Best Drone Affiliate Programs to Start Selling Quadcopters [2019 Guide]

If you’re looking to start your own drone business and promote great quality quadcopters to your audience. Joining these best drone affiliate programs can get you started and generate additional income. With the right marketing and selling high-priced drones, you can easily earn between $20 to $80 a unit depending on the price tag of a drone that your referred reader purchases through the referral link.

Although, as an affiliate marketer isn’t an easy job. This isn’t something that you can become rich overnight. Moreover, affiliate marketing is a long term investment that grows over time as you continue to pour in your work into developing the site and content for your audience. But it doesn’t have to be that hard to start making extra income if you’re looking to sell mainly drones and its accessories.

In this guide, I’m going to share the best affiliate programs that you should join for selling the drones. Keep it in your mind that each affiliate program has its advantages and disadvantages which makes them pretty competitive. I don’t recommend basking all of your referral link with one company. Instead, you should diversify your affiliate marketing with different companies if you truly want to increase your sales and reach more potential audience.

Without further ado, I’m listing out the best affiliate programs for selling the drones to your audiences. Find out who are the best affiliate programs and why you should join them:


GearBest Logo

GearBest is home to the largest and wide selection of hot and popular drones, including electronics, accessories, and other awesome gadgets that you can take advantage of to promote to your audience. It also has one of the best commission rates and cookie duration length lasts up to 30 days. Although, its conversion rate is somewhat low compared to juggernaut eCommerce retails like Amazon and Share-A-Sale.

Because of its low conversion rate which averages between 1% to 2% depending on how well you sell and how many users you referred to who decided to make the purchase. It has a high commission rate. Compared to Amazon which pays a measly 4% commission rate for successful orders on the drones, GearBest pays between 8% to 12% which is three times more than what Amazon pays.

As a successful GearBest affiliate, your earning potential is much greater. With these awesome commission rates, great incentives, and more. This is one of the best affiliate programs to get started with if you want to sell drones and electronic stuff. Here’s an overview of what GearBest brings to the table for you:


  • Good Commission Rate: 8% to 12%
  • Cookie Length Duration: 30 Days
  • Monthly incentives for affiliates to earn bonuses.
  • A very popular place to shop for drones, gadgets, and accessories
  • Tiered commission rate structure based on how many sales you make.


  • Low conversion rate, which makes it a bit challenging to start making extra income.

Join GearBest today!


Amazon Logo

Amazon is a highly reputable eCommerce retail that everyone pretty much knows. It has a great level of trust and top-notch customer service with impressive delivery times. This is one of the easiest companies to start as an affiliate marketer due to the high conversion rate. In general, the conversion rate is between 5% to 10%. Some affiliate marketers managed to have a conversion rate that’s as high as 12% to 15%.

Although, the commission rate for promoting drones on your website isn’t that great. As I mentioned previously that Amazon pays approximately 4% for each successful purchase order whereas you could be making two to three times more for the same product on GearBest. Furthermore, it has a cookie length duration that lasts for 24 hours. But the catch is that if your referred user shops around for any product and adds to their cart, then the cookie duration length is extended to 90 days.

This is only for the products included in the carts. So that’s the upside of being an Amazon affiliate marketer. On the positive side note, Amazon is pretty easy to get started once you join their affiliate program. You’ll earn commission on their orders regardless of anytime your audience gets referred. This opens up the potential to earn some really good additional income.


  • Products added to the cart have a cookie duration length of 90 days.
  • High conversion rate, making it very easy to promote products and earn money.
  • Trusted eCommerce retail brand.
  • Half of the product searches start at Amazon.
  • Good company to start for beginner affiliate marketer


  • Low commission rate: 4% for selling drones and electronics.
  • Cookie duration lasts for 24 hours unless added to the cart.
  • No incentives for affiliates.
  • No tiered commission rate structure.

Join Amazon today!


ShareASale LogoAnother good affiliate program to promote and sell drones is Share-A-Sale. It’s an affiliate networking platform that has multiple smaller companies that offer a wide selection of products for you to promote to your audience. Along these companies are popular and well-known companies that do sell drones on Share-A-Sale are DJI, Banggood, RcMoments, and tomatoes. I like Share-A-Sale because it encourages these companies to pay competitive commission rates and offer generous benefits for affiliates.

If you plan to sell drones via Share-A-Sale, you can expect the commission rate to be between 5% to 15% and cookie length duration to be between 30 days to 60 days. So, the benefits of being an affiliate marketer do outweigh Amazon and GearBest. The downside is that it’s a little bit harder to generate sales through Share-A-Sale.

Our advice is that if you decide to promote Share-A-Sale along with GearBest and Amazon, we encourage you to include these products along with these affiliate links to offer price compare and improve conversion rate to generate more sales. As you continue to expand your drone business, the benefits of Share-A-Sale will outweigh Amazon and GearBest. It’s aimed towards intermediate and advanced affiliate marketers who have a much more established audience. But don’t shy away, this is a good affiliate program for beginners too.


  • A wide selection of drone companies to join.
  • Generous commission rate between 5% to 15%.
  • Great cookie length duration from 30 days to 60 days.
  • A tiered sales structure to promote more sales.
  • All commission sales come in one account regardless of how many companies you joined.


  • It can be difficult for entry-level affiliate marketers to start making money.
  • Works great for websites with an established audience.

Join Share-A-Sale today!


We hope you found our best drone affiliate programs to join guide helpful and useful. If you decide to join one of these programs, or in my case, all of them. Let us know what your experience was like and whether you are successful in promoting drones and gadgets as an affiliate marketer. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you can learn more about it on my other blog that teaches you how to supercharge your passive income.

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