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H301S Ranger Review: Advanced GPS Camera Drone For Beginners

H301S Ranger Review: Advanced GPS Camera Drone For Beginners

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Attention drone hobbyists and enthusiasts! This week, we are introducing another brand new camera drone that is just around the corner. Meet the H301S Ranger drone. This quadcopter is one of several popular drones that use GPS mode for precise hovering and smooth flight controls. Along with well-known drones such as the IDEA7 and Visuo XS812, the H301S Ranger quadcopter makes its entry into the drones market with a ton of features and superior qualities.

We decided to write an in-depth guide about the H301S Ranger review. The purpose of this article is to help shoppers like you make an informed decision. Most of the time when it comes to choosing the right drone, you will want to pick a quality one that is easy to fly, can withstand impact and is packed with features. While drone technology is evolving at a rapid pace. More drones are becoming much more sophisticated and the H301S Ranger drone isn’t an exception. Let’s dive into the details to find out why beginners and kids love this drone!

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Design & Build Quality

First and foremost, the H301S Ranger drone is built with durable ABS plastic which provides the best protection against impact. In addition to that, it is packed with a slight weight that makes it overall a great choice for both indoor and outdoor activities. Inside the box, it comes with propeller guards, a remote controller, landing pads, a set of propellers, a battery, a USB charger, and a repair kit set. I especially liked how they include the guards that provide an additional layer of protection.

Hobbytiger H301S Ranger Review Accessories and Parts

If you have never flown a drone before, the guards will serve an important purpose in protecting your drone. It acts as a shock absorber that guards the drone and reduces the impact when you bounce the drone against the object. Additionally, the landing legs can be easily installed to provide a safe landing for the drone. Not only it reduces the impact, but it also provides distance from the camera to the ground. So that the dusty don’t get into the camera.

Design-wise, each motor arms comes with built-in LED lights that provide clear visual positioning. This is an important feature that will keep a clear sight on the drone during daytime and nighttime. Furthermore, the H301S Ranger drone is equipped with a 720P HD camera. The quality of the camera is optimized so that means it can deliver the best quality of images and videos from the drone to your smartphone with ease. Overall, the design and build quality of H301S Ranger is great.

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In the next part of the H301S Ranger review, we are going to talk about its performance. First, it comes with a built-in GPS module and it is especially important. Because all the drones that are equipped with a GPS module bring a whole new flight experience. Not only you can activate the drone’s intelligent flight modes such as Follow Me and Smart Return to Home functions. But to enhance the drone’s performance regarding stability and precise flight controls.

Since the H301S Ranger uses GPS mode to communicate with the satellites in exchange for precise hovering position and smooth flight experience. Furthermore, it allows you to adjust the camera remotely which is a huge dealbreaker if you want to have a smart camera drone. Not just only that, the GPS drone often has a bigger control distance. You can operate the H301S Ranger drone up to 180 meters away.

Beginners who are looking for a quality camera drone will find the H301S Ranger quadcopter both incredible high-performance and super easy to fly. Because it comes with a three-speed mode which ensures a smooth and gradual learning curve. If you have never flown a drone before. This GPS camera drone will teach you how to fly and master your piloting skills. As well as how to capture beautiful shots with mounted cameras. You can check out its performance by viewing the H301S Ranger review video below.

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As I mentioned about the features of the H301S Ranger drone briefly. This is a quadcopter that is truly packed with a load of features. Even beginners and experienced remote pilots will find themselves enjoying what this drone has to offer. But first, let’s get to the point that the H301S Ranger uses GPS mode which gives you access to intelligent flight modes. You can activate Follow Me and customize your flight paths using Waypoint Mode.

While these two modes are the most popular feature among beginners even in these professional camera drones. The H301S Ranger drone also has several beginner-friendly features that make the whole flight experience easier. For instance, it has an altitude hold function that detects changes in the air pressure automatically. Secondly, the headless mode acts as control orientation that makes the control simpler based on the direction you are pushing the movement lever at.

Hobbytiger H301S Ranger Drone Review

Third, the automatic landing and takeoff make the whole launch operation easier. That way you don’t have to manually control the drone and reduces the impact since the drone does on its own. Of course, the H301S Ranger is capable of performing smart return to home. Simply push the button and the drone will return to its landing point automatically. Lastly, if you want to impress bystanders, you can simply command the drone to perform 360-degree flips to awe them.

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Remote Controller

In the next part of the Hobbytiger H301S Ranger review, I will talk about its remote controller. If you are a gamer like me who enjoys playing games on the console. Then, this remote controller will strike something very similar to you. It does look like a PlayStation 4 controller at first glance. However, it is a remote controller for the H301S Ranger drone. It comes with a built-in LCD screen that lets you know the status of drone.

Hobbytiger H301S Ranger Remote Controller Review

The controller itself is very simple. Not exactly that complex as you thought it would be. It consists of two levers, a power button, two buttons underneath the LCD screen and another two buttons on the shoulders. Most of the features such as intelligent flight modes can be access via using the app built for the drone only. To capture pictures and record videos just press on the mobile screen to start recording.

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Bottom Line

Before I wrap up the H301S Ranger review, there are few things that I have to share with you about this smart GPS drone. First of all, if you are looking for a quality camera drone that is incredibly easy enough to pilot for beginners. The H301S Ranger comes with built-in GPS mode that provides stability and smooth flight controls. Thanks to precision features, you can easily navigate the H301S Ranger with absolute grace.

Even more so, this quadcopter is packed with a lot of features. Because of the built-in GPS mode, you can remotely adjust the camera to capture an aerial shot from a certain angle of view. In addition to that, this drone can perform Follow Me. If you are a traveling solo, the H301S Ranger can be commanded to follow you. Making it the perfect choice for solo trips. Plus, it has an average flight time of 11 minutes.

Purchasing additional batteries is highly recommended. If you plan to extend your flight sessions by at least three to fourfold. Then you should grab at least a few more batteries to maximize your flying experience. However, it is recommended that you give the drone 10 minutes cooling off period. Lastly, you can store videos and images to the micro SD card that is included. You can check the drone price here and see what other people have to say about it.

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Last Amazon price update was: September 20, 2023 9:59 pm
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
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Editor's Review

The H301S Ranger is a quality smart GPS drone crafted for beginners and first time flyers. Thanks to built-in GPS mode, it is super easy to fly the drone right out of the box. In addition to that, the beginner-friendly features provides a smooth learning curve for those who has no prior flying experience the opportunity to master their piloting skill. Not only it teaches them how to fly a drone but also to capture perfect aerial shot. We think the H301S Ranger drone is truly an exceptional quadcopter crafted for beginners and first time flyers.

Flight Time
Camera Quality
  • Built-in GPS that provides precise hovering positioning and smooth flight controls.
  • High quality camera that delivers images and videos onto built-in micro SD card.
  • Tiered speed mode for gradual learning curve that beginners can master piloting skill.
  • Modularized battery that gives an average flight time of 11 minutes.
  • Durable design for the best quality against impact and wind resistance.
  • Limited remote control distance, but it is reasonable for these drones at its price range.
  • Limited battery life, although it is recommended that you should purchase additional batteries to extend flight sessions.
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