep the camera stable to deliver smooth and precise footage. That makes Global Drone GW168 drone one of the first quadcopters to have that feature at an affordable price tag. If you’re looking to become an aerial photographer in the future. There’ll be a lot of good reasons why you might want to shop for this drone first before buying one of these professional-grade camera drones.

Global Drone GW168 Drone Specifications:

Global Drone GW168 Camera Drone Specifications

On the first look, this is a very capable camera drone with good specifications. It’s outfitted with a 1080P HD camera which is mounted on a Servo Stabilizer. It acts in a similar way that a 2-axis gimbal stabilizer would do. But the Servo Stabilizer helps maintain the camera at a steady and precise level so that the footage appears to be even-leveled. Thus, allowing you to produce professional footage for your audience.

In addition to that, the Global Drone GW168 drone uses a modularized battery that delivers flight time up to 15 minutes. When it comes to flight capabilities, the GW168 drone has a maximum remote control distance of up to 300 meters. This is very good for an entry-level GPS camera drone at this price range compared to the best drones under $200. Beginners also will enjoy the fact that this drone is crafted with high-quality ABS plastic that provides great durability for long service life.

  • Flight Time: 15 Minutes
  • Control Distance: 300 Meters
  • GPS / GLONASS Capabilities
  • High-quality ABS Plastic
  • Built-in 1080P HD Camera
  • Servo Stabilizer
  • Remote Adjustable Camera
  • Brushless Motors

Global Drone GW168 Drone Features:

Global Drone GW168 Drone Features

The Global Drone GW168 has great flight performance and specifications. But it also comes with a lot of awesome features that further improve the drone’s performance. Especially for beginners who are looking to learn how to fly a drone. The Global Drone GW168 is equipped with features that make flying easier and simple with a push of a button. Automatic takeoff/landing, smart return to home, and warning systems that make your flight experience a breeze.

  • Smart Return to Home
  • Low Power Alarm
  • Out of Range Alarm
  • Altitude Hold
  • Headless Mode
  • Follow Me Mode
  • Orbit Mode
  • Custom Flight Path Mode
  • Automatic Takeoff / Landing

Camera Quality & Servo Stabilizer:

Global Drone GW168 Camera Servo Stabilizer

The main focus that Global Drone GW168 drone has to offer is its camera with Servo Stabilizer. One of the reasons why this drone has incredible potential compared to the rest of smart camera drones in its price range is the quality of the footage that it provides for your audience. Normally drones with built-in cameras will tilt the footage. While that does the flight experience a little bit frustrating if you want to be able to deliver beautiful footage.

Global Drone GW168 drone addresses that issue by installing Servo Stabilizer on the camera. When you tilt the drone, the camera will maintain a horizontal level so that the footage appears to be steady. Furthermore, the camera can be easily mounted on or removed if you want to have the drone fly much faster. But, the fact that it has a built-in stabilizer and can be adjusted remotely means you’ll have an easy time learning the basics of aerial photography.

Inside The Package:

Global Drone GW168 Drone Parts

When you order the drone, you should expect to get these following items upon opening the package. However, for some drone pilots, a couple of batteries might not be enough as they provide up to a total flight time of 30 minutes. You always can purchase additional batteries if you want to extend the drone’s flight session twofold or threefold. Inside the box, you should get a drone, a remote controller, a set of propellers, a USB charger, a user manual, a screwdriver, propeller guards, and two batteries.

Final Verdict

To wrap up, we think the Global Drone GW168 is a decent smart camera drone with GPS for beginners. It does come with advanced flight modes such as Follow Me, Orbit Mode, and Custom Flight Path Mode. Plus, the flight time that these batteries provide is very good at the price range this drone is going for. Not to mention it also has a maximum remote control distance up to 300 meters which makes it an overall great entry-level drone. You can purchase the Global Drone GW168 drone here.

Global Drone GW168: Camera Drone With GPS & Servo Stabilizer
Global Drone GW168: Camera Drone With GPS & Servo Stabilizer

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