10 Best Follow Me Drones for Beginners and Kids (Updated 2019)

Update: This guide has been updated for 2019. 

The follow-me drones are quickly becoming popular gadgets for beginners and kids. Solo travelers love them because of the advantages that the best follow me drones have to offer. Its ability? Following everywhere you go without having to bring a friend or a second camera operator. These best follow drones that I am going to share with you in this guide are a perfect fit for making solo trips to recreational purposes.

If you have been wondering what are the top 10 best follow me drones that you should buy for beginners and kids in 2019. Then grab a cup of coffee and read because it is going to be good. As the drone technology evolves, the drones are getting smarter, faster and precise. Which means they are getting better at following you while avoiding obstacles. It is nice for traveling on the ground in a dense urban area or with a bunch of forests.

Of course, if you are looking for a high quality follow me drone packed with a great camera. You necessary don’t have to punch a dent in your bank at all. There are amazing follow me drones that I would recommend you to check them out. Such as my favorite follow me a drone, Mavic Pro, for example. But you get the idea. Choosing the best follow me drones should be based on what is your preferences and what you expect to get from this quadcopter. Click here to jump ahead to the list of top 10 best follow me drones for beginners and kids.

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Are Follow Me Drones Reliable?

Is Follow Me Drones Reliable

Before we start talking about these top 10 best follow me drones for beginners and kids. Some of you might be wondering if follow me drones are reliable and worth the price. The answer is yes. First of all, these follow me drones are installed with GPS module. This turns them into a smart drone with the capabilities to perform intelligent flight modes such as Follow Me. Not only it makes these follow me drones smart, the GPS module provides these quadcopters stability and precise controls.

I think this is important because it makes flying the drones much easier for beginners who has no prior flying experience to fly the drone right out of the box. In addition to that, the majority of these follow me drones are equipped with beginner mode which restricts the controls while beginners learn how to fly. Without the GPS module, the drones can’t perform follow me function and if they could, they wouldn’t do it accurately.

Because they need to use GPS to obtain precise data to follow accurately while delivering the best quality. In general, the higher priced the drone is, the more reliable they are. Which means they are much faster at processing the data and offers complete, reliable control that beginners can learn. What I am going to do is sharing the top 10 best follow me drones that beginners and kids should get.

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What Are Follow Me Drones?

Make Money Flying DJI Mavic Air Drone

The follow-me drone is a category where quadcopter comes with built-in GPS mode and a set of intelligent flight modes that are capable of doing this mode. These drones usually come with a built-in camera that identifies a subject then use it to track them wherever they go. Many professional camera drones and expensive quadcopters such as Skydio R1 and Stalker drone are capable of doing this feature.

So how do they exactly work? You simply will need to connect the drone using an app designed for it. Then you go to the menu list and locate the intelligent flight modes. Depending on what the drone industry who crafted these follow me quadcopters will show Follow Me or ActiveTrack mode. Choose that mode and select yourself as the subject which will send the drone command to follow you anywhere you go. It is pretty much hands-off activity, nice for beginners and travelers.

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Top 10 Best Follow Me Drones for Beginners and Kids

Mavic 2

The DJI Mavic 2 are undoubtedly the best follow me drone out of all. They are one of the latest released drone that came out in August 2018 and features a lot of upgrades such as Flight Autonomy 2.0. Not only the DJI Mavic 2 is smarter, they have acquired a number of improvements such as longer flight time and maximum remote control distance up to 8,000 meters which means you can fly this drone at least 5 miles away. Each battery provides at least 31 minutes of flying time. You can grab additional batteries here if you want to extend your flight sessions with Mavic 2 drone.

We think the DJI Mavic 2 is an ideal choice to following me drone because it is the most recent. They also got a lot of new upgrades that make them process the data quicker. This is beneficial to follow me mode and other intelligent flight modes that allows the drone to track an object or subject more accurately. Not only it makes your flying experience much easier, but the improved core processors also let the drone track fast-moving objects easily compared to its predecessor.

Finally and not the last, but the Mavic 2 drone is equipped with a mouthwatering 20MP camera mounted on 3-axis gimbal systems. It can capture and produce 5.2K resolution images. In addition to that, it has a video bitrate up to 100 Mbps and can create both JPEG + RAW format files. However, it still records videos at 4K / 30 frames per second. Overall, the Mavic 2 quadcopter is an excellent choice for beginners who wants a smart, foldable and portable follow drone.

