Why GearBest Is The Best Affiliate Program for Drones?

If you’re thinking of selling drones to grow your quadcopter business. You might want to check our top best drone affiliate programs to join and find out why GearBest is the best company to promote drones to your audience. Plus, you’re tired of being thrown around like a ragdoll and want better treatment, then stick with us and read further below to learn more about the advantages that GearBest brings to the table. As an affiliate marketer, I juggle between these three companies who are well known for selling high-quality drones: GearBest, Amazon, and Share-A-Sale.

However, the main focus of this guide will be completely about GearBest and why you should become an affiliate marketer for them. In this article, I’m going to cover the basics of how the commission rate, cookie length duration, conversion rate, and other gimmicks like bonuses and incentives will directly benefit you as an affiliate marketer. For your information, it’s completely free to join the GearBest Associate program and start selling today.

Competitive Commission Rate

GearBest offers a generous commission rate of up to 12%. That’s more than triple of what Amazon pays to their affiliates for selling drones and accessories. Even more than the majority of the product commission rate that Amazon pays for. But that’s not all. GearBest also offers a structured commission rate that scales as you sell more products monthly. For instance, if you increase your sales by 30% from last month, you’ll earn a 1% bonus commission in all categories.

Furthermore, if you increase your sales by 40% and 50%, you’ll earn a 2% and 3% bonus commission rate in all categories, respectively. Which easily brings the total commission rate up to 15%. A generous offering for affiliate marketers who promote products via GearBest. This structured tiered program encourages affiliate marketers to compete and bring in more sales, rewarding their hard work.

GearBest Bonus Commission Rate for Affiliate Marketers

This is what keeps the marketing striving and allowing your site to scale exceptionally well. If you’re the type of person who enjoys being rewarded for bringing in additional sales. The GearBest does a good job of treating its affiliate well and keeping them motivated to earn an additional bonus for their work. But, that’s just the small part of why you should join their affiliate program for promoting drones and accessories.

Cookie Length Duration for More Sales

One of the main advantages that GearBest brings to the table for its affiliates who are interested in selling drones and accessories is the length of cookie duration. GearBest offers a cookie length duration that lasts for up to 30 days. The majority of the affiliate programs that you are going to join will have a duration that lasts between 24 hours to 14 days at most. However, if you want to find an affiliate program that offers a generous deal for you, the longer the cookie duration is, the better deal it is.

Once you refer the users through your affiliate link to GearBest to a certain product. The cookie will stick onto them for up to 30 days and if they purchase order, you earn a small commission sale. This is exceptionally well because it presents the opportunity to capture additional sales that might be missed during the first 24 hours. Which makes it more likely for you to generate more sales and earn more income compared to GearBest’s counterparts.

Conversion Rate

Don’t get me wrong, GearBest is one of the awesome spots to start as an affiliate marketer if you plan to sell electronics and gadgets. But its conversion rate might be challenging for some entry-level affiliate marketers who are just starting. Compared to Amazon which has an impressive conversion rate between 5% to 10% and can go as high as 15% depending. GearBest has an average conversion rate between 1% to 2%.

But that’s countered by high commission rates and incentives that encourage the affiliate marketers to promote products to their audience. What you earn on GearBest is at least two to three times more than what you make on Amazon and Share-A-Sale. Which makes GearBest a very competitive and popular affiliate program to sell drones, gadgets, and accessories.

Monthly Bonuses & Incentives

If that’s anything why I love the GearBest affiliate program is because they offer monthly bonuses and incentives. Their offering is pretty good and encourages you to take on these incentives to earn additional income. There are plenty of ways you can do to earn these bonuses. Sometimes, they offer a double commission rate which allows you to profit up to 25% off products that you promote to your audience. For instance, if your referred user decides to order a $100 drone, you’ll earn a $25 commission sale.

GearBest Incentives and Bonuses Program

Plus, another way involves increasing your sales compared to last month. If you grow your sales by 30% or more, you’ll earn a global-wide bonus commission rate in every category. GearBest is the only company that offers lucrative deals to its affiliates thanks to tiered commission rates and incentives. The possibilities of earning bonuses are endless as GearBest continues to find ways to energize its affiliates and reel in more sales. Which makes it one of the best companies to scale along with your website.

Become a GearBest Affiliate Today!

It’s very easy to become a GearBest affiliate. Their application process is straightforward, easy, and simple. Submit your application. Once it will be reviewed by GearBest, it will more than likely get approved. Once your application is approved, you simply link the product using the affiliate code that is generated via your dashboard. Then you add it to the product that you want your readers to check out.

Before I wrap up about why GearBest is the best affiliate program for drones. Let’s recap what we talked about. As you already learned that GearBest offers a generous commission rate between 8% to 12%. Which is more than what most affiliate programs offer to its affiliates? On top of it, GearBest also has a cookie length duration that lasts up to 30 days. This gives affiliate marketers like you more opportunities to capture sales.

Not only that GearBest is one of the best affiliate programs for drones. If you have overlapping interests like cameras, laptops, and such. GearBest also covers these categories including fashion and apparel. So the possibility of earning potential income is very good. With the right marketing strategy and engaging content, you will have no issue making serious sales. Let us know if you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing. If you want to learn more about how to affiliate marketing, read my guide on how to supercharge your passive income.

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