How to Use Mavic 2 Lossless Digital Zoom Feature

The Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic 2 Zoom brings new and innovative aerial imaging system technology that allows you to zoom images without a reduction in quality. Learn more about how the Mavic 2 drone unique digital lossless zoom benefits your aerial photography.

What The Heck is Lossless Digital Zoom?

Before we dive into the details, let’s get started by explaining what the heck is a lossless digital zoom. By definition, lossless zoom means the quality of the image doesn’t decrease when images are being scaled up. This is done by capturing more pixels. Then interpolating pixels using the oversampling technique to create an image at the same size as the drone’s sensor. This means the size of the pixel will remain at one after being cropped and resized.

A standard zoom camera doesn’t have the advantage of a lossless digital zoom that the Mavic 2 drone has to offer. However, there are a couple of things you should learn before you fully understand the benefits of lossless digital zoom.

Mavic 2 Zoom Digital Lossless Zoom

What Is The Difference Between an Optical and a Lossless Digital Zoom?

An optical camera involves a lot of mechanic movements by switching the glass elements inside the lens. This is done so to achieve a higher focal length without losing image quality. Therefore the magnification is done using the lenses which projects the images via sensor and scaling the pictures with optical lenses.

Although, digital zoom can do the same without using any mechanical movement inside the lens. Compared to the optical camera that uses heavy and fragile systems, the lossless digital zoom does the same job smoothly and quickly without impacting the focus and image quality.

This is amazing for creating cool effects like Dolly Zoom. Furthermore, this is beneficial for small and compact drone like the Mavic 2 quadcopter that offers the same quality as optical camera zoom. Take a look at lossless digital zoom works:

Zoom Lossless Feature 1
Zoom Lossless Feature 3
Zoom Lossless Feature 2
Zoom Lossless Feature 4

How Do I Use This Awesome Feature?

The introduction of digital lossless zoom brings an entirely new perspective. You’ll be able to capture clear shots of subjects at a great distance without having to fly your drone up close. This feature makes the Mavic 2 drone the perfect choice for capturing wildlife, inspecting buildings for damage, or to create the dazzling effect of the landscape.

Let your creativity run wild and produce videos like professionals. The digital lossless zoom feature helps you accomplish great shots with cinematic effects using the Dolly Zoom. If you’re a skilled remote pilot, you’ll be able to operate the drone in any direction while zooming in and out.

Finally, you’ll be able to preserve and extend the duration of battery life. From the sky, you can utilize the zoom technique to check areas and see which is flight-worthy instead of scanning the area back and forth. Watch the video below to see how to use the digital lossless zoom feature:

Where Can I Shop Mavic 2 Drones?

There are two types of Mavic 2 drones: Pro and Zoom. Both have zoom functions, although the Mavic 2 Zoom has zoom capabilities up to four times closer. While the Mavic 2 Pro has zoom capabilities that go up to 2.8 times closer. You can learn more about the difference between Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom.

If you’re still not sure whether buying a Mavic 2 drone is worth the cost. Read my top reasons why you will want to have your hands on this brand new Mavic 2 drone. You can grab them on Amazon for less than what they are sold on DJI Official Store. Plus you get great deals on bundles like micro SD cards, landing pads, extra batteries, and more.

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