4 Best DJI Phantom 4 Travel Cases For All Drone Pilots

If you are going to travel around the world with your Phantom 4 drone. There is a good chance you will need to find the best DJI Phantom 4 travel cases for your quadcopter. Most importantly, you want to be able to have a case that protects your drone and its accessories. Traveling around the world with a valuable $1,000 drone can be rather a risky investment, so you definitely will want to have a reliable travel case that keeps your assets safe. In this guide, we have assembled the best DJI Phantom 4 travel cases for all drone pilots.

No matter your flying experience, we have found the top 4 best DJI Phantom 4 travel cases. All the travel cases and backpacks that I am going to list comes in varieties. Depending on what you need and suits your preference. For instance, if you plan to fly around a lot, you will want to have a travel case that can carry a lot of batteries. However, if you are the type of person who prefers simple and lightweight, a travel case should do the job.

Top 4 Best DJI Phantom 4 Travel Cases

DP3000 Backpack

Meet the DP3000 backpack. This travel case features a large main compartment that holds and protects your DJI Phantom 4 with a styrofoam case. It is carefully crafted that comes with built-in unlock function that you can easily open both the case and the backpack together. Inside the backpack, it has a small pocket that gives plenty of room to carry a tablet up to 9.7 inches or any type of mobile devices.

On the upper compartment, there are adjustable cells that can support up to 4 batteries. They also can be adjusted to suit your needs if you have any type of accessories. On the same note, two external pockets can be utilized to store propellers to meet your needs while flying the drone outdoor. The DP3000 backpack is customized for DJI Phantom 4 users only that provides them a safe way to transport the drone and its accessories.

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Case Club Phantom 4

Are you looking for a professional and quality travel case that is easy to transport anywhere you go? Look no further because this wheeled case is here for you. The Case Club Phantom 4 is a waterproof case designed to fit all type of Phantom 4 series including Pro, Pro Plus and Pro V2. But don’t worry about its durability and quality because the Case Club Phantom 4 comes with a lifetime warranty that pretty much beats other travel cases.

The Case Club Phantom 4 is capable of holding up to a drone, a tablet up to 7 inches in addition to five extra batteries including the drone. Not only you can also store your remote controller, memory cards, extra propellers, and silica gel canisters to keep it dry. If you plan to travel around on the airplane, this case is already approved for checked luggage and can be locked with a TSA approved padlock (please see here for approved padlocks).

It is nice so that you will not have to worry about someone trying to steal your valuable drone. In addition to that, the travel case is built with military-grade closed-cell polyethylene that can be easily wiped clean. Plus, it lasts for a long time so that gives the travel case impressive durability. The Case Club Phantom 4 travel case is perfect for professional drone pilots who see their Phantom 4 as an asset and want to protect it. But also it is great for beginners who and travelers who travel around the world.

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Nanuk 950 Hardcase Phantom 4

Do you need to maximize your drone gears and gadgets setup? Fortunately, the Nanuk 950 Hardcase covers everything for this special type that suits your needs. This is a wheeled case built with custom foam that can fit Phantom 4, including the Pro, Pro Plus and V2 series. The Nanuk 950 Hardcase is built with IP67 rating that provides water resistance against external weather effects as well keeping your drone and its accessories safe from moisture. In addition to that, it is crafted with dustproof and shockproof featuring automatic purge that equalizes the internal pressure.

But wait, there is more to that than all the tidbits and how durable it is. The Nanuk 950 Hardcase has focused on mobility thanks to smooth wheels and quick-release button. We know how heavy carrying a drone with multiple batteries and accessories in one spot can be. This is why this travel case is focused on making it easy enough for you to take anywhere you go around the world. Concerning the protection, the Nanuk 950 Hardcase comes with two Powerclaw that keeps the case shut closed using the compression force.

