UVify Draco Review: A Professional Racing Drone Under $1000

Editor Choice UVify Draco Review: A Professional Racing Drone Under $1000
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  • Lighting speed.
  • Precise flight controls.
  • Strong performance.
  • Easy for beginners.
  • Fluid real-time video.
  • Great durability.

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Description and Review

Introducing a new professional racing drone: UVify Draco quadcopter. This advanced racing drone is the latest addition to the ever-growing drone consumer market. With a lot of features and stellar performance, the UVify Draco drone could be the next entry-level racing quadcopter for beginners and professionals.

If you’re on a hunt for the best drones under $500 to start with. Look no further because you have come to the right spot. The new UVify Draco drone is not like every other racing drones such as X4 Storm or X4 Jet for instance. The UVify Draco is similar to high-end drones such as Mavic 2 and Phantom 4 because of the ability to upgrade firmware over time.

We assembled an in-depth review of the UVify Draco drone. In this guide, we’re going to talk about its design & build quality, performance, features, and more. The purpose of the UVify Draco drone review is to help shoppers like you make an informed decision. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

Design & Build Quality

To kickstart the UVify Draco review, we’re going to talk about its design and build quality. On the first impression, this professional racing drone appears to be well crafted. It features a jet black matte that encases its body framework. This provides the drone superior protection against impact — a must-have feature for any racing drone.

Uvify Draco Racing Drone Review

Thanks to its high-quality carbon fiber material that focuses on ensuring maximum durability. UVify Draco drone features a 720P HD adjustable camera located in the front. It uses a 5G transmission signal that delivers live video feed in lighting fast response. You’ll not have to worry about the quality of transmission because this drone is equipped with a very powerful receiver located in the back.

The design and feel of the UVify Draco drone are very professionally crafted. It felt like you’re holding a high-grade consumer drone as you normally would with DJI drones. Although, at a much cheaper price tag, the UVify Draco drone is a great alternative option for beginners and professionals who wants something different.

Flight Performance

When it comes to performance, this racing drone is absolutely the master of flight performance. However, that doesn’t come without a few drawbacks. Starting with the good part about UVify Draco’s flight performance. This high-end racing drone can fly up to a maximum flight speed of 100 miles per hour. Which makes it one of the fastest RTF models for beginners and professionals.

UVify Draco Racing Drone

While the UVify Draco has stellar flight performance, it has a few limitations. First, its battery isn’t that good. If you’re flying the drone aggressively, expect a flight time up to 7 minutes. However, if you’re flying the drone casually, you can easily look up to 14 – 15 minutes of flight time. Most racing drones usually don’t last that long, so it’s reasonable to have a short flight time.

However, the UVify Draco drone comes with significant advantages that other drones don’t have: precise and stability. This racing drone offers one of the best flight controls for beginners due to its superior precision. Because of its powerful performance, it gives users complete control to navigate the drone around compared to other quadcopters that are integrated with GPS / GLONASS modules such as Potensic D85 and Eachine E511S for example.

Imaging Quality

The resolution of the camera delivers in the 720P HD setting. It isn’t the best, but for optimal frame rate and low latency, the 720P HD resolution is your best option. Besides, the quality is delivered in a high-definition resolution that makes images very clear and easy to see. With the combination of FPV goggles that can bring 720P HD resolution to you’ll make it very easy and enjoyable to pilot the drone.

UVify Draco Racing Camera Drone

Although, the camera can’t be adjusted remotely. This means if you want to change the camera’s perspective, you’d have to manually adjust it. Indeed, it’s a little bit disappointing if you want to be able to change the perspective while navigating around in the skies. That being said, it’s an excellent skill because it’ll help you train and develop situational awareness.

As well you’ll be able to hone your piloting skill that is necessary for professional racing championships. The quality of images that UVify Draco delivers is good. You can store the footage onto a microSD card. For this drone, we recommend purchasing a 128GB microSD card to go with this. If you prefer to hold that much of footage without having to empty too often, a 256GB microSD card is also a great choice.

Final Verdict

The UVify Draco drone isn’t simply throw away money. It’s a very fun drone to fly that makes it difficult to explain in words alone. The controls are sensitive and if you let it go, the drone will fall out of the sky. But, don’t worry about that because it comes with beginner mode that makes it slightly bit easier to fly for first-time drone users. If you’re looking for an RTF drone with an analog camera, you can pick up the Vortex 250 at half the price of the UVify Draco quadcopter.

UVify Draco Racing Camera Quadcopter

The UVify Draco drone costs for just a little bit less than $1000 that comes with a remote controller and accessories like a battery. However, if you want to complete the drone experience. You’ll likely have to spend another additional $500 for FPV goggles and extra batteries. At the price tag that UVify Draco drone is going for, it brings you superior flight speed and a digital video feed that enhances your FPV experience.

This is a high-quality racing drone that will make flying much more fun and enjoyable. We highly recommend UVify Draco drone for everyone from beginners to professionals. Currently, this drone can be bought on Amazon for just a little bit under $1000. Happy flying and fly smart!

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8.8 Total Score
Editor's Review

The Draco racing drone is among one of the first professional-grade quadcopter that combines high-quality camera, performance and durability. Beginners and experienced remote pilots looking for a good racing drone to start with will find this quadcopter the ultimate choice of all. With a good flight time and performance, it is able to perform advanced aerial tricks with lighting precise and speed. Overall, we highly recommend this drone.

Camera Quality
  • Lighting speed.
  • Precise flight controls.
  • Strong performance.
  • Easy for beginners.
  • Fluid real-time video.
  • Great durability.
  • Expensive
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