12 Best Mavic Pro Accessories That You Should Buy For Your Drone

There are plenty of great accessories to buy for your Mavic Pro drone. But, there are also ones that you should avoid completely. If you are wondering what are the 12 best Mavic Pro accessories that you should buy for your drone. Then you will find our guide useful and helpful in finding the accessories that you really need. That being said, we want to introduce these two version of drones if you are a new user and haven’t owned them yet.

The original Mavic Pro on the left is sold for around $949 which comes with two batteries, a travel case and extra accessories. On the other hand. the Mavic Pro Platinum is sold for $1,299 that features two extra batteries, a travel case and of course extra accessories. Plus, it features a platinum coating around its body framework and longer flight time up to 31 minutes.

Now that I have pointed out these two versions of DJI Mavic Pro models that works with all of these accessories. I will go ahead and share some of the best Mavic Pro accessories that you definitely should get for your drone. Stick with us to find out what these accessories are and see if you should consider buying them as well.

Extra Batteries

One of the most important accessory that you should get for your drone is extra batteries. Believe me, three batteries isn’t going to be enough to cover your flight projects. At least four to six batteries should be reasonable enough for your everyday flight sessions. Plus, most of these Mavic Pro travel cases provides storage capacity up to five batteries. So, go ahead and buy at least one to two more batteries.

Camera Filters Set

If you aren’t flying your Mavic Pro with a camera filter on, you are doing the professional footage wrong. These camera filters set is absolutely a must have if you are going to capture stunning aerial shots. Basically, they help reduce the sun glare and minimize the white intensity while enhancing the quality of camera. As of a result, they turn the shots into some of the most beautiful you will never anticipated to happen.

Mount Holder

It is definitely nice that the DJI Mavic Pro comes with a remote controller which supports smartphone. But, it can’t hold smartphones with cases or tablets which can be an issue for some drone users. So, if you do care about protecting your gadgets while being able to view real-time video, you will need to order a mount holder that goes with this remote controller. This mount holder can support tablets up to 10.5 inches.

Extra Propellers

Never ever go without bring extra propellers just in case. You will never know if you accidentally chip off your drone’s propellers and suddenly it can’t fly because you don’t have extra propellers to replace them. It can be a real disappointment if your flight sessions have to be cut short because of this. So, my advice to you is to buy at least four extra propellers and bring them with you just in case. You will sigh with relief knowing you don’t have to wait for replacement.

Landing Pad

This is one of the must-have accessory for your Mavic Pro drone. No matter where you go. You probably will need a landing pad because sometimes the terrain doesn’t turns out as you expected. The landing pad is a great accessory that protects your drone from sand, dust, mud, and snow. All of these little things can hinder your drone’s capabilities and having the landing pad will change the ways into your favor.

Travel Case

The travel case that Mavic Pro drone comes with isn’t going to make the cut alone. It is too small and doesn’t provides enough room for extra batteries and accessories. I actually ripped the strap because it got stuck and it was such a hassle. So, I decided to buy this travel case. I have been using this travel case for almost two years and I am happy with the quality of it. This is a highly recommended travel case that supports up to four batteries including the drone.

Leg Extenders

An alternative option to the landing pad is installing the leg extenders on your Mavic Pro. This leg extenders will raise your drone around 1.5 inches above the ground. Which provides a safe distance for your camera without touching the ground. Not only it protects your drone’s camera, it makes the whole flight operation much easier in case you need to land someplace that is otherwise impossible for the drone.

Car Charger Hub

This is another must-have accessory for charging your drone batteries. The car charger that comes with the package probably won’t be enough to support multiple batteries due to its specific requirements. If you want to have a working car charger, this is the one that will work with any drone batteries as long as you can plug it with the hub.

Battery Charger Hub

To charge multiple batteries at the same time without having to replace every time it is done charging. You will need to grab a battery charger hub. This one will support up to three batteries at the same time. Also, it can recharge the Mavic Pro remote controller while it is charging the batteries. The average time it takes to recharge these drone batteries takes approximately 80 minutes. Quite fast for an intelligent flight battery.

Gimbal Cover

The gimbal clamp and cover are important accessory to have. You need the clamp to keep its camera in the place during the bumpy road trips and airplanes when the things are moving around a lot. It will minimize the damage while providing protection to your drone. Plus, the cover keeps your drone’s camera safe and protects its lens from being scratch and little things such as dust particles.

Custom-Made Skins

Don’t fly your drone without style! If you want to customize your drone, there are over 25 different custom-made skins to choose from Solar Storm to War Tiger. It is a great way to express your personality plus you are going to get people to like your drone… a lot.

Mirco SD Card

The next thing you will need to get for your Mavic Pro drone is a micro SD card. Without a micro SD card, you will have nowhere to store all the shots you took because the drone doesn’t comes with internal memory storage capacity. Since the Mavic Pro drone is incredible capable of producing 4K UHD resolution videos which easily eats up a lot of memory. We recommended at least 128GB micro SD card.


This is the laptop that I use to edit all of my videos and stills with Adobe Lightroom. I like this laptop a lot because it comes with plenty of memory storage that gives me room to produce heavy aerial footage content. Plus, it is mobile so I can take it with me anywhere I go and work remotely. It is an awesome laptop to have due to its lighting fast data processors.

Best Mavic Pro Accessories

I hope you found my guide about these 12 best Mavic Pro accessories helpful and insightful. If you are using an accessory that is not in the list but you highly recommend other fellow drone users to use it. Feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below to give us a ring! Again, if you are a beginner and looking to upgrade to one of these Mavic Pro drones. I suggest you to read our reviews first before you decide.

The difference between these two drones aren’t that big, aside the fact that Platinum has longer flight time and is a little bit quieter than the original one. Regardless, you can check out the price difference between these drones and compared. Then, you can decide which drone you want to go with. Thanks for reading our 12 best Mavic Pro accessories, happy flying and fly smart!

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