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Today, Holy Stone launched another brand new drone geared toward beginners and experienced remote pilots. Introducing the Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2. This mini drone is an upgrade from its extremely popular, the HS170 Predator.  Well known for its super easy to control features, beginner-friendly tools and of course, affordable price.

Holy Stone is taking the step to a whole new level by refining their old drones with brand new quadcopters featuring the latest upgrades. There has been an influx of modern quadcopters in the consumer market recently. Namely, the X12 drone and IN 1802 drone as well HS700 Ophelia. The Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 is a no exception given how modern it looks!

Through researching the HS170C Predator 2, I sifted the customer reviews and watched videos to compile a buyer’s guide that contains all the information you need to know. Because getting the best quality drone is important if you are a first-time flyer or hobbyist looking to expand collection set.

In the Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 review, I will talk about its build quality, performance, features and what makes it different from the predecessor. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details and find out if the mini drone is a good cheap choice for beginners.

Build and Design Quality

A noticeable build and design feature of Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 is how sleek and professional it is. This alone set the rest of toy-grade drones on Amazon to shame. Featuring jet black coating all around its hull body and guards with alternating propellers. The built-in guard is especially important for beginners because it provides an additional layer of protection from crashes.

Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 Review Build and Design Quality

In the front, the HS170C Predator 2 is equipped with a powerful 720p HD camera. The camera itself can be adjusted to point in the direction you want it to look at. However, like most drones under $50 and under $100, the camera can’t be adjusted remotely. Which is a bit of disappointment. However, that does make up for its professional body hull appearance. I like how Holy Stone added their logo on the top as finishing touch.

Finally, the drone comes with LED lights. If you notice that the drone has two dark black eye holes located at the front. These are the LED lights that emit colorful light for visual assist positioning. This is important so that you don’t lose your drone during flight operation and especially night time.


When it comes to performance, the HS170C Predator 2 excels at stability and ease of controls. This is important for beginners and first-time flyers who are looking for an easy drone to start with. Unlike the HS170 Predator, the Predator 2 features upgrades such as better gyroscope for more responsive and accurate measurements in the air pressure level.

This feature eliminates the need for trimming buttons. This means beginners can focus more on flying the drone instead of spending time correcting its stability. I think it is a neat feature, not only because it makes the drone more stable, but makes it more enjoyable for beginners.

The HS170C Predator 2 is packed with a 400mAh modularized Li-Po battery that gives it a flight time of 7 minutes at most of the time. Furthermore, it has a control range of up to 50 meters which is approximately 164 feet. This gives you plenty of room to soar the drone around.

In terms of the price, I think the HS170C Predator 2 is truly a drone packed with excellent performance that makes it a serious contender. Check out these two Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 review videos to see the mini drone in action!

Camera Quality

The Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 review isn’t completed without talking about the quality of the camera. As I mentioned previously that HS170C Predator 2 has a built-in fixed camera in front of its nose. Although, if you are looking to upgrade the quality of a camera, you are out of luck. It is better to get drones for photographers since these quadcopters often have cameras that you can upgrade for better quality in the long run.

Featuring a powerful 720p HD camera that can records video at 30 frames per second and take beautiful aerial shots. Not only HS170C Predator 2 mini drone is capable of doing this aerial footage, but it also comes with a 4GB micro SD card slot. This allows you to save pictures and videos on the memory card. Not a lot of modern style drones can do these like the X12 drone and IN 1802 Drone.

HS170C Predator 2 Review Camera

Best of all, Holy Stone has thrown in a free 4GB Micro SD card in the package so that beginners and hobbyists like you can start doing your aerial photography straight out of the box! Holy Stone often is well known for its generous and selling its products at an unbeatable price tag. The Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 drone is one of their popular drones that is certainly bounded to become their next customer’s favorite.

It is a surprise that the HS170C Predator 2 mini drone is equipped with a high-definition camera at this price tag. It is a big plus for beginners who wants to learn how to fly a drone. But at the same time, learning how to capture aerial shots!


Finally, we have reached the last part of the Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 review. In this section, I am going to talk about the features that this mini drone brings to the table. Undoubtedly, the HS170C Predator 2 have quite a ton of new features compared to its predecessor, the H1S70 Predator.

One of the main features is the upgraded barometer. This provides the mini drone incredible stability for responsive and smooth flight control. In addition to that, the drone is equipped with beginner-friendly features such as headless mode, altitude hold function, and 3D flips.

Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 Features

You might be wondering what is a headless mode. This is a very common feature used by almost all drones even high-end models like Mavic Pro 2 and Phantom 4 Pro. That feature switches the control orientation from the drone to a remote controller. This means the drone flies based on your remote controller movement instead of the direction it is facing at. This allows beginners to focus more on movement rather than worrying about the direction the drone faces.

Along with these features, the Predator 2 is capable of performing automatic takeoff and landing as well as return to home function. And lastly, the drone has a speed mode that lets beginners learn the basics first. As they master flight controls, beginners can turn up the speed to challenge their pilot skills. Not only it makes the drone fast, but it also provides natural resistance against wind. This makes the HS170C Predator 2 an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor flight operations.

Final Conclusion of HS170C Predator 2

As I wrap up the Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 review. I think this drone is probably one of the best products made by Holy Stone. It is very good than its predecessor. Which is something that Holy Stone should be proud of and recognized for? As the HS170C Predator 2 is a recently released drone, there is no exception that this quadcopter will become popular within a matter of time.

Right now, you can buy this drone (See Price) for under $50 on Amazon. If you are a beginner or first-time flyer looking for a quality drone that can withstand crashes and is durable enough to last a long time. Then you are looking at the right drone. I highly recommend Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 as one of the beginners’ picks for a drone. Check out its price by clicking here.

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Last Amazon price update was: January 22, 2023 4:32 am
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon.com (Amazon.in, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
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Through our research and sifting the reviews, we have concluded that the Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 is one of the best drone released by Holy Stone ever to this date. It comes with the latest technology and modern style that makes it overall a serious and popular contender among beginners.

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  • Built-in Micro SD Card Slot
  • 720p HD Camera
  • Speed Mode
  • Incredible Stable
  • Easy to Control
  • Affordable
  • Nimble and Agile
  • Durable
  • Camera Quality is OK
  • No Upgradable Modules
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