Drone Flying: How to Interact With Curious People

If you’ve flown a drone in a public place before. There’s a chance that you’ve encountered a situation where someone comes over and starts asking you questions. This can be quite distracting even if the individual has nothing, but the best intentions. It’s essentials that you know how to speak to these individuals of the public when you’re drone flying. As a drone pilot, you’ll face these questions, and being prepared is important. Here are our top 5 AD tips!

1. Take a friend with you!

Piloting a drone can be quite an attention consuming. It’s always a smart idea to put your undivided attention into flying a drone. You’re responsible for flying the drone and remember if you bring a friend with you. They can answer the questions you get asked all the times like, “how high does it goes,” and “how much does it cost?”

2. Always be polite

You might be thinking to yourself, “Hey, you don’t need to tell me that!” But it’s worthy enough to mention this. Unfortunately, there have been some instances where people confronted drone pilots sometimes with hostility. Don’t worry though. All it takes is a little bit of diplomacy with a non-confrontational attitude to defuse the situation quickly. Land your drone first, and happily explain why you can fly and ask if there’s still a problem. If you do your homework beforehand, you should be able to demonstrate why it’s okay for you to fly.

3. Land the drone first

If you’re piloting the drone without a friend and an individual approaches you. You must let them know that you need to land the drone first before talking to them. As I mentioned previously, flying a drone is a top priority and you are responsible for it. Being a drone pilot means you are the pilot in command. The safest thing to do is land the drone before you can start answering the questions. Of course, if that person simply comes over to you just to say, “Nice drone!” Just respond to them with, “Thanks” and continue your flight mission.

4. Do not lose the visual line of sight

Maintaining a visual line of sight is most important when it comes to flying your drone. You should never take your eyes off flying the drone even if someone tries to talk to you. If you’re piloting the drone via video monitor, you need to be aware of the surrounding. When someone asks you if they can see what you are looking at the video monitor, happily share the screen with them and briefly let them know what you are doing. If they ask you more questions, refer to tip #3.

5. Answer all the questions with enthusiasm!

Answer all the questions with enthusiasm as much as you can! If someone asks you how far your drone can go, tell them! If someone asks you how long your drone battery can last, tell them! Share your expertise and knowledge about the drones and interact with them about how great the drone technology is when flown responsibly.

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