Top 5 Best Action Camera Drones for Beginners Guide

There is an entirely new category of drones that lets you mount your favorite action camera on them. They are called action camera drones. If you have been wanting to mount your favorite action camera on a drone and want to know which one is best. Then, you have come to the right place because we are going to share the top 5 best action camera drones for beginners.

Before I share the top 5 best action camera drones for beginners. There are a few things that you need to know about these drones first. You must take these action camera drones into consideration if you are going to fly them, you want to have a drone that is packed with a strong performance. This means you will need a drone that can lift an action camera without an issue.

Furthermore, you definitely will want to have a drone with landing legs that provides a safe distance between the camera and ground. In some cases, few high-quality action camera drones are equipped with a gimbal that provides smooth aerial footage. But it is rare to find action camera drones like these. So often of the time, you will have to make the extra investment to upgrade these action camera drones with a gimbal system.

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Why Action Camera Drones Are Best?

Best Action Camera Drones

The action camera drones are best because they give great flexibility and tools that a remote pilot needs. Compared to these professional-grade camera drones, the quality of the camera can be easily replaced to a better one. If you prefer to have an action camera that is packed with punch and smoother video frames per second.

All you need to do is replace the old one with a better action camera. Calibrate and make the adjustments. Then you are all set to fly your action camera drone. Not to forget to mention that as the quality of action cameras gets better. These professional-grade camera drones stay the same. If you are looking to have a drone that you can grow over time, these action camera drones are the perfect fit.

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Is Action Camera Drones Expensive?

Why Action Camera Drones Are Best

It depends on what your setup is. If you plan to buy a professional-grade drone such as the HS700 Ophelia and upgrade it with a GoPro HERO7. Then you can expect that the cost to have an action camera drone to be pricey compared to Phantom 3 Professional. But there is plenty of great quality action camera that you can get it for less than $200 like the YI 4K sports action camera.

If you plan to turn a drone into a high-quality aerial photography quadcopter. You only really need a good drone that runs for a long time and has great remote control distance. But do keep it in your mind that as you add more weight to the drone. It will have to work harder to achieve the same performance which will drain the battery faster.

So, what I do in general is go for action camera drones that have great battery capacity. The longer they can fly, the better they will be for turning into a 4K ultra-high-definition aerial photography drones. So, the price of an action camera drone is entirely up to how much you want to spend on.

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Top 5 Best Action Camera Drones for Beginners

GoPro Karma

Key Features:

  • The GoPro Karma can capture footage smoothly in the skies, handheld or even body mounted.
  • Foldable motor arms, featuring a compact and portable design for easy to travel anywhere with you.
  • Built-in 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that offers a shake-free video for the best image quality.
  • The Karma Stabilizer can be removed to mount on Karma Grip that offers you a professional-looking handheld shot.
  • Karma Grip is compatible with all GoPro mounts including the shoulder mount on the Karma Case that delivers steady body-mounted footage.
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3DR Solo

Key Features:

  • Built with incredible powerful 1GHz computer that delivers dedicated Wi-Fi signal.
  • Performs intelligent flight modes and set of flight paths that no other drones can do.
  • Features computer-assisted Smart Shots that lets the 3DR Solo drone pilot on its own.
  • All-in-one drone that offers live streaming HD Video from the GoPro action camera to your mobile device in addition to built-in HDMI for broadcasting videos in HD settings.
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HS700 Ophelia

  • Features 5GHz decidated transmission systems that offers a smooth and flawless livestreaming in real time.
  • Amazing remote control distances up to 1000 meters, allowing you to capture stunning aerial shots from a great distance.
  • Built with a GPS module that lets the computer assist the drone for independent flight modes.
  • The incredible stable that flies with precise flight controls for the best flying experience.
  • Equipped with brushless motors that offer quieter noise and delivers more power for better performance.
  • It comes with a powerful and high battery capacity of 2800mAh Li-Po which gives the drone 20 minutes of flight time.
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F100 Ghost

Key Features:

  • GoPro Compatible, works with all GoPro action cameras.
  • Built with the best weight and balance in mind to provide an optimized flight experience for GoPro photography and videography
  • Equipped with brushless motors that offer a smooth and quiet flight experience without vibration.
  • Simplified controls that make it easy enough for beginners to learn how to fly the drone right out of the box.
  • Long-lasting battery up to 15 minutes per charge and comes with an extra battery.
  • Can perform aerial stunts such as 360-degree flips to create immersive aerial footages.
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MJX Bugs 3

Key Features:

  • Features advanced brushless motors that eliminates friction during the flight operation, reducing the heat and enhancing the durability of motors for a more effective flight performance.
  • Includes a powerful 7.4V 1800mAh battery that gives the drone 18 minutes of flight time on a single charge. Thanks to the unique design of the battery, it is easy to insert and remove whenever you need to do it.
  • It comes with a new generation two-way 2.4GHz remote control technology that improves the distance up to 500 meters for a complete and immersive flying experience. Make sure that you can spot your drone during the flight operation in case you need to recall.
  • Compatible with all GoPro action cameras, perfect for turning the JMX Bugs 3 drone into a 4K action camera drone without having to spend too much money.

Which One Are The Best Action Camera Drones?

Which One Are The Best Action Camera Drones

It depends on which drones you prefer to use. If you want to have the best of the best action camera drones. It will be either 3DR Solo or GoPro Karma depending on which one you prefer. For me, it will be the GoPro Karma drone. Don’t get me wrong, it does have its limitations but a drone that is mounted with 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer and an action camera that you can easily replace over time.

What can go wrong with that? Eventually, there will be action cameras that can record videos at 5.2K ultra-high-definition resolution and later on with a beast resolution setting of 6K. Whereas the professional-grade camera drones are stuck with the camera they are equipped with. So, that’s something that you should consider about getting one of these top 5 best action camera drones for beginners.

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What Are The Best Action Cameras for Drones?

What Are The Best Action Cameras for Drones

If you do own an action camera drone already, but you are wondering which action camera is the best for these drones? The answer is pretty simple, you want to have an action camera that has high megapixels and can record footage at 4K ultra-high-definition. Before you go ahead and buy one of these cheap action cameras. They do not use real 4K resolution at all. Instead, they record at 2.7k resolution and use interpolate technology that makes it looks like 4K resolution.

You won’t be happy with the quality of videos that these cheap action cameras have to offer. So, my advice to you is to choose one of these best action cameras for the drones. I can guarantee you that you will be happy with these action cameras for your precious drone. Be sure to check them out:

Flying Tips & Guides for Action Camera Drones

Best Action Camera Drones for Beginners

I hope you found my guide about the top 5 best action camera drones for beginners helpful and insightful. If you have any questions about these top 5 best action camera drones for beginners. Please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. We will answer your question as soon as possible. Before I conclude the guide, there are a few flying tips and guides that I want to share with you. Feel free to check them out if you want to get more free information.

And don’t forget to bookmark this guide since we update our content frequently to keep the content fresh with the latest drones. You can be sure that we will deliver the latest action camera drones for beginners. Happy flying with these action camera drones and fly smart!

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