9 Good Reasons to Choose the DJI Spark Drone

So, you want to know what are the good reasons to choose the DJI Spark drone? There are a lot of quality smart camera drones available for sale on the consumer market. You might be asking yourself, why choose the DJI Spark drone when there are so many drones to pick from? Maybe you are a beginner looking for a great camera drone to start without having to spend a fortune.

Or, you are looking to buy a drone as a present for your best friend or family member. Among these possible reasons why you might want to buy a DJI Spark drone. In this article, I am going to share 9 good reasons to choose the DJI Spark drone. Stick with us to find out more about it!

Great Price

DJI Spark Review Performance

Honestly, there are cheap toy-grade drones that you can easily afford. But, when it comes to flying a world-class drone decked out in the latest software, the DJI Spark is half the cost of their next viable drone. You are looking at a starting price of $399 and a Fly More Combo at $549. We also noticed that these prices went as low as $285 and $450 these days. Be sure to keep an eye for special drone deals!

I felt like we need to keep justifying the price. Because in my humble opinion, it is a little pricey for a winner drone packed with features and smart features, Don’t get me wrong, you get what you buy for a smart camera drone from a drone manufacturer with a great reputation. They continue to update the firmware, adding more features and several safety flight functions.

The DJI Spark is a smart drone purchase. Plus, my thought tells me that if it has its price cut off by 20%, it could be a real marketing success. Especially for beginners and people who are on a tight budget that wants their hands on this smart camera drone.

Be Like A Jedi

10 Reasons to Choose DJI Spark Drone

One of the main features that the DJI Spark drone introduces is Gesture mode. This gives you the ability to command the drone using your hand motion. If you ever watched Star Wars, you will understand how the force works. Except, it is a reality and you basically can control where you want the drone to fly at using your hand.

To capture a selfie shot, just use both of your hands to create a sign like a picture frame. The DJI Spark drone then will blink its LED lights to indicate that it has successfully captured a picture. If you want to increase the drone’s distance, just push the drone and it will fly back up to a maximum distance of 15 meters.

To recall the drone, beckon at it and it will fly back to you. Altogether, the Gesture Mode is an incredibly awesome and exciting feature that makes you feel like a Jedi or Sith. Perfect for beginners, kids, and those who want to step up their selfie game.

Compact & Portable

DJI Spark vs Mavic Pro Compact and Portable

Aside from needing a remote controller, we have been showing the size comparison between the Mavic Pro and Spark drone. With the propeller blades folded in, it is approximately the size of your palm hand. Also, it doesn’t weigh that much which makes it easily one of the best drones for traveling around.

And did I forget to mention that it comes with a carry bag? It is handy and a nice thing to have. The drone slips into a bag and acts as a launchpad. If you are looking to upgrade your travel bag for this drone, we recommend this travel case that supports up to four batteries.

Well-known Brand

DJI Spark Drone Brand

When we talked about the price in the introduction section, we discussed the value of the drone behind its popular brand. DJI is a trusted and experienced drone manufacturer that caters to beginners and professional remote pilots. The Spark drone takes advantage of the expertise and services available.

If the past DJI drones are any indication, DJI will support Spark drone for a while with new features through software updates or physical accessories. You can check out the list of best accessories to use for the DJI Spark drone here.

Integrated Obstacle Avoidance Feature

DJI Spark Obstacle Avoidance Sensors

Flying drones is a lot of fun. But what if you want to have a smart camera drone that is safe and easy to fly? That is why the DJI Spark drone is outfitted with an infrared obstacle avoidance sensor that detects objects within several feet apart. When they detect objects, the drone adjusts its flight path and either navigate around or come to a hovering positioning.

With a maximum flying speed of 31 miles per hour, it is relatively safe to fly this drone both indoor and outdoor. Furthermore, it has a built-in visual positioning systems feature that helps the drone stay stable when the GPS / GLONASS feature is not in use. How about that for a starter?

Kids Love It!

DJI Spark Drone for Kids

Do you know what else DJI Spark drone is great for? Kids. They love it. Unlike other smart camera drones like the Phantom 4 or Mavic 2, the Spark drone is a perfect choice for kids and beginners since it doesn’t pack with too much propulsion force. Plus, it is portable and compact that resembles a friendly appearance.

Inside the package, it even comes with propeller guards that you can install on the drone. We highly recommend doing so that you don’t accidentally break the propellers on your first few flight sessions. Not to mention that the DJI Spark is also a very educational drone to help get your kid interested in STEM-related fields like coding and programming.

New & Improved Quickshots

DJI Spark Drone Quickshots

Flying the aircraft might be the hardest part of running a drone operation. But DJI made it much easier to fly the Spark drone. Which is why they introduced a quadcopter with autonomous flight modes that is available to every single Spark pilot. Take advantage of Rocket, Dronie, Circle, and Helix that instantly transforms the aerial footage into a professional film without being a pro at all!

Crafted for Durability

DJI Spark Drone Crafted for Durability

Another good reason to choose DJI Spark drone is its renowned durability. How strong a drone depends on two factors: the size of the drone and the quality of material used to craft it. That being said, the DJI Spark drone is incredibly compact and small that is packed with good durability.

Plus, it is crafted of durable and thick ABS plastic that offers long-lasting protection against impact. You will not have to worry about simple crashes and the like thanks to the DJI Spark’s amazing durability. On top of it, add the propeller guards to enhance durability to last the DJI Spark drone longer.

Beautifully Captures Aerial Footage

DJI Spark Drone Aerial Shot

If you are looking to expand your photography collection set with aerial shots. This is a good reason to choose DJI Spark drone because of its awesome aerial capabilities. It is equipped with a 12MP camera with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor mounted on 2-axis mechanical gimbal systems.

You can point the camera in any direction except for Yaw which gives you the flexibility to shift aerial perspective that audience never has been before. With editing software such as the Lightroom or Photoshop, you can easily transform the stills into masterpieces that will capture your audience’s attention.

9 Good Reasons to Choose The DJI Spark Drone

Perhaps the coolest feature of the DJI Spark is its marketable quality. It is both incredible capable of flying and enjoyable drone. But its gesture mode and smart self-flying abilities are what makes it one of the best quadcopter for beginners, kids, and recreation remote pilots

Learn more about the DJI Spark Drone

And there are plenty of good reasons to like about the DJI Spark. Be sure to hit us up in the comments section below to let us know what you like the most about DJI Spark drone.

One Reason Not to Buy The DJI Spark Drone

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