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Phantom 4

Meet another great quality follow me drone for beginners. The Phantom 4 drone is an excellent quadcopter for beginners, travelers and even professionals. It is mounted with an amazing 20MP camera on 3-axis gimbal systems that provides 360-degree aerial view. While the Phantom 4 drone isn’t exactly that tough as Mavic 2 or Mavic Pro because they are made of alloy metal, the Phantom 4 is crafted with durable thick ABS plastic that provides layer of protection against impact.

This professional-grade drone is equipped with advanced obstacle detection systems that provide a safe flight navigation system. Furthermore, it is built with a powerful data processor that allows smooth and precise intelligent flight modes. Especially when performing Follow Me mode. Many travelers and beginners love this drone because it resembles a friendly appearance and is packed with a ton of features.

There are at least three different versions to choose from. That being said, the Phantom 4 Pro Plus is the most recent and best quality that you should go for. It can capture stills and videos at 4K UHD resolution setting. Best of all? It can produce videos at 60 frames per second, making it one of the best follow me drones for smooth, cinematic and professional aerial footage. All thanks to its intelligent flight modes and champ camera.

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Mavic Pro

Meet the Mavic Pro drone, one of the best foldable follow me drones for beginners. It only weights around 1.62 pound including the battery on the drone. In fact, this foldable drone is leading among the most popular drone for beginners, travelers and professionals ahead of Phantom 4 Pro. Each battery charge provides approximately 27 minutes per charge. You can grab additional batteries here if you want to extend your flight sessions.

This smart follow me drone is equipped with a 12 MP camera mounted on 3-axis gimbal systems that stabilize the videos and provides steady stills. In addition to that, it can generate both JPEG + RAW format files that photographers can take advantage of that to create masterpieces. Unlike its successor, the Mavic Pro utilizes OcuSync which is a dedicated transmission system that allows a maximum control distance of up to 7,000 meters.

Not only just that you can fly it far and take amazing aerial shots, but the Mavic Pro also introduces a set of safe flight navigation systems. Thanks to its built-in sensors that let the drone detects objects in front of it. So that the Mavic Pro can make adjustments accordingly while providing you the best follow me flight experience. If you are looking for a quality, durable and smart follow me drone that excels in these categories, the Mavic Pro is one of the best picks.

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Mavic Air

Introducing everybody’s favorite follow me drone, the DJI Mavic Air. This smart foldable drone looks like it is a melting pot of popular Mavic Pro and Spark fused together. Although, the Mavic Air has its own quirks in unique ways that makes it one of the best follow me drones for beginners and kids. You will be in a big surprise if you want to find out why we recommend DJI Mavic Air as your follow me drone starter choice.

Compared to DJI Mavic Pro and Spark, the Mavic Air has a 12MP camera mounted on a stabilized 3-axis gimbal systems. This is especially important to ensure the smoothest video quality without vibration. Not only the quality of aerial footage is top-notch, but the stabilized 3-axis gimbal systems are also much more durable than putting the Mavic Air ahead of its competitors. If you are a traveler or beginner looking for the lightweight drone that can be easily folded, this is your man.

Finally, and because I don’t want to end it without mentioning that the Mavic Air has a video bitrate of 100 Mbps. In addition to that, it can produce a complete, immersive 360-degree sphere panoramic shots. Even though this drone is smaller than most of the follow-me drones that I listed in this guide, it is one of the most feature-packed quadcopters. Seriously, at the price you are going to pay for this drone, you will get a lot. That’s a real bargain right there.

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Mantis Q

The Mantis Q is a recently launched drone packed with intelligent flight modes. It comes with the latest upgrades such as improved Follow me mode using precise data and enhanced data processors. For those who are new to drones or never heard of Yuneec before. They are a U.S based company and was one of the first company to pioneer into electric drones. Although the DJI drones are much more popular than them, it is still worth to mention the Yuneec Mantis Q drone.

This Mantis Q foldable drone is the cheapest smart and durable follow me quadcopter out of all. Although, it doesn’t come with a lot of advanced features such as obstacle avoidance detection systems. It might as well explains why it is so affordable for beginners to buy. But, here is the deal why beginners and kids definitely should check out the Mantis Q as their starter follow me drones. Mainly because it is equipped with a powerful 12MP camera on mechanical 2-axis gimbal systems.

