JJRC H55 Tracker Review: A DJI Spark Clone Under $100 For Starters

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If owning a DJI Spark is your dream drone, but its price tag is too expensive for you. Maybe, you are not just ready to start flying an expensive quadcopter and prefer to start with an affordable drone. Meet the JJRC H55 Tracker drone, one of the fewest popular drone equipped with GPS mode feature. In these price ranges, it is very uncommon to find drones with GPS modules because they typically are expensive. But that is not the case with the Tracker drone competing against another GPS drone such as the IDEA7 foldable drone.

In our JJRC H55 Tracker review, I will talk about its build design quality, performance, and features. Through sifting the reviews and researching the product, we have assembled this guide to bring you the best of the best information. When it comes to shopping for the best cheap drones to start with, you need to keep two things in your mind: how easy is it to fly and is it durable? Read more to find out if the Tracker drone is the man for you.

JJRC H55 Tracker Parts

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Build & Design Quality

The JJRC H55 Tracker features an abstract pattern that provides a vibrant and vivid appearance which is surely enough to grab your audience’s attention and up your style points. It resembles a similar structure layout as the DJI Spark does with a high-quality 720p HD camera located in the front. The body material which is used to design the framework is made of durable plastic that provides excellent durability. This makes the drone more resilient against crashes and damage, which is a big plus for beginners.

The Tracker drone carries a modularized battery that has a charge capacity of 610mAh. On average, a single battery provides a flight time of 7 minutes which is the standard time for a quadcopter within this price range. Since the drone comes with two bonus batteries, you will have an effective total flight time of 21 minutes. This provides you plenty of flying time to soar the Tracker drone around.

JJRC H55 Tracker Design Quality

Design-wise, the Tracker drone includes LED lights that are positioned at each motor arm. This feature is especially very important for seeing where the drone is at. Another advantage of encompassing the LED lights to the Tracker drone is that you don’t have to stop flying when it gets dark. These LED lights add a nice touch and make a great night light show that can be mesmerizing.

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In the next part of the JJRC H55 Tracker review, I am going to talk about the performance that this drone brings to the game. As I mentioned previously in the introduction that you should consider the drone’s performance and ease of use. If you are a beginner looking for a smart GPS drone to start with, you definitely will want to have a quadcopter that is easy to fly. After all, that is what all beginners are looking for, right?

Performance-wise, the JJRC H55 Tracker features a built-in GPS module that enables communication with the satellite. This is an important performance feature that helps improve the drone’s stability for smoother and responsive flight controls. Typically, the GPS module is found on more expensive drones such as the Mavic 2 or Phantom 4. But as it seems that the market is slowly shifting by making the GPS drones more affordable and accessible which is a good thing.

On top of that, the Tracker drone comes with speed mode that allows a smooth and gradual learning curve for beginners. When you get it for the first time, the drone will be on its slowest speed setting by default. It allows you to practice and develop your piloting skills. Once you master the skill, you can increase the speed to reduce handicap for more challenging flight experience. It is a great feature to have for beginners, racers, and photographers. Check out the JJRC H55 Tracker review video to see the drone’s performance in action.

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The JJRC H55 Tracker drone introduces a series of features packed inside a compact quadcopter. Who would have thought that a DJI Spark clone like the Tracker drone will deliver a ton of features? The Tracker drone is the perfect choice for beginners because its GPS positioning allows the quadcopter to hover steadily. Additionally, its built-in GPS module lets you activate smart return to home in case if the battery is running low or out of range.

JJRC H55 Tracker Features

There is also a multitude of features such as one key takeoff/landing that simplifies the flight operation. It even comes with a barometer height hold function that detects changes in the air pressure and adjusts accordingly. Along with these features, the Tracker drone delivers sharp and clear images using its built-in 720p HD camera. Its camera can be adjusted remotely, allowing the flexibility of pointing it in the direction you want to capture.

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Final Verdict

Before I conclude the JJRC H55 Tracker review, there are final remarks to be said about this popular DJI Spark clone drone. First of all, this is the most vibrant and vivid drone you will ever meet. No other drones have the same style and design that the Tracker drone boasts. In addition to that, this quadcopter encompasses very good durability that improves its quality. As of a result, you can expect a long service life with the Tracker drone.

Because it comes with a built-in GPS module, it is incredibly easy to learn and fly the Tracker drone. Since it communicates with the satellites which in exchanges provides stability and steady to ensure smooth flight control. Its FPV mode, however, is not the best nor can it be relied upon. So you must maintain a clear visual line of sight when you are flying the Tracker drone. Overall, I think the JJRC H55 Tracker drone is a great quadcopter crafted with professional care. You can check its price, specifications and more information by visiting its official page.

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Last Amazon price update was: July 24, 2024 5:32 pm
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon.com (Amazon.in, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
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Editor's Review

The JJRC H55 Tracker drone is one of the most affordable GPS drone designed to make the flight experience easy for beginners to learn. Thanks to its multitude of advanced features, the Tracker displays impressive performance and responsive controls. Its only downside is short battery life but that is made up for two bonus batteries which gives you a total flight time of 21 minutes. A great deal breaker.

Flight Time
  • Two Bonus Batteries
  • Built-in GPS Module
  • Stable
  • Easy to Fly
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Stylish
  • Limited Control Range
  • FPV Mode isn't Reliable
  • Average Camera Quality
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