Top 5 Best Selling and Popular Foldable Drones For Remote Pilots

The foldable drones are increasingly becoming very popular by remote pilots who frequently travel around the world. They bring so many benefits to the table such as compactness and portability with a load of features. Not just only that, the best foldable drones you can find in the consumer market often boast a high-quality camera and incredible flight time.

Even they are lightweight enough to be carried, making it the perfect choice for young people and experienced travelers. In our top 5 best selling and popular foldable drones for remote pilots, you will find out what these quadcopters are. The goal of this guide is to help you find the best foldable drones to start your own aerial drone business or even adventure. We will explain each drones’ specifications and features.

As you might be wondering why the foldable drones are so popular. Like I mentioned previously, they are easy to carry, portable and packed with features. Who would want to carry a 10 pounds bird on the back when you can easily bring a 3-pound drone with you but still deliver the same quality? If you are still reading this, then you are obviously interested in these foldable drones. If you just want to skip ahead to the best foldable drones list, click here. Otherwise, read below.

Why Should You Get a Foldable Drone?

Best Selling and Popular Foldable Drones For Remote Pilots

Even there are so many best drones that you can buy. I would highly recommend beginners and experienced remote pilots to get the foldable drones instead. Not only they are affordable, but the foldable drones also tend to be much more durable compared to drones with a fixed body framework.

If we were to compare the ground impact of Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Pro being dropped 30 feet above from the skies. The Phantom 4 Pro will likely suffer a crack or a part of its body framework being chipped off. While Mavic Pro probably will only get a scratch, but that’s all about it. Durability is the key feature for long service life and it is good for stretching your investment into years.

Furthermore, the best foldable drones that we are going to share with you features advanced flight navigation safety systems. Like built-in sensors that detect objects in its flight path and adjust accordingly. Thus, these foldable drones are only getting smarter and beginner-friendly. With today’s drone technology, the popular foldable drones are selling like crazy because of how simple, easy and smart they are. It is the perfect gadget for students, travelers, bloggers, and even hobbyists.

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Do Foldable Drones Has Fewer Features?

Does Best Foldable Drones Have Less Features

Contrary to popular belief that the bigger drone size is, the more features it has. But that isn’t always true. For instance, high-end models drones can’t perform 360-degree flips while toy-grade drones such as the Bolt Bee and Visuo XS812 is capable of doing it. Vice versa, these toy-grade drones can’t perform intelligent flight modes and such because they don’t have a built-in GPS module to support these functions.

So in some sense, foldable drones usually are packed with tons and ton of features. It is certainly bounded to make your head go spinning and wonder how the heck they add so many features in a small size? Engineering is the magic behind all of these marvelous work. Here is why foldable drones have more features compared to standard drones:

  • Foldable Motor Arms
  • Portability
  • Compact
  • Lightweight

flexibility and these are just the tip of the iceberg. I am sure some of you might have more thoughts about these best foldable drones. If you were to compare these foldable drones to quadcopters that have a fixed body framework, you will understand why I prefer foldable drones over them. However, what drones you want to choose is ultimately your decision.

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The Foldable Drones Are Getting Smaller & Smarter

Foldable Drones Are Getting Smaller and Smarter

The foldable drones are just only getting smaller, leaner and smarter. While they are at that, they are getting a series of upgrades such as better camera quality, longer flight time, continuously improving durability and smarter flight modes. Even if these popular foldable drones are considered good enough for some of us, the drone manufacturers are committed to continue pushing the boundaries by refining and upgrading the existing features so that it becomes better.

As drone technology is evolving at a rapid pace, we are seeing that foldable drones are getting smaller, leaner and smarter. That is especially a very good thing for us who wants to be able to travel around the world with an intelligent camera drone capable of capturing high-quality images and videos. But, also to create a safer sky for all of us.

While these foldable drones that I am going to share with you are the best ones you can find right now. I strongly recommend you to bookmark this guide for future references as I will continue to update the content as new foldable drones are being released. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list and find out the best foldable drones for sale.

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Mavic 2


The DJI Mavic 2 is a recently launched foldable drone that made their first debut in August 2018. It focused on introducing series of upgrades from its predecessor and featuring new functions as well enhanced sensors for better flight safety systems. Not just only that the Mavic 2 is smarter and portable, they are also equipped with a powerful Hasselblad camera that tales the quality of images to a whole new level.

