13 Reasons Why You Should Buy Mavic 2 Drone

So you want to buy Mavic 2 drone for yourself? But you aren’t sure whether you should buy one or not. Well, I am here to convince you why you definitely should buy Mavic 2 drone. This foldable copter is the latest release manufactured by DJI, a well-known drone industry for its most popular quadcopters in the consumer market.

If you travel a lot to different states or countries and have taken pictures with your action camera or smartphones. Then, there is a good chance you probably want to elevate your game by introducing aerial photography. Here, we have two different versions of a drone: Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom that has a lot to offer on the table.

13 Reasons Why You Should Buy Mavic 2 Drone

13 Reasons Why You Should Buy Mavic 2 Drones

The Mavic 2 drone is the epitome of the ever-evolving drones market. It brings a lot of new features and technology that makes it one of the most popular quadcopters among beginners, hobbyists, travelers, and professionals. Yet, it still sticks true to its name by revolving the foldability concept with its foldable motor arms and of course, a foldable remote controller.

Whether you are a beginner, traveler, or a professional drone pilot like myself. I think you will find that there are a lot of good reasons why you should buy a Mavic 2 drone. Without further ado, let’s find out what are the 13 reasons to buy Mavic 2 drone. Stick with us and read below.

It’s Compact

The total body dimension of Mavic 2 is 214 x 91 x 84 mm when folded. Which is approximately the size of a brick when you are holding it with a hand. With its motor arms extended, it will have a total size of 322 x 242 x 84 which is two times bigger than your hands.

Amazingly Lightweight

Since the Mavic 2 drone comes in two versions: Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom, there is a small weight difference. The Mavic 2 Pro weighs 907 grams while Mavic 2 Zoom weighs 905 grams, only two grams less. I liked how it is compact because it is easy to take with anywhere you go inside a travel case or backpack. Suitable for travelers and professional field works.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Mavic 2 Drone

More Sensors, Safer Flying

One of the main upgrades that the Mavic 2 drone comes with is additional sensors. It has obstacle avoidance sensors mounted on the front, rear, sides, top, and bottom. Which means it can see objects at 360-degree surrounding that ensures a complete and safe flying. Set this drone on auto-pilot and it will take advantage of its smart flight feature.

Retain Image Quality While Zoomed

This reason only applies to Mavic 2 Zoom since it has a built-in Dolly Zoom feature. Having the ability to zoom in images and videos is one of the most wanted features, so DJI made sure to implement it on the Mavic 2 Zoom. You can zoom in up to four times closer without losing the image quality. How about that?

Hyperlapse, You Say? Take Me Please!

Another major feature that makes the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom wildly successful is the ability to speed up videos up to 100 times faster. It gives the video content creators a lot of new ways to get creative and attract the audience to watch their videos. It is perfect for showcasing the cities that never sleep during the daytime to nighttime.

Quality Just Got Even Better

On the inside, both Mavic 2 drones got upgraded with better video bitrate. As of fact, they can record videos on 4KUHD at 30 frames per second up to 100 Mbps. A significant improvement over its predecessor. Plus, the Mavic 2 Pro can capture images at mouthwatering 20MP up to 5472 x 3648 resolution.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Mavic 2 Drones

Dedicated Remote Controller Just for Mavic 2 Only

Not to forget to mention that DJI recently released a dedicated remote controller only for Mavic 2 drones. It is a remote controller that comes with a built-in HUD screen and is far more advanced than your smartphones or tablets. Also, it only takes 30 seconds to activate the remote controller compared to the traditional remote controller mounted with your mobile device.

Reliability Is The Key

You will breathe with a sigh of relief that Mavic 2 drone is one of the most reliable quadcopters. This drone uses upgraded OcuSync 2.0 which is a dedicated transmission system that enhances the signal between the transmitter and drone. It also increased the remote control distance up to 8,000 meters or 5 miles and delivers live video to your mobile devices at 1080P HD.

Impressive Durability

If that is anything special about the Mavic 2 drone, it has to be their reputation for impressive durability. The Mavic 2 drone is crafted of alloy metal material that is far superior compared to most drones that use the ABS plastic framework. Drop it, drag it, throw it, and shake it like a ragdoll no matter how hard you try. It will still fly like a boss.

Longer Flight Session

The Mavic 2 drone comes with a powerful intelligent flight battery that provides 31 minutes of flying time. It is about the longest flight time you can currently get for a smart foldable camera drone. The batteries also come with their safety features to protect against overcharging and discharging.

13 Reasons Why You Should Buy Mavic 2 Quadcopter

Crafted to Withstand Weather Conditions

This is one of the top 13 reasons why you should buy a Mavic 2 drone. The Mavic 2 drone can withstand weather conditions such as rainy and snow. It is incredibly designed to handle these weather conditions and run especially well. Making the Mavic 2 drone one of the best choice for all-weather aerial footage.

Plenty of Aftermarket Support

Broken propellers? Need to grab neutral-density camera filters set for your drone? Or maybe you want to grab some gears to protect your Mavic 2 drone? No problems! There is a lot of great aftermarket support that will cover all of your needs. We have a drone guides & tips page dedicated to providing aftermarket support for your Mavic 2 drone. You also can find all the guides and tips you need to know about the drones too!

It Is Super Easy to Fly

If you are a newbie and have no idea how to fly a drone. Don’t worry because the Mavic 2 drone comes with beginner mode which restricts the control distance and dumbs down the speed. This is an useful feature to help you learn the basics of flying. Its safety flight functions is also enhanced in this mode. Good way to get started first before you start flying the new world!

Over to You!

I hope you found my 13 reasons why you should buy Mavic 2 drone helpful and insightful. If you know any friends or family members who are thinking of buying a Mavic 2 drone but for some reason can’t decide if they should. Feel free to share this article with them to help convince them.

If one of my reason changed your mind about Mavic 2 drone, let us know by dropping a comment in the comments section below. Thank you for reading my article. I hope you all have a fun time flying your brand new drone and fly smart!

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