Autel EVO 2 Drone: Specifications, Features, Pricing and Performance

Introducing the new Autel EVO 2 drone which took the drone consumer market by surprise. This foldable camera drone features a wide array of built-in powerful specifications that makes it an extremely formidable prosumer quadcopter for beginners and professional remote pilots. It will feature a user-changeable gimbal module that gives you the option to switch between 8K camera or 6K camera with a 1-inch sensor.

Additionally, you will also have the choice to mount Autel EVO 2 drone with a dual-sensor gimbal featuring an infrared camera and an 8K video camera. But if these camera specifications aren’t enough to get your attention. Then you will be in a real surprise because this brand new Autel Robotics drone can soar for up to 35 minutes on a fully charged battery.

Autel EVO 2 Camera Specifications:

Learn more about the camera specifications that Autel EVO 2 drone brings to the table:

  • 586 Gimbal: Provides an 8K video camera that can capture stills at 48MP and record videos at 8K / 25 FP with a 120 Mbps bitrate.
  • 383 Gimbal: Feature UHD camera with 1-inch sensor for 6K video and capture stills at 20MP. Record videos at 5.5K / 60 FPS. It also comes with an adjustable lens aperture from f/2.8 to f/11.
  • Dual-Sensor Gimbal: Integrated with an infrared camera that lets you capture infrared images at 640 x 512 and record videos at 720p / 30 FPS. Same specifications as 8K video camera above.

All these three camera modules come with additional support for the new Autel EVO 2 drone:

  • Single Shot
  • Burst Shotting
  • Autel Exposure
  • Time Lapse
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Nightbeat

Stills that are captured on Autel EVO 2 drone can be stored as DNG or JPG formats. Videos recorded by this drone will be saved as either MOV or MP4 formats.

Autel EVO 2 Drone

Additional Specifications:

Learn more about ins and outs that this brand new foldable camera drone has in the store for remote pilots:

  • Flight time will be 35 minutes.
  • It comes with a maximum flying speed of 44 MPH.
  • Remote Control Distance up to a maximum of 16 miles.
  • Built-in 360-Degree Obstacle Avoidance
  • No Geo-fencing.
  • Remote Controller with an integrated OLED screen.
  • Autel Explorer App
  • 90 Minutes charging time.
  • GPS / ATTI flight modes.
  • Smart Return to Home.
  • Precise Landing feature.
  • Starpoint Positioning System
  • Smart Tracking
  • Viewpoint
  • Gesture Commands
  • 1,000 grams take-off

Remote Controller

Paired with the Evo 2 is a remote controller with a 3.3. inch built-in screen. A 5000 mAh battery gives it hours-long battery life. The remote control’s brightness can reach up to 330 Nits. You can switch between the Evo 2 flight telemetry and live view on the drone’s remote controller. However, we recommend you to fly the Evo 2 using the quadcopter’s telemetry. You can also attach your smartphone on the remote controller, and with the Autel Explorer app, you can access the FPV live view option or choose the various flight modes and camera settings available.

Autel EVO 2 Drone Information

The Chinese drone maker highly recommends using a 128GB microSD card for Autel EVO 2 drone. Class 10 or UHS-1 card is the best fit for this camera drone. However, if you want to extend maximum memory storage capacity, you can format a 256GB microSD card to go with this drone. Which will require formatting to be done on the computer first before you can insert it on the drone?

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