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Top 25 Best Mavic Air Skins: The Ultimate Guide to Customize Your Drone


What goes with the style that shows your passion and love for your own DJI Mavic Air? A customized Mavic Air skin! In this top 25 best Mavic Air skins guide, we are going to share popular decors with you. Decor skins are especially very popular among people who love their drones a lot and want to personalize it. If you want to personalize your drone with one of these top 25 best Mavic Air skins. Then read below to find out what are the top 25 best Mavic Air skins.

The skins are custom made and usually are layered with an adhesive sticker that lets you easily stick onto your Mavic Air drone. We scoured through the Internet and assembled the top 25 best Mavic Air skins for you. These skins usually aren’t that expensive and only cost around $25 (Check Price) which is a reasonable price for a high-quality decor skin. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details and find out what are the top 25 best Mavic Air skins. Click here to start browsing the list.

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Why Should You Buy Mavic Air Skins?

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There are several good reasons why you should buy Mavic Air skins. But, I will keep these reasons short and sweet. First of all, these decor skins for your Mavic Air help you personalize the drone. It lets you express your passion and love for the Mavic Air. So in some sense, it gives your drone a personality. This is a nice touch-up for your DJI Mavic Air drone if you plan to fly it for a long time.

Secondly, these skins act as an additional layer of protection. Believe it or not, if your Mavic Air has endured battle scars from accidents. You probably want to cover up the scratches with a brand new and stylish skin. Luckily, the Mavic Air skins make the perfect choice for protecting your drone. Not just only that, if you are feeling bored with the old skin and want something different. You can easily replace the old one with brand new to go with your personality.

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Do These Decal Skins Affects Range?

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The short answer is: no. The long answer is: these decal skins which are made for your favorite personal Mavic Air drone is extremely lightweight. They don’t weigh that much and will not affect the overall weight at all. Not just only that, these skins don’t interfere with the range. So you will still be able to fly your Mavic Air drone as it was before you applied your favorite decal skin on it. Pretty much most everything that you need to know about skins is just about personalizing your drone.

You don’t need to worry about interfering remote control distance or weight. Just simply pick one of your top 25 best Mavic Air skins, apply and you are all set to go! Sounds simple and easy right? That’s what everyone else is doing right now from beginners to travelers and yes, professionals. If you have been wanting to get a unique custom skin, you can just check here and choose one from a wide selection of Mavic Air decal skin.

Top 25 Best Mavic Air Skins

1. ACU Camo

The ACU Camo features in several different colors that resembles a grayish hue. It is a perfect match for drone pilots who loves military and want to personalize their Mavic Air with a nice camo on it. Easy and simple.

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2. Airburst

The Airburst is definitely different compared to these popular camos. For one, I welcome this approach to those who wants something different. The Airburst comes in two simple colors: red and black along with a smooth gradient that gives out professional appearance.

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3. Cad Camo

Another great military style camo. The Cad Camo features in a range of greens that assembles the camo. If you noticed the ACU camo and liked it, but you prefer to choose different color to match your personality. Then, the Cad Camo might be a great fit for you.

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4. Coyote Camo

Do you have a feel for sand landscape? The Coyote Camo is the perfect match for those who likes beaches, deserts and anything else. Or if you like the colors of this camo, you can just buy it and press it onto your favorite DJI Mavic Air drone.

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5. Digital Navy Camo

This is one of my personal favorite Mavic Air skin. It comes in combination of dark blue navy coloring along with light blue navy and such. This decal skin have a digital texture so that it feels like modern and stylish. Great for those drone pilots who likes modern style.

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6. Digital Urban Camo

Another excellent modern style Mavic Air skin for all drone pilots. If you already saw the Digital Navy Camo, but you prefer urban setting. Just because it fits your mood and you are that urban-type person. The Digital Urban camo is definitely your pick.

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7. Dystopia

We know how dark the future can be sometimes. But definitely not this one! The Dystopia is one of the most popular Mavic Air skin among drone pilots. It features concrete-like design along with streaks of yellow. Not just only that, the Dystopia Mavic Air skin looks very stylish and futuristic. This is the one that you should check out for sure.

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8. Exo Neptune

Do you like futuristic style a lot? Then you might want to check out the Exo Neptune. It comes in jet black coating with an array of hexagons around the decal skin. With pulsing blue light that adds a nice touch up for personalized sense. It is easy to see why this decal skin earned its name as the Exo Neptune.

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9. FC Camo

The FC Camo for Mavic Air drone is a great choice. It comes in several different colors such as brown and combination of greens. This camo is perfect for drone pilots who loves military style and want to make their drone looks like an army quadcopter.

