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X-Detector Drone Review: Best Intelligent Camera Drone for Beginners?

X-Detector Drone Review: Best Intelligent Camera Drone for Beginners?

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Ever want to fly an intelligent camera drone that’s easy to learn for beginners and first-time flyers? Fortunately, you’re just right around the corner. Introducing the X-Detector drone. This futuristic and stylish quadcopter has a lot to offer for beginners. If you have been thinking of buying a smart camera drone that can do a set of intelligent flight modes, then read our X-Detector drone review to learn more about this quadcopter.

The purpose of the X-Detector drone review is to help shoppers as you become informed about this smart camera quadcopter’s qualities, features, and such. To give you an idea of what’ll be talked about in this review. First, I’ll talk about its design quality. Secondly, we’ll talk about performance because it’s a big factor in shopping decisions. Finally, I’ll explain the remote controller that’s included in the package. If you’re still reading this, then obviously I have your attention now. So, let’s get the propellers spinning… now!

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Design Quality

On the first impression, the X-Detector name gave away an appearance that it is shaped like an “X” letter. As shown below that the drone is shaped with four motor arms propelled forward. It also got the name “Detector” because of a camera. The X-Detector drone comes with a high-quality 720P HD camera that focuses on delivering clear images and videos. I thought it was a clever name to give for a drone, certainly a creative and smart thing to do.

X-Detector Drone Review

Each motor arms comes with built-in LED lights that provide visual positioning. It’s an important feature that helps remote pilots keep a clear vision of the drone. Not only it allows you to spot during the daytime, but also nighttime when the LED lights shine the brightest. The X-Detector is equipped with a modularized battery which brings a total flight time of 18 minutes. Coupled with a great performance battery, the X-Detector drone uses brushless motors that improve the quality of design.

Not because it’s nicer, but the brushless motors are cheaper, perform better, and of course make the drone overall a durable choice. Plus, the X-Detector drone is crafted with high-quality ABS plastic and a small portion of alloy metal. This provides the drone much-needed resilience against impacts as well as wind resistance. Which makes the X-Detector drone an optimal choice for beginners who wants to enjoy flying both indoor and outdoor.

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In general, the X-Detector drone is an amazing performance quadcopter. Specifically, because it comes with a built-in GPS module which allows the drone to communicate with the satellite. In exchange, using the GPS mode provides drone stability and steady hovering positioning. Which eliminates the need for trimming and any other manual corrections. Not only it makes flying the drone super easy for beginners. But, it introduces a set of intelligent flight modes such as Orbit Mode, Follows Me, and such.

X-Detector Smart Drone Review

As I mentioned previously that the X-Detector drone uses brushless motors which is an important feature for performance. A brushless motor can have a larger RPM, which means better performance in terms of speed, altitude, and power usage. Because brushless motors don’t use friction compared to brush motors, it doesn’t need that much power to deliver the same performance. Thus, the brushless motors have a significant impact on how well the drone performs and in a positive way for the X-Detector drone.

Generally, the X-Detector is responsive to the controls and flies with absolute grace, precision, and ease. Thanks to built-in GPS mode, beginners and first-time flyers will find themselves having an easy time flying the X-Detector drone. Because of that, it gives all the features, tools, and such that make these modes possible. With a smart camera drone in your hands, you can elevate your piloting and aerial photography skills quickly.

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Remote Controller

The X-Detector drone review isn’t completed without talking about the remote controller. This drone uses a remote controller that has a built-in sunshade. There aren’t many drones that incorporates that built-in design feature. For that reason, I think it’s certainly a nice and right step in the direction. Because most of the time, if you plan to shop for professional camera drones to use with your smartphones or tablets, you’ll have to purchase sunshade separately. Which can be quite an inconvenience and adds up to the cost. But the X-Detector drone makes everything so simple for beginners and first-time flyers that this isn’t a joke at all.

X-Detector Remote Controller Review

If you’re a gamer like me, then this transmitter should come naturally to you. My initial reaction to this remote controller is how professional it is. It comes with the jet black coating with a nice green hue inscription on the buttons. This makes it easy enough for beginners to learn what each button exactly does. On the right side, the lever is used for movement. The buttons below the lever are features such as automatic landing and such.

In the middle is the power and trimming buttons. Because the X-Detector drone comes with built-in GPS mode, you probably will be using the trimming buttons infrequently. So, I don’t see the point of why they would want to add the trimming buttons as an option unless you want to fly without GPS function. On the left side of the transmitter is a lever for altitude and rotation. Of course, since you can’t see what’s on the back. There are shoulder buttons which are for speed modes, take a picture, and take video.

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Final Verdict of X-Detector Drone Review

Before I conclude the X-Detector drone review, let’s recap what we talked about. Overall, we think the X-Detector drone is a high-quality quadcopter crafted for beginners and recreational remote pilots. It is also great for kids, but because it is quite a powerful quadcopter. We recommend that you watch kids under supervision. Even though it does make a great Christmas gift or in some cases, a birthday presents. This is truly a quality drone packed with features, high-powered performance, and simple functions that make it easy enough for beginners to pick up.

Not to forget to mention that the X-Detector drone comes with speed mode which makes the whole learning process a breeze. Master your piloting and aerial photography skills with the X-Detector drone today. While it doesn’t have stellar camera quality, it will certainly teach you how to take advantage of lighting quality. But, most importantly choosing the right spots and capturing at the right time. If having a smart drone that can follow you anywhere you want to and do these intelligent flight modes. Then you want to check it out here.

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Last Amazon price update was: April 19, 2024 11:30 am
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
8.7 Total Score
Editor's Review

The X-Detector drone is a feature packed quadcopter cleverly crafted for beginners, recreational pilots and kids. Thanks to its high-powered brushless motors and built-in GPS module, you can expect it to perform with relatively ease. Moreover, it has ton of beginner-friendly features that makes the whole flight operation simple and easy enough to fly right out of the box. Because of these qualities and positive features, we think the X-Detector drone is a very great drone for beginners.

Flight Time
Camera Quality
  • Built-in GPS module for stability and smooth flight experience.
  • Brushless motors for high-powered performance, speed and precision.
  • Responsive controls that makes it easy enough for drone pilots to maneuver.
  • Integrated 720P camera that takes quality images and videos.
  • Unique and stylish appearance that is captivating.
  • Long battery life, which makes it perfect choice for high-altitude aerial shots.
  • Crafted with durable material that makes it incredible tough and reliable.
  • Quality of camera isn't that stellar, but not worst either. It is still a good drone for training your aerial photography skill.
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