Plus, it features foldable motor arms that allow you to easily store it into your travel case or backpack. Making it the perfect choice for traveling around the countries or states. As I mentioned previously that the Mantis Q drone comes with a lot of intelligent flight modes, including the Follow Me feature that will provide you endless of flying fun. Because it is not built with flight safety features, it is recommended for experienced drone pilots. However, beginners should still check this out for sake of curiosity and if it interests you.

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Don’t want to spend too much money on getting one of the best follow me drones? I understand how you feel. When I first became interested in drones, I wasn’t sure about which drones I want to get my hands on. So I went for simple drones without spending too much money. However, if you really want to have a smart follow me drone that doesn’t cost too much money. The DJI Spark (See Price) easily makes into the list as one of the affordable and best follow me drones.

It is not a foldable drone, however, the Spark comes with smart functions such as the ability to perform Helix, Orbit, and Follow Me mode. The DJI Spark is equipped with built-in obstacle avoidance sensors that provide a layer of flight protection feature. Plus, you will have at least three different ways to control the Spark drone: remote controller, using your smartphone as transmitter and finally, your hands.

The reason why the DJI Spark is one of the best follow me drones is because of its affordable price tag. Furthermore, it comes with a lot of cool features that will provide endless fun hours. Not only the DJI Spark is fun to fly, but it is also simple and super easy to learn for beginners. It is a perfect match for first-time flyers and kids who wants to have their hands on a smart follow me drones. I highly recommend this mini-sized drone as your starter pick.

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HS700 Ophelia

Do you still love drones but prefer one with an action camera? If you are an action camera user and happen to GoPro Hero 7, you can easily integrate it with the Ophelia drone. This mid-sized bird is one of the most popular follow me drones for beginners. Since it was launched few months ago, it has quickly turned into one of the best selling drones for beginners and experienced remote pilots.

You might be wondering why this drone is so popular. Let me be one of the first to tell you about this mighty Ophelia drone. It comes with an amazingly powerful battery which has a flight time of 20 minutes. It pretty much beats the DJI Spark by an extra four minutes and has a maximum remote control distance of up to 1,000 meters. The HS700 Ophelia also has a built-in GPS module that enables follow me feature.

In the package, the drone comes with an original action camera that can capture stills and record videos at 1080P HD settings. However, if you are looking to upgrade the quality of the camera. You can switch its original camera with one of your favorite action cameras such as Hero 3 or Hero 4. These action cameras are compatible and will work with the HS700 Ophelia drone. Finally, this mighty beast has a lot of beginner-friendly features that make flying much easier for beginners and kids.

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Outlaw B2W

As we climb down on the top 10 best follow me drones, you will notice that the price of drones are getting lower. Not only they still have the ability to perform follow me feature, they are becoming affordable for those beginners who don’t want to blow away their savings. So, without further ado. The Outlaw B2W drone is among one of the most popular quadcopter that is worth checking out. It is crafted by Altair Aerial who is well known for Hornet 818 and Blackhawk.

The Outlaw B2W is uniquely customized MJX Bugs 2 with several upgrades. It can be flown up to 1,000 meters away with at least three different ways to recall the drone home. Which adds a layer of security and peace of mind when piloting the drone. On a single charge, it has a flight time of 20 minutes which provides you plenty of flying time. Furthermore, you do not need to connect the drone using Wi-Fi or your smartphone.

All you need is a freshly charged battery, your remote controller and a drone then you are set to fly. With its built-in GPS module, we thought the Outlaw B2W will be a great choice to follow me drones. Considering its amazing flight performance and its packed speed that will easily make it one of the best drone for beginners. Not to forget to mention that it comes with speed mode which makes the learning process a breeze.

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Contixo F22

I still haven’t forgotten those of you who prefer to have an affordable foldable drone that can follow you around. Please meet the Contixo F22 drone. It is one of the stylish and professional-like drone I have seen out of all in drones under $300 range. Here is why I think beginners, kids and experienced remote pilots will really like this foldable and compact drone. It comes with built-in 1080P HD camera which is quite impressive considering that most drones in its price range are equipped with 720P HD camera at best.

