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B2C Specter Review: An Impressive Camera GPS Drone Under $200

B2C Specter Review: An Impressive Camera GPS Drone Under $200

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There is a brand new drone that is just around the corner. Meet the B2C Specter drone. Manufactured by Force1, a drone industry company who is well known for its high-quality drones such as the Blue Jay and U34W Dragonfly. Not surprisingly, their drones are popular among beginners and experienced remote pilots. In the B2C Specter review, we are going to dive into details.

The purpose of this guide is to help you make an informed decision. Throughout the B2C Specter review, I will talk about its design quality, performance, features and other important parts about this smart GPS drone. If you have been looking to get your hands on an intelligent drone that can perform flight modes on its own. Read more to find out if the B2C Specter drone is the right one that suits your preferences. 

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Design & Build Quality

First and foremost, the B2C Specter comes in two stylish colors. The main body frame is covered in a white coating that gives it a friendly appearance. Combined with jet orange streaks across its side body. At the edge of its body, the streaks are broken down into bits which is an cool design. The B2C Specter drone is equipped with a powerful 1080P HD camera that delivers quality images and videos to your smartphones in real-time.

On each motor arms, they come with built-in brushless motors that enhance the drone’s performance. This is especially important because the brushless motors don’t create friction, unlike the brushed motors, does. As of a result, it reduces the amount of power that it needs to drain from the battery, which turns into a higher speed and longer battery life. The B2C Specter drone uses a modularized battery that provides an average flight time of 15 minutes.

Finally, this smart racing drone has built-in LED lights that act as visual assist positioning. This helps you spot the drone during the daytime and nighttime as well. The material which is used to craft the B2C Specter drone is made of durable ABS plastic that makes it quite durable. Beginners will not have to worry too much about the impact since it can take quite several beatings and still run like a boss. Design-wise, the B2C Specter is an interesting drone. Coming up in the B2C Specter review is performance.

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When it comes to performance, the B2C Specter drone dominates in this field. As I mentioned previously that this quadcopter is equipped with brushless motors which makes a big difference in its performance such as improved speed and reduced battery drain. Not only the Specter drone is incredibly agile and nimble, but it also comes with a built-in GPS module that provides the stability that it needs to maintain hovering position and precise controls.

Many drones that are equipped with a built-in GPS module allows them to communicate with the satellites. Which in exchange gives them the coordinates that they need to fly steadily. This makes flying much easier and simple for beginners who have no prior flight experience to learn how to fly a drone. Furthermore, the B2C Specter drone comes with speed mode that ensures a smooth learning curve. 

Featuring at least two-speed modes, a slow mode for beginners who are just starting. And, of course, a high-speed mode for experienced remote pilots. But beginners can switch to high-speed mode once they feel comfortable and have mastered the basics of flight controls. You can check out the drone’s performance by viewing the B2C Specter review video below.

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Talking about features is my favorite part of the B2C Specter review. If you thought that this is a simple drone packed with amazing speed. Just wait until you read about what features this smart camera drone has in the store for you!. Thanks to its built-in GPS module, it has allowed the introduction of intelligent flight modes and smart functions. Such as featuring at least three different ways to return home using GPS mode that automatically detects its takeoff point.

Additionally, the B2C Specter drone comes with a built-in barometer that helps the drone maintain stability. This is done by detecting changes in the air pressure and adjusts to the level accordingly. The B2C Specter drone also comes with intelligent orientation controls such as headless mode. Not only it makes the flight operations easy and simple, but the drone is also equipped with automatic landing and takeoff functions.

Not to forget to mention that the B2C Specter is fully loaded with a high-definition 1080p camera. At the level of quality that this drone is capable of producing quality images and videos that you can easily share on social media. The drone comes with a micro SD card slot that you can easily insert. We recommend buying a 16GB micro SD card along with the drone.

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Final Verdict of B2C Specter Review

Before I conclude the B2C Specter drone review. I have several remarks to share with you about this smart racing GPS drone. From what I have seen, this is probably one of the best quality drones crafted by Force1. It is professionally built for racing but also to deliver the best aerial video quality. Thanks to its built-in GPS, beginners can rely on flying a reliable drone that boasts incredible stability and precise flight controls.

And did I mention that the B2C Specter drone comes with a bonus battery too? Yep, that gives you a total flight time of 30 minutes. Plus, it has a remote control distance up to 300 meters which are plenty of flying space to soar around. At the price tag that the Force1 B2C Specter drone is going for. Therefore, I would say that it is an absolute steal considering the qualities, features, and performance that it has to offer for beginners to experience drone pilots. You can check its price here

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Last Amazon price update was: August 1, 2022 11:52 am
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
8.7 Total Score
Editor's Review

We think the B2C Specter drone is a professional crafted quadcopter made for beginners to experienced remote pilots. Thanks to its amazing performance due to brushless motor and powerful propulsion force. It is packed with incredible speed, agile and nimble that makes super easy to navigate around mainly to enhanced precise controls. Even that beginners with no prior flying experience will have an easy time learning how to fly a drone.

Flight Time
Camera Quality
  • Built-in GPS module for precise flight controls and improved stability.
  • Comes with bonus battery which provides a total flight time of 30 minutes.
  • Packed with features that makes the flight operation easy for beginners to learn.
  • Crafted with durable material that makes it overall impact resistant.
  • Powerful performance for the best flight experience you can have.
  • Amazing battery life that provides plenty of flying time.
  • Good remote control distance which lets you capture beautiful aerial shots.
  • Should introduce more intelligent flight modes, but that's a minor drawback.
  • Camera doesn't have gimbal systems feature, so it tilts with the drone, again a minor drawback.
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