The Phantom 5 Leaked, Will It Release on November 28th?

With the Christmas around the corner, DJI is gearing up for another potential new drone on November 28th. Many people are speculating that the next drone will be Phantom 5. It is one of the longest and most anticipated drone since it was leaked few months ago featuring interchangeable lenses. The fact that the date are getting closer and Phantom 5 looks like it is close to being ready for release.

There are many reasons that leads us to believe that the Phantom 5 drone will be out very soon. The fact that the Phantom 4 V2.0 is no longer available for sale. Big shocker right there, and there are hush of whispers in the dark alley saying that the guy who is testing these brand new drone. Even though, it is easy to make sense for DJI to wait until they are ready to release the Phantom 5 drone.

Is It A Good Time to Release Phantom 5?

Don’t get me wrong, both DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom are amazing drones. They have the biggest upgrades over original Mavic Pro, no joking. Especially the Mavic 2 Zoom in particular is very good choice for someone who is into aerial photography. Both drones are quite pricey and it can be tough for people to justify spending $1,200 to $1,500 on a brand new drone this Christmas, let alone its features and qualities.

But the Phantom 5’s initial price will definitely be more expensive compared to the Mavic 2 Pro’s base price. Even though so, it is ideal for DJI to promote their Spark and Tello this holiday season. In fact, it is their Black Friday marketing strategy. People who are going to buy the brand new Phantom 5 drone will likely to be professionals, not hobbyists. Mainly because it costs a lot of money and it isn’t something that you can consider as one-time holiday gift. So it makes sense for DJI to push their affordable drones.

The New Phantom Will Be Professional-Grade Drone

As expected, the Phantom 5 drone will be a professional-grade quadcopter. It will become the to-go drone for professionals and interrupters. It has nothing to do with the “Because life is big” even promotion implicit professional quality feel to it. The promo looks fun and cartoony, so it probably has nothing to do with appealing prosumer photographers. The DJI is a very tech savvy company and they understand their market very well. If they want to capture professional photographers, they will come up with something more inspiring than a cartoonish promo event, right?

Because Life is Big DJI Drone Promo Event

What If It Isn’t Phantom 5, Then What?

There has been a lot of talking about DJI potentially releasing a brand new smaller handheld gimbal, the Osmo pocket. It is also coming and definitely will make a great holiday gift with a price tag of $100 to $200. That would make sense given the cartoonish promotion event and its tagline.

Other two possible theories is Spark 2 and Phantom 4 Enterprise. But they don’t make sense at all. The Osmo Pocket is a much logical release. In fact, it does stand to make DJI some decent amount of money this season. And it definitely won’t take away sales from their hot selling drones. .

When Will We See the Phantom 5 Drone?

What we all know is that DJI is working on it and they are very close to bring the drone into the market. Will it release on November 28th? I hope so, but don’t get the hope too high. Because there are so many signs that are pointing toward something else being released. Probably DJI is trying to throw us off the trail with silly cartoon announcement and an FCC filing?

Maybe, but we will find out very soon. I have my fingers crossed for the brand new Phantom 5 drone, but I am not holding my breathe. It is definitely possible that the Phantom 5 will release in the first quarter 2019. Since it is professional drone, the releases will be handled in Los Angels. So it is possible that DJI don’t want to take any sales away over the holiday.

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