Plus, the Contixo F22 drone has a GPS module built-in that provides precise flight controls which is important for smooth and best flying experience. This foldable drone can perform a set of intelligent flight modes such as creating your custom flight paths and doing a 360-degree orbit mode. Battery-wise, the Contixo F22 drone can be flown for up to 15 minutes and has a maximum remote control distance of 500 meters.

I think the Contixo F22 is one of the best follow me drones and it is quickly growing to become of my favorite drone. As you can see, the Contixo F22 has the best price out of all in terms of performance and features. Sure it doesn’t have obstacle avoidance features and any of these fancy gadgetry tech stuff that Mavic Air or Phantom 3 Professional has. But there are a lot of happy customers with Contixo F22 in their hands.

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Mirage Pro

Finally, we have reached to the last piece of the top 10 best follow me drones. I have been saving this for a while to share with beginners and readers like you. If you are looking to have your hands on a stylish and smart drone that can perform follow me feature. The Mirage Pro D50 drone is a nice, sleek quadcopter packed with great performance and of course built-in GPS mode for precise flight controls.

This drone comes with an intelligent battery which gives it around 15 minutes of flight time. Plus it has a maximum remote control distance up to 300 meters. While it doesn’t have advanced features such as obstacle avoidance detection systems and the like. We think that the Mirage Pro D50 drone is a great follow me drones for beginners who want to start strong with a quality quadcopter.

Not only it is packed with features and amazing performance, but the Mirage Pro D50 drone also introduces a set of beginner-friendly functions such as altitude hold and headless mode. That being said, the Mirage Pro D50 drone is easily one of the best quadcopters that have a lot of things to offer for beginners and experienced remote pilots. If you love stylish drone that has 1080P HD camera, the Mirage Pro D50 drone might be a great fit for you.

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What Are The Best Follow Me Drones?

What Are The Best Follow Me Drones

It depends on what you prefer and what you are looking for. All of these top 10 best follow me drones that I just listed in my guide are the best of all. However, if it comes to terms of performance. The best follow me drone would be Mavic 2 (Check Price). But for those beginners who prefer not to spend too much money, I recommend either Contixo F22 (Check Price) or Mirage Pro D50 (Check Price). Both are great beginner drones packed with GPS mode for intelligent flight functions.

If you were to ask me personally what is the best follow me drones and which one I would buy. I would say it is either Mavic Air (Check Price) or Mavic Pro (Check Price) because I love compact and foldable drones. So, ultimately, it all boils down to what you are looking for. I think you will find your favorite one in my top 10 best follow me drones guide. While drone technology is evolving at a rapid pace, I highly recommend you bookmark this guide so that you can stay at the top of the new best follow me drones.

Why You Should Buy Follow Me Drones?

Why You Should Buy Follow Me Drones

Why would you want to buy a follow-me drone? That’s the question you should be asking yourself. If you are going to travel abroad and you prefer to make the video your way. You definitely will need a great quality to follow me drone that can get the job drone. Perhaps you prefer to have a drone for creating immersive journey experiences like walking into the meadows or a bustling city with cars and people walking around.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to follow me drones to death and I think everyone should get one. But if you are going to buy one of these top 10 best follow me drones. You need to put it to good use. Which means you are going to have to fly, take pictures, make videos and share on popular social media like Facebook and YouTube. Not to mention that there are a lot of amazing opportunities to show off your work which probably will land you some great side gig jobs.

Drone Recommendations, Guides & Tips

DJI Spark Review Performance

Before I wrap up my top 10 best follow me drones guide, I have several recommendations, guides and tips to share with you. If you are beginners or a first time flyers with no prior flying experience. I highly suggest you read my guides so that you will learn new things such as what to do’s and don’ts. Believe me, these follow me drones are amazing. They are smart, capable, simple and super easy to fly.

But if you don’t understand how the drones work and you are making mistakes that beginners shouldn’t be doing. You might end up paying a fortune. So in the end, you will be thanking me for following these tips and guides that I am advising you to know beforehand. Be sure to read them first before you fly your drones… Alternatively, you can just buy a cheap drone and practice first before you fly one of these professional camera drones.

That’s all I have to share with you. I hope you found my guide on the top 10 best follow me drones helpful and insightful. Let me know if you have any questions about these follow me drones or drone-related stuff. Please feel free to comment in the comments section below and we will answer back to you as soon as possible. Happy flying and fly smart!

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