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Phantom Cheerson CX-35 Drone Review: Best Camera Drone Under $50

Phantom Cheerson CX-35 Drone Review: Best Camera Drone Under $50

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For all of you who are drone enthusiasts, there is a brand new super aircraft that you should check out. It is manufactured by a well-known drone company named Cheerson and it is one of their latest drones. Their drone is called Cheerson CX-35 Super Aircraft that inherits professional craftsmanship and superior performance.

In our Cheerson CX-35 review, the guide is divided into five categories to help you gain insight into this drone. The following five categories are: build quality, performance, features, camera, and remote controller. If you have been eyeing to buy a good quality camera drone at an affordable price, read more to find out.

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Build Quality

The Cheerson CX-35 camera drone encompasses ABS plastic material that is surprisingly durable. Most of the modern drones that you will see within the price range such as the X12 quadcopter or FuriBee H818 are built to last for long service life thanks to high quality material. The box comes with a drone, a transmitter with built-in LCD screen, a mounted camera, landing skids, propeller guards, manual, two screwdriver, a card reader and a free 2GB SD card to get your aerial photography started.

Cheerson CX-35 Review Parts and Accessories

I especially liked how you can break down these modules. It gives you more flexibility and options to choose from. If you prefer speed, you can just drop a camera and landing skids to focus solely on the drone. But if you want to learn how to master your aerial photography skill, add the skids, camera, and guards. These modules not only enhance the Cheerson CX-35 drone’s performance, but they also provide additional protection and wind resistance.

The Cheerson CX-35 camera drone uses a modularized battery which gives a flight time of 14 minutes on a single charge. In my experience, it is quite an impressive amount of flight time for a camera drone in this price range. Not only you can fly for a long time, but the modularized battery also delivers the power more efficiently. In exchange, the drone flies better due to stronger propulsion force. Lastly, the Cheerson CX-35 is outfitted with LED lights that provide clear visual assistance to spot its position during day and night time.

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When it comes to performance, the Cheerson CX-35 drone excels in that field. Because it encompasses a built-in GPS module that enables the drone to communicate with the satellites for stability and smooth flight controls. As you can see in the video review below, the Cheerson CX-35 responds to the controls with the utmost precision and grace. It has no issue responding to the controls even over a long distance thanks to high-frequency signals.

In addition to that, its built-in weight provides natural resistance against the wind which makes it very easy for beginners and recreational pilots to fly outdoor with relative ease. It uses brushless motors that give an amazing performance and the stability that it needs to maintain the best flight experience. The Cheerson CX-35 also comes with speed mode which allows beginners and recreational pilots to adjust the drone’s performance.

When you fly the drone for the first time, its performance and speed will be dumbed down. This is to allow beginners to learn the basics of controls first. Once you master the controls, you can easily adjust the speed mode to increase the drone’s performance to challenge yourself. You can check out the drone’s performance to see it in action in the video review below.

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As I mentioned previously in the performance section, the Phantom Cheerson CX-35 drone is one of the several quadcopter that is packed with features. I am not talking about simple features such as altitude hold function or speed mode. But rather intelligent features such as GPS function and Follow Me mode. If you are a traveler like me who enjoys going out and explore new places. You definitely will want to have a smart drone that can do the job at an affordable price.

Phnatom Cheerson CX-35 Review Features

And, that is what the Phantom Cheerson CX-35 drone is built and designed for. It is packed with a powerful 1080P HD camera that can deliver images and videos at the high-level quality. If you want to customize your flight paths, you can do that. While it isn’t powerful enough to produce cinematic videos like you would do that either Phantom 4 Pro or the brand new Mavic 2 drone. The Phantom Cheerson CX-35 drone still has the potential to make amazing videos and images that will awe your audience.

Along with these features, the Phantom Cheerson CX-35 drone can perform a wide array of functions such as headless mode, automatic landing/takeoff and more. Some of you might be wondering what is Headless Mode and how it exactly works. It commands the drone to fly in the direction based on the movement you are pushing the movement lever at. This makes the whole flight operation easy for beginners without having to worry too much about where the drone is heading into.

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Camera Quality

Speaking of the camera quality, this is the single most important part of the Phantom Cheerson CX-35 drone review. Because this jet blackbird has GPS built-in which means you can adjust the camera angle view remotely. The camera can be adjusted either upward or downward so that you can capture the images you want from a specific perspective. With a price range under $150, the Phantom Cheerson CX-35 drone uses a powerful 1080P HD camera that does a good job of delivering quality shots.

Cheerson CX-35 Review Build and Design Quality

The only drawback to that is the camera doesn’t have anti-vibration features. As you can see in the video review that the camera is a bit tad shaky. It is not that bad however if you want to take stills with this drone. It is perfectly possible but for videos, you will need gimbal camera systems to help keep the footage as smooth as possible. Alternatively, you can check out these best camera drones guide which uses anti-vibration systems for cinematic and professional videos.

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Remote Controller

The Phantom Cheerson CX-35 drone review isn’t completed without talking about the remote controller. I will be the first one to say that this remote controller is certainly professional grade level. Because it uses 5.8GHz frequency, you don’t need to use your smartphone to view the video in real time since the remote controller already have built-in LCD screen. Furthermore, it is much more reliable and smoother compared to Wi-Fi signal used on your smartphone.

Phantom Cheerson CX-35 Drone Review Remote Controller

The controls are very simple and easy enough to understand. These buttons come with an inscription on it that makes it intuitive enough for beginners and recreational pilots to start flying right out of the box. On the first impression, it might look bulky for some beginners, but as I said before, don’t be intimated by its size. If it is easy enough for beginners to learn, then it is easy for you to learn and master the drone flight.

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Final Verdict of Cheerson CX-35 Review

In conclusion, we think the Phantom Cheerson CX-35 drone is truly a professional grade camera quadcopter to start with for beginners. It encompasses all the latest features that are typically available on more expensive drones. But, its built-in GPS module makes everything much easier for beginners to learn and master the flight controls. Thanks to amazing stability and performance, flying the drone has never been that easy with the Cheerson CX-35 drone.

It is durable, intelligent and nimble packed with features. Even though its camera is quite stunningly good, this isn’t a camera drone that you can start your professional drone services. But for training such as learning how to fly a drone and mastering aerial photography. We think the Cheerson CX-35 drone makes the perfect choice for beginners who are vying to become an aerial photographer. You can check out more information and in-depth details on its official page by visiting the link below.

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Last Amazon price update was: July 23, 2024 5:19 pm
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
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The Phantom Cheerson CX-35 drone is a professional crafted quadcopter built with GPS module for responsive controls. Thanks to incredible stability and smooth controls, it helps ensure beginners will have an easy time mastering the flight controls. Not only the drone can fly with precise, it is packed with ton of features that makes it super easy to start flying. Because of these high quality, we believe the Phantom Cheerson CX-35 drone is a great choice for starters.

Flight Mode
  • Good Stability
  • Built-in GPS Module
  • Responsive
  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy for Beginners
  • Amazing Camera Quality
  • Built-in LCD Screen
  • Good Wind Resistance
  • Flexible
  • No Anti-Vibration Feature
  • Limited Control Distance
  • Limited Intelligent Flight Modes
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