The Mavic 2 drone only weighs 907g and has a folded body dimension of 214 * 91 * 84mm. In an unfolded stance, it has a body dimension of 322 * 242 * 84mm. Even though it is slightly heavier than the former, the Mavic 2 drone is popular among professional and recreational remote pilots. Read its section and find out if the Mavic 2 drone is a perfect match for you.


As I mentioned previously that the Mavic 2 drone is equipped with a Hasselblad Camera. This camera is incredibly powerful because it features 1″ CMOS sensor with 20 MP. It can capture images and videos at the highest level of detail, producing vibrant and detailed quality. The Hasselblad camera can capture images at 5472 * 3648 resolution settings and record videos at 4K / 30 FPS.

However, as all good, as it does sounds. It has a minor drawback because the camera can’t record videos at 60 frames per second. Which is unfortunately and didn’t turn out as most of us would have hoped. Still, the Mavic 2 boasts incredible adaptability such as add-on modules that make it overall a very flexible foldable drone suitable for enterprises.

Buy the DJI Mavic 2 today! All-new camera, 8km transmission, and 31-min flight time.


Perhaps the most important part that the Mavic 2 drone brings to the table features. Almost all of the features that the Mavic 2 has to offer is breaking through the technology. Most of the features have been passed on from the former and refined that function and perform better. Such as the upgraded ActiveTrack 2.0 that detects objects quickly and builds maps around it so that the drone remembers where they are.

Furthermore, the Mavic 2 drone comes with OcuSync 2.0 which extends its flight range up to 8,000 meters or 5 miles. In addition to that, the drone can stream video to your smartphone in crisp and sharp 1080P HD. A major upgrade from its original version. While there are so many features to list, I recommend you to check its features and specifications out by visiting its official page.


  • Flight Time: 31 Minutes
  • Control Range: 8km / 5 Miles
  • Weight: 907g (Pro) / 905g (Zoom)
  • Camera: 1″ CMOS Sensor (Pro) / 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor (Zoom)
  • Image Resolution: up to 4K / 30fps
  • Max Video Bitrate: 100 Mbps

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Parrot Anafi


Introducing the Parrot Anafi. This recently launched foldable drone takes head-on with the Mavic Air. It focuses on improving portability and delivering high quality images with powerful camera. Not only the Anafi is capable of producing quality aerial shots, they also introduces series of features that are only available to this drone. The Parrot Anafi takes a shot at becoming the latest and smartest drone built for beginners and first time flyers.


Overlooking the Parrot Anafi camera quality is quite common. Many users don’t realize that the Parrot Anafi have an incredible, powerful and resolution packed camera that takes pictures and videos at 21 million pixels. That is far better than what the Mavic series and Phantom series are equipped with. Plus, it comes with a digital zoom feature that can close the images up to 2.8 times without losing the image quality.

If that’s not enough for you, the Parrot Anafi’s camera can look up and down in a full 180-degree rotation. This means you can record the skies without any issues or even make beautiful aerial shots underneath the bridges. This foldable drone is truly among one of the latest quadcopters that has taken a foothold in the aerial photography services.

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The Anafi Parrot Drone has a flight time of 25 minutes which provides plenty of time to capture images and videos professionally. Not only it has good flight time, but it can also charge 60% faster using the power delivery Type C charger for less waiting time and more flying time. The Anafi Parrot drone is equipped with sky controller 3 which features a foldable design layout and can be located anytime, anywhere thanks to built-in vibration function.

It also incorporates software that constantly upgrades the drone such as reliability and performance as well as adding new flight modes. Seemingly enough, this function puts the Parrot Anafi ahead as one of the possible best foldable drones available for beginners and first-time flyers. Not to forget to mention that it has a flying speed of 55 km/h in sports mode and can withstand bullets up to 50km/h if someone tries to shoot at them.


  • Flight Time: 25 Minutes
  • Control Range: 4,000 meters / 2.5 miles
  • Weight: 403g
  • Camera: 1/2.4″ CMOS Sensor 21 MP
  • Image Resolution: up to 4K / 30fps
  • Max Video Bitrate: 100 Mbps

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Mavic Pro


The third best foldable drones is the DJI Mavic Pro. This quadcopter has been around for almost two years and is about the most affordable professional camera drone that beginners and entry-level aerial photographer can access. While it doesn’t obviously have the upgrades and new features that its successor has, it is still hella reliable foldable drone to start with.

It weighs merely 734g and has a folded body dimension of 83 * 83 * 198 (H*W*L) that is compact enough to be carried inside your backpack or a travel case. The Mavic Pro comes with a 3-axis gimbal camera that provides flexibility for the aerial photographer to produce quality images and videos. Read its camera, features, and specifications to find out more information about this foldable drone.