In addition to that, you can secure the case with one of these TSA-approved padlocks. Only you can have access to the case. So, what’s more to that than being able to travel around the world, knowing that your drone is in safe hands? The Nanuk 950 case is highly recommended for professional drone pilots. But, beginners and travelers should also check this travel case out and see if it suits their needs. It comes in five different colors, so the sky is limited.

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Koozam Compact Case

For those who don’t want to bring a travel case that is too heavy to carry, there is a good alternative option to that. Introducing the Koozam compact case! This stylish travel case features jet black coating around its case that makes you look like a spy agent on a covert mission. Joking aside from that, the Koozam compact case fits all Phantom 4 series, including the Pro, Pro Plus, Advanced and V2 models.

Unlike most travel cases that are built and designed for the Phantom 4 drones, the Koozam compact case focuses on making it lightweight as possible. It doesn’t encompass heavy-duty military-grade materials, instead, it uses durable polycarbonate material that is lightweight and incredible resilience. With a pre-designed Styrofoam that protects your drone, accessories, and gears from dust and water.

Not to forget to mention that the Koozam compact case is super easy to carry and easily fit into the passenger cabin on an airplane. You will not have to worry about stuffing it inside which will ultimately solve all of your travel issues. In addition to that, it has enough room to carry five batteries, including the sixth one on the drone. At its price value, its carry capacity and quality of material, it is quite a steal for beginners and professional remote pilots.

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Why Do You Need A Travel Case For Phantom 4?

Why Do You Need A Travel Case for Phantom 4 Drone

If you are going to travel around the world with your Phantom 4 drone, you will need a travel case. This is especially very, very important regardless of your flight skills and experience. You need to have a quality travel case that is easy to carry around. Specifically, if you are going to travel on an airline, you need to get a travel case that is TSA-approved and can be stored in a passenger cabin. I normally don’t recommend checking on the travel case as luggage because of the hazards that Li-Po batteries.

So, you will want to have a travel case that can be check-on as a carry-on. All of the travel cases that I recently listed for Phantom 4 drone can be brought on the airlines without any issues. However, not all airlines have the same policy regarding drones. If they are very insistent on having your drone and its accessories as checked-in luggage. Then I recommend you to buy either electric tapes or fireproof bags for the batteries to prevent accidents.

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Is Travel Case for DJI Phantom 4 Worth It?

DJI Phantom 4 Drone

If you want to protect your drone and its accessories, then yes, a travel case is worth investing your money into. Once you own a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, you will want to make the most out of it. I mean you are going to want to be able to fly it for at least three to five years without any issues. A travel case helps make it happen by protecting your drone and accessories from external effects as on the inside.

Even if it will cost you $200 to buy a professional-grade travel case, it is still a very worthy investment. But you must choose the right travel case that fits your needs. Like I mentioned previously that all the travel cases are adjustable that can be adjusted to fit your needs. For instance, if you plan to fly around a lot. You will want to have a travel case that can carry a lot of batteries. For those who prefer simple or flexibility, it is possible to do so.

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Drone Recommendations & Tips

Why DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone Is Best

I hope you found my guide about the best DJI Phantom 4 travel cases helpful and insightful. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding these travel cases that I recently listed. Please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. However, if you do use a travel case for your Phantom 4 Pro drone and it isn’t listed in our guide. But you want to recommend it to other communities. Please share away so that other drone pilots can know about it too!

If you are a first-time drone pilot and looking for recommendations as well tips. I have a share of my guides and tips that will help you a lot. Especially for photographers who are looking to improve their skills. With the recent introduction of the drones, the number of drone pilots flying their quadcopter is going to increase by fourfold in 2022. So, I want to emphasize the importance of flying your drones and traveling with them safely.

You can check out these guides that I wrote below:

That’s all I have to share with you. Aside from that, feel free to check out our site around. If you have any questions about the best DJI Phantom 4 travel cases, let us know and we will answer you as soon as possible. Happy flying and fly safe!

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