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Potensic U36D Review: Smart FPV Camera Drone Under $200

Potensic U36D Review: Smart FPV Camera Drone Under $200

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If you’re looking for a drone that boasts impressive frequency signals for smooth and responsive video streaming. Then look no further because the Potensic U36D encompasses a built-in camera with a 5.8GHz frequency signal. Those beginners who want to have a smart camera drone that doesn’t requires a smartphone or tablet to look at the video. This is why Potensic introduces an alternative solution to that by releasing its latest creation, the U36D.

In our Potensic U36D review, we’re going through the details. We will talk about its design quality, performance, camera quality, and of course remote controller. The purpose of the Potensic U36D review is to help shoppers like you avoid making buyer’s regret. So, we researched the Potensic U36D drone and sift through the reviews to share relevant information with you. Without further ado, let’s get this started.

Design Quality

The Potensic U36D drone features chrome gray coating around its body framework. It is also featured on the motor arms just underneath it. Accompanied by built-in propeller guards that act as a shock absorber, I especially liked it because it protects the propellers from breaking on impact. It helps keep the drone safe and prevent it from losing its stabilization. Beginners also appreciate it because, on the first few flights, you will crash a few times. These guards make sure that it doesn’t happen to you.

Potensic U36D Review Design Quality

Furthermore, the Potensic U36D drone features a built-in 720P HD camera that offers high-quality aerial images and videos. Unlike most drones such as the Ninja FPV, FuriBee H818, or Ophelia, you don’t need to use your smartphone or tablets to view the video in real-time. This is especially nice because it offers a reliable connection to see the video without any issues that mobile devices experience.

Aside from that, the Potensic U36D is crafted with durable ABS plastic. It is much superior and better quality that makes the drone more durable compared to the quality of materials found on cheap toy-grade drones. Not only that, but the Potensic U36D also weighs slightly more that makes it a great choice for outdoor activity. This camera drone carries a modularized battery that provides 8 minutes of flight time. However, the package comes with two additional batteries which bring your total flight time to 24 minutes.

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When it comes to performance, knowing how well a quadcopter performs is the single biggest factor. For a drone with a price tag under $200, it does have a lot of things to say about this drone’s performance. The Potensic U36D comes with a multitude of beginner-friendly features that enhances the drone’s performance. For instance, it uses the altitude hold function which is a built-in barometer that detects the changes in air pressure level. It adjusts accordingly and stabilizes the pressure internally so that the drone will hover steadily.

Potensic U36D Review Performance

Along with the built-in barometer, there are features such as headless mode and automatic take-off/landing. For those who have never flown a drone before and wondering what the heck is the headless mode. That feature switches the control orientation from the drone to your transmitter. This means the drone flies in the direction you’re pushing the movement lever at regardless of its facing position.

Furthermore, the Potensic U36D drone features a built-in speed mode that provides a smooth learning curve. When you fly it for the first time, it’ll be on the lowest speed setting by default. This gives beginners a great opportunity to learn the basics of flight controls. Once you have acquired the piloting skill, you can increase the speed mode to challenge yourself. Overall, the Potensic U36D drone makes a great training quadcopter for beginners.

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Camera Quality

If you’re looking to make videos like Mavic 2 or Phantom 4 drones do with this quadcopter, you’re better off shopping for one of these professional camera drones. However, if you’re a first-time flyer and have never a flown one before. But you want to learn how to fly and capture aerial images with a drone. The Potensic U36D drone is an amazing quadcopter that offers beginners the opportunity to practice flight controls and capture pictures from the skies.

This drone comes with a built-in 720P camera that is capable of delivering quality images and videos to the FPV screen on the transmitter. Although, the good news is that the drone uses 5.8GHz frequency. This means it can send the video to transmitter instantaneously. In addition to that, the quality of video hardly degrades because the frequency is so powerful enough to keep the connection stable. As of a result, you get the quality of videos like this from the Potensic U36D drone.

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The Potensic U36D review isn’t completed without talking about the transmitter. As I mentioned previously that this drone comes with a built-in 5.8GHz frequency. Which means that the video gets streamed to the screen controller. This gives you the advantage of a reliable and smooth FPV experience without any issues or choppy frames. Not only it has the benefits of better flight controls, but you can also use one of these best virtual reality headset to go with your drone.

Potensic U36D Review Remote Controller

On the first impression, the remote controller features professional appearance which will certainly make you an expert drone pilot. It doesn’t involve too many buttons. It is simplified that a beginner who has no prior flying experience can easily fly one out of the box. I especially liked how the remote controller comes with an inscription that makes it easy enough to understand what each button does. After all, it is basic and simple. A big win for a smart FPV camera drone like the Potensic U36D quadcopter.

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Final Verdict of Potensic U36D Review

We think this is a great quality camera drone for beginners. Because of these qualities such as amazing durability, built-in propeller guards and safety flight features that makes it one of the safest drones for beginners. Even though it is safe enough for beginners and kids, it encompasses a multitude of features that is super easy to understand. Potensic did a great job at keeping the controls simple, yet intuitive enough that beginners will have an easy time learning how to fly a drone.

But the real catch why the Potensic U36D is going to be one of the best selling for beginners. Mainly because it comes with three batteries which gives you a total flight time of 25 minutes. Furthermore, the package includes a travel case that you can store drone and its accessories safely. Whether you are traveling around the world, the Potensic U36D drone is your trusty camera companion. You can check its price here.

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Last Amazon price update was: November 27, 2022 11:13 pm
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
7.8 Total Score
Editor's Review

We think the Potensic U36D drone is a quality camera quadcopter specifically designed for beginners and first time flyers. Thanks to built-in features that makes the whole flight operation easy and simple that beginners can fly it right out of the box. In addition to that, the Potensic U36D drone encompasses stability and precise controls for a smooth flight experience. This is the ultimate beginner drone that you definitely don't want to miss out.

Flight Time
Camera Quality
  • Crafted with durable material that provides resilience against impact as well wind resistance.
  • Built-in propeller guards that provides protection against impact.
  • Easy for beginners to learn how to fly thanks to stability and precise controls.
  • Built-in 720P camera that delivers quality images and videos.
  • 5.8GHz frequency that ensures strong connection for best FPV experience.
  • Triple batteries that gives you a total flight time of 25 minutes.
  • Travel case included to store the drone and its accessories safely.
  • Battery flight time is short, however, you will have a total flight time of 25 minutes thanks to bonus batteries.
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