The DJI Mavic Pro is equipped with a built-in 1.2/3″ CMOS Sensor that can produce images and videos at 12MP quality. The quality of images that the Mavic Pro delivers is slightly less compared to the famed Phantom 4 Pro. However, if you do use Lightroom and Photoshop to create masterpiece aerial shots then you definitely won’t have a problem surprising your audience.

The camera can capture images at 4K resolution and produce videos up to 30 frames per second. Furthermore, it has a bitrate up to 60 Mbps which is slightly less compared to the Mavic Air. However, the Mavic Pro drone portability and compact make up for several of its drawbacks. Thus, making it quite popular among beginners and entry-level aerial photographers.


What makes the DJI Mavic Pro drone so popular is the features that make it easy enough for beginners and first-time flyers. This popular foldable drone only weighs 1.62 pounds that makes it super easy enough to be carried around. In addition to that, the Mavic Pro comes with built-in sensors that detect objects and avoids them in real-time.

With a control distance up to 7,000 meters or 4.3 miles and a flight time of 27 minutes. It gives the drone pilots plenty of flying room to soar around and capture a beautiful aerial shot from a great distance. Thanks to powerful propellers and high RPM, it can easily handle level 5 to 6 winds with no issue. Plus, if you plan to fly mode, simply activate the Tripod Mode to dumb the speed and performance down for cinematic videos. You can see more of its features and specifications on its official page.


  • Flight Time: 27 Minutes
  • Control Range: 7km / 4.3 Miles
  • Weight: 863g
  • Camera: 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor
  • Image Resolution: up to 4K / 60fps
  • Max Video Bitrate: 60 Mbps

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Mavic Air


If you are looking for an ultraportable and compact foldable drone that is easy enough for you to carry around. Yet, you want to have one of the best foldable drone packed with ton of features. Fortunately, there is an option for that. Meet the DJI Mavic Air. It is a foldable drone that looks like Mavic Pro and Spark has been fused together that creates Mavic Air. This foldable drone is especially very popular among travelers and recreational remote pilots.


Just like the Mavic Pro, the Mavic Air is equipped with a powerful 12MP 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor mounted on a 3-axis gimbal mount. Unlike the floppy gimbal mount installed on the Mavic Pro. The gimbal mount systems that the Mavic Air is much more durable, stable and features smooth control. Furthermore, it can capture images and record videos up to 4K at 30 frames per second.

And that is not just all about what the Mavic Air has to offers. It is capable of taking 360-degree images and stitch them into a sphere panoramic shot using an impressive 32 million pixels that creates stunning pictures. Plus, it has a bitrate of 100 Mbps which puts the Mavic Pro to shame. However, if you are considering to become a professional aerial photographer, you are better off buying Mavic Pro or Mavic 2. The Mavic Air is an excellent choice for those who are on tight budget and beginners who want to have a smart drone.

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Obviously, the Mavic Air comes with several same features that the Mavic Pro has. However, Mavic Air introduces new features such as sphere panoramic shots and a higher bitrate that makes it an excellent choice for simple videos and other small aerial business. Mainly this foldable drone focuses on reducing the size and weight even smaller while maintaining all of the essential features and adding a few more.

DJI has been successful in doing it by expanding its features including installing the rear obstacle avoidance sensors to enhance flight safety systems. The only drawbacks are that the Mavic Air utilizes enhanced Wi-Fi signals which are considered less superior compared to the OcySync that the Mavic Pro uses. This results in shorter control range, albeit, it is slightly less reliable. On the upside, the Mavic Air is suitable for travelers and recreational pilots. For more specifications and features, please check on its official page.


  • Flight Time: 21 Minutes
  • Control Range: 4km / 2.1 Miles
  • Weight: 430g
  • Camera: 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor
  • Image Resolution: up to 4K / 30fps
  • Max Video Bitrate: 100 Mbps

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For a change, we are introducing the Hesper drone. This is a brand new quadcopter that is taking an aim to make the cut into the deep DJI’s pocket line. The Hesper drone is another popular foldable drone that boasts several quality upgrades such as better camera and features at much lower price tag. If you have been wanting to buy a Mavic Pro but its price tag is too high for your own liking. Perhaps, you want to have a smart drone that can do intelligent flight modes such as gesture or orbit mode? Read more to find out.


The Hesper drone is equipped with a 13MP camera that is incredibly capable of taking beautiful aerial shots and videos. Furthermore, the camera is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal system which ensures smooth and vibration-free aerial videos for professional and cinematic drone pilots like you. It records videos up to 4K at 30 frames per second while capturing all the tiny details that make up the whole footage itself.

