How to Charge The Mavic Pro Remote Controller

This is a common question that has been asked by the community for drone enthusiasts, professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. If you’re new to flying the drone and have no idea how to charge the Mavic Pro remote controller. You’ll find our easy in-depth guide explaining how to charge the Mavic Pro remote controller (See Price). Getting the drone and charging intelligent batteries is straightforward and simple. But charging the remote controller can be a little tricky.

USB-A Port on the bottom of the Mavic Pro Remote Controller?

The first thing that comes to my mind is to look for a USB-A port (big rectangle-shaped cable type that we all know by natural) is located at the bottom of the remote controller. However, it doesn’t charge the remote controller. So, I had to look for alternative ports to charge the Mavic Pro remote controller (See Price).

Using Supplied USB-C Cable?

Since the Mavic Pro drone comes with a USB-C cable already included, so I thought why don’t I try charging the remote controller using that cable? Unfortunately, there was no luck trying that method. Which leads me to the next step, charging the remote controller via Micro USB.

Charging Mavic Pro Remote Controller via Micro USB

There’s another port located on the side of the remote controller which is used to take the signal from your phone and transmit to the transmitter. You charge the Mavic Pro using the same way you charge your smartphone on the side of the remote controller. There are at least two different ways to charge your remote controller. A first and most simple way to do this is to use your phone charging cord and plug the remote controller.

Secondly, if you ordered Mavic Pro Fly More Combo (See Price) that comes with a battery charging hub (See Price), you can remove the plug adapter and use the cord to charge the remote controller. This is more effective because while you are charging the Mavic Pro remote controller, the intelligent batteries (See Price) also will charge. Which means you save more time and especially to prepare for any flight missions. The charging time takes approximately 2.5 hours, pretty fast!

While there are so many ports on the Mavic Pro remote controller, I wished they made it simple and straightforward. But now that you understand how to charge the Mavic Pro remote controller. You shouldn’t have an issue powering on the remote controller and connecting to your smartphone. Anyways, to charge your Mavic Pro remote controller, use the micro USB and plugin just like the way you did with your smartphones or tablets.

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