Moment is Making Anamorphic Lens for DJI Drones

The moment is adding new series of a camera filter set that will be designed for drones — beyond what it normally does for smartphones. This company plans to launch an anamorphic lens exclusive for DJI drones only.

The new camera lens will be available for DJI Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic 2 Zoom. It also works with the drone’s existing camera to capture a much bigger field of view. In addition to that, it also completes a cinematic lens flare. Moment launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This new camera lens sells for $199 intending to ship them in November 2019.

Moment says that they will retail this new camera lens for $300. The company made its name by selling a lens that clips on the back of a smartphone. Along with various fields of view and offering more options for photographers. Interests in traditional filters on Instagram declined which gave Moment more room to grow by appealing to vloggers and filmmakers.

The drones are another growing market that the company is looking to expand as filmmakers have started using them more often. In addition to these new anamorphic camera lenses, Moment is selling ND / CPL filters for these DJI drones. They also will be selling a new iPhone case that is slim enough so that you can insert it onto the DJI remote controller without having to remove it.

These ND / CPL filters sell for $99 on Kickstarter, with a retail price of $120. The case goes for $25 ($30 at retail price). Because the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom have different cameras. Which means the camera lens and filters will be sold separately for each model

New Moment Anamorphic Lens for DJI Drones

The moment released its first anamorphic camera lens last year at a hefty price tag of $150. It is expensive, but also one of the cheapest way to start capturing stills and videos anamorphic. This format usually requires pricey lenses for high-end cameras. Currently, it is a niche product but the camera lens will become the company’s number one best selling product.

Designing and creating a lens comes with some complications. For instance, the DJI drones use gimbal that stabilizes the camera and record smooth footage. Adding on a heavy lens in the front will hinder the gimbal’s ability to distribute balance properly. To address this, Moment reduced the weight of its existing anamorphic lens by changing its material from metal to plastic. While retaining the glass.

A camera lens that securely clips on the camera adds weight in the back to counterbalance the weight in front. As of current, the Moment’s new camera lens is the lightest in its lineup. This means it is going to be difficult for other companies to adopt another lens such as PolarPro.

Because the camera lens is being added on an existing lens, it comes with some drawbacks. You will have to reattach it every time you start up the drone. Furthermore, these lenses don’t work well at all focal lengths. Even though the drone’s camera is already wide, its effect is very limited unless you punch it in.

Moment Anamorphic Lens for DJI Drones

Of course, it comes with a problem shooting footage anamorphic. These lens squeezes the footage to fit more on the sensor and then the footage has to be de-squeezed to view it properly. Which means the Panorama photos will not turn out right at all. It also means when you are checking out your footage. It will look a little bit weird. Moment says that they are talking to DJI about adding the ability to de-squeeze footage automatically inside the drone’s controller app. Although, it is not confirmed yet.

Still, in a world where the drone footage is growing quickly. Moment thinks its new camera lens will win a lot of potential filmmakers who are looking to stand out. It also appears that the company will be one of the only companies to offer clip-on lenses for DJI drones. What do you think of Moment’s new camera lenses? Share your thoughts and views with us by commenting below.

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