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These Are The Best DJI Mavic Air Clones of The Year

Out of all the best drones that look like DJI Mavic Air clones to find the best quadcopter. We handpicked both Eachine E511 and Eachine E511s as the best DJI Mavic Air clones of the year. This is done by determining the resemblance of the popular DJI Mavic Air. Even though Eachine recently released the E511 and E511S versions a few weeks ago.

They already have proven to be incredible entry-level camera drones for beginners. These high-quality foldable drones come with powerful intelligent flight batteries which provide up to 17 minutes of flight time per charge. Which is one minute longer than what DJI Spark brings to the table?

Furthermore, the Eachine E511 has a maximum remote control range of 200 meters. However, you’ll have the option to upgrade the control distance up to 300 meters if you decide to get the Eachine E511S edition. Not just only that, the E511S version is outfitted with GPS / GLONASS module that provides precision flight controls and stability.

Best DJI Mavic Air Clones

We handpicked the Eachine E511 and Eachine E511S drones because they looked very similar to the DJI Mavic Air. Although, the black edition features slight modification. It has a blue LED light and resembles a bit less in contrast to the original edition. However, the introduction of GPS / GLONASS makes it a very viable option for beginners who wants to have their hands on smart camera drones.

If you like how the DJI Mavic Air drone looks, but you’re on a tight budget or simply want a great entry-level drone to start with. These two best DJI Mavic Air clones have built-in 1080P HD cameras. Which is uncommon for the best drones under $200. Although, it allows you to practice and develop your aerial photography skill.

Once you master your aerial photography, you can check out these professional-grade camera drones. As of current, both Eachine E511 and E511S drones can be bought on Amazon. The Eachine E511 goes for around $119.99 here. On the other hand, Eachine E511S goes for around $159.99 here. If you want to extend your drones’ flight sessions. You can purchase additional batteries here.

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