Plus, it has a bitrate of 60 Mbps. It is considerably lower compared to the famed Mavic Air and Mavic 2. But it is on the same level as the Mavic Pro, which is something you can consider it if you want to have a professional-grade foldable drone with a high-quality camera. Not only it takes clean shots, but the drone can also take selfies using gesture mode which makes it the perfect choice for solo travelers.


While it is clear that the Hesper drone doesn’t come with a lot of features typically featured on Mavic Pro and other high-end foldable drones. It is important to note the advantages that the Hesper drone has to offer in for those who are on a tight budget. The Hesper drone has to surround flight mode that makes panoramic photography possible. In addition to that, it is built with an active track and quick shot that makes imaging much easier.

The remote controller also is foldable that can be stretch apart. It gives you two control modes to meet your different operating needs. Whether you prefer to operate the drone via remote controller or using the virtual controls. The options are limitless with the Hesper drone. For more specifications, features and other tidbits, check its official page out.


  • Flight Time: 17 Minutes
  • Control Range: 800 meters
  • Weight: 340g
  • Camera: 1/3.0″ CMOS Sensor and 13MP
  • Image Resolution: up to 4K / 30fps
  • Max Video Bitrate: 60 Mbps

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What Are The Best Foldable Drones?

Best Foldable Drones to Buy

All of these best and popular foldable drones that I just listed in this guide are very good. I think that each drone comes with their advantages and disadvantages that meets each person’s preference. If you want to buy the best foldable drone, you should go for the most expensive priced foldable drone. However, if you prefer to have a high-quality foldable drone with a camera that is very flexible. You should go for the Parrot Anafi (See Price).

That foldable drone will meet all your needs such as the ability to take aerial shots upward and downward. Its only drawback is that there are no built-in sensors for obstacle detection which is kind of disappointment. But that comes at a cost of the lower price tag. If you already have prior flight experience and think you can handle it pretty well, then by all the means go for it. Otherwise, I recommend you to check out either Mavic Air (See Price) or the brand new Mavic 2 (See Price).

Why Foldable Drones Are So Popular?

Why Foldable Drones Are So Popular

The general trend of drones’ popularity indicates that it is only going to become more and more popular. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, in 2017 there are around 440,000 commercial drones. That number is forecast to jump by fourfold in 2021 which tells how crazy popular the drones are. It is no wonder that the foldable drones are especially very popular with the facts it is foldable and stuff like that.

Drone entrepreneurs like me use foldable drones because they are easy to carry around. Plus they all have the requirements for aerial photography such as real estates, aerial inspections and photography. Travelers also enjoy foldable drones because they makes traveling around with them much easier. Not to forget to mention that they makes it easier to store in the passenger cabins contrasted to bulky drones like the Phantom 4.

Finally, researchers and students loves foldable drones because they are cheaper and very durable. If you decided to make an investment into a $1,000 drone. You are looking to fly that drone for probably at least three to five years before the quality of drones becomes good enough to beat it. You will have to develop photoshop and lightroom skills if you want to create masterpieces and quality work in order to compete with recently released foldable drones.

Other Drone Recommendations & Tips

Best Foldable Drones Recommendations

Do I have other drone recommendations and tips to share with you? Yes, I do. If you are a first time drone user and has never flown one before. You will find my tips regarding to flying a drone helpful and insightful. I am going to list the links to my guides so that you can check them out and learn how to become a proficient drone operator.

Finally, if you are interested in shopping for different type of drones. Perhaps you prefer to shop for cheaper camera drones from well known brands. I am also very happy to share my buying guides with you so that you can find the best quality drones. I also want to let you know that I keep these guides updated so the content is always fresh with recent released drones recommended by other customers and myself.

That is a lot of guides, I know. As I mentioned previously that I keep these guides content fresh with recent information. So you always can be sure that you will get the latest information regarding to these drones for sale. If you have any questions regarding to the best foldable drones in my guide. Feel free to drop a comment below and ask a question. We will answer to you as soon as possible. Happy flying and fly smart!

Hello, welcome to UAV Adviser! My name is Keith Ericksen. I am a commercial licensed drone operator. Flying and talking about the drones is my passion. Whether it is toy-grade to professional-grade quadcopters. On my leisure, I enjoy socializing with friends, play video games, hiking, traveling and reading. If you have a project that needs our drone services, please contact us via Hire-A-Pilot page.

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