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10. Jewel Thief

If you have love for wild design that comes in variety of colors. The Jewel Thief for Mavic Air is the perfect choice. It isn’t limited to one simple color. Instead, it comes in variety of colors that resembles graffiti in some ways. So, the Jewel Thief decal skin is definitely a great match for those drone pilots who likes wild colors.

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11. Mark XLIII

Is Iron Man your favorite superhero? Well, now you can personalize your Mavic Air drone with this decal skin. It is called the Mark XLIII and comes in red coloring that centers the hull bodyframe. Coupled with yellow outer edges and a pulsing light orb in the middle. This decal skin has taken the creativity to a whole new level.

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12. Red Valkyrie

The Red Valkyrie skin is one of my other personal favorite for Mavic Air. It is stylish, futuristic and clean. If you have the personality that fits steel-type along with streaks of coloring there and there. Then, I think the Red Valkyrie is definitely one of the top 25 best Mavic Air skins that you should check out.

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13. Signal

This Mavic Air skin has taken a different approach apart other skins. Personally, I think this is one of the best Mavic Air skin for everyone. It comes with four different colors: red, black, dark gray and light gray. The pattern is random and unique, so you definitely will have your own personalized Mavic Air skin.

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14. Slave I

The Slave I for Mavic Air skin is unique and completely different. To me, it reminds of an alien or something from Halo games. But whatever it is, I thought this decal skin is great. It looks nice and comes in sharp contrasting colors. If you like alien-themed colors and spaceships, the Slave I is definitely going to be your top choice.

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15. Solar Storm

The Solar Storm decal skin earns to be in the top 25 best Mavic Air skins. No exception. I really liked its colors that features range of orange blending together nicely that gives out a great impression. It looks intimidating and professional at the same time. A big thumb up from me.

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16. Solid State Black

One of the most simplest skin for your Mavic Air drone. If you like black color or you simply want to extend to its side body including the front. The Solid State Black skin is a great choice.

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17. Solid State Lime

If you do prefer to have a different color. Solid State Lime is another great option that personalize your Mavic Air in a simple, sleek jet lime coloring coating. Nothing too complex, just simple coloring.

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18. Solid State Red

Just like the Solid State Black skin for Mavic Air. If you do have a red coloring Mavic Air, you can choose to extend the color to its side body including the remote controller. Now you can fly around with fiery red style.

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19. Solid State White

Contrasted to the Solid State Black for Mavic Air. You can choose white skin for your Mavic Air if you prefer to. Personally, I think this is one of the top 25 best Mavic Air skins for a simple, solid coloring sticker.

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20. Solid State Yellow

There are also a fifth option for those who prefer to encase the yellow skin on their Mavic Air drone. This simple solid state yellow skin provides nice coloring and protection against scratches.

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21. Starkiller

Looking for something different and unique. Meet the Starkiller, it is one of other most popular skin for Mavic Air drone. Featuring in black, dark grey and gray colors that provides a nice style to your drone. Just as it appears like it is going to kill the stars from the skies.

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22. The Baron

Go back to early 1930s with The Baron skin for your Mavic Air drone. This is one of the top 25 best Mavic Air skins that will make you feel like you are piloting The Baron. Personally, I really like this skin a lot and if you love historic stuff. This skin might be a great fit for you.

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23. V08 Starfighter

Back to the future again, meet the V08 Starfighter. This skin comes in deep gray gradient with a combination of smooth orange streaks along its top main bodyframe. It is one of the appealing appearance that I have seen so far in the top 25 best Mavic Air skins. Perfect for people who likes future stuff.

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24. Venom

If green is your favorite color, you might find the Venom skin for Mavic Air quite an interesting taste. It comes in a range of green color that blends together. Nothing too crazy, just layers of green tailored together that gives it a venom appearance.

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25. Woodland Camo

Finally, we have reached to the last top 25 best Mavic Air skins. Likewise, if you are a military-type person who have obsession for camos. The Woodland Camo is definitely a great fit for your Mavic Air. Especially if you live in forest area or in lodge that will blend in nicely.

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Another skin featured in this article is the purple skin in the top image. It is called Blue Stardust and you can find it in Big Lamp Designs.

Other Mavic Air Guides & Tips

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Before I conclude the top 25 best Mavic Air skins for beginners. There are other guides and tips that I want to share with you as a Mavic Air owner. Whether you are planning to buy your own Mavic Air drone (See Price) after checking these stunning, beautiful decal skins. You need to know important tips and tricks to become an expert Mavic Air drone pilot. Check out my guides below, and if you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below.

We hope that you found our top 25 best Mavic Air skins for beginners helpful and insightful. Also, because drone technology is evolving at a rapid pace. There are always going to be new skins and drones. We recommend you to bookmark our top 25 best Mavic Air skins for beginners since we updated our content with fresh information to keep you in the loop with the latest changes. Again, if you have any questions about these decal skins, please ask away! Happy shopping and fly smart!

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