Top 5 Best Mavic Air Travel Cases That Keeps Your Drone Safe

Exploring the world is exciting and fun. But do you know what makes your traveling experience even more exciting? Being able to bring your own DJI Mavic Air with you and capture special moments abroad! We know how hard it can be when it comes to choosing the right travel case to start with for beginners. Picking the best one needs to suit your needs. If you are the type of person who wants to be able to carry a drone and its accessories without weighing themselves down. You definitely will want to pack lightly. Which is why we assembled the top 5 best Mavic Air travel cases for all drone pilots.

For those who want to be able to fly long times or just to protect their drone and its accessories. We made sure to include travel cases like these in our guides. Because we know how important it can be when it comes to choosing the right one. Even though the Mavic Air drone is relatively new which has been released in January 2018. There are few great quality travel cases that we recommend you check them out. Without further ado, find out the top 5 best Mavic Air travel cases that will keep your drone safe.

Top 5 Best Mavic Air Travel Cases

Explorer Case Edition for Mavic Air

On the first of the top 5 best Mavic Air travel case is the Explorer Case edition. This is an ideal companion for journey by offering tourists like you an optimal storage for the drone and all of its accessories. It is designed to have all of place within the reach so that none of your valuable piece gets lost. Even more so, it has plenty of room for additional modules such as propeller guards.

The case is built with waterproof and dustproof thanks to an IP67 rating. Additionally, the external case is durable and tough that provides ideal protection against shocks. So you will never have to worry about damaging the drone if you accidentally bump the case into a hard object or during the road trips. The Explorer Case edition was designed specifically to robustly protect the drone and its accessories.

It was created and developed in Germany who strives for the best quality within its strict provisions. Best of all? The Explorer Case edition provides a lot of flexibility which lets you store up to 7 additional batteries with eight battery on the drone. Which provides you a total flight time of 160 minutes that makes it an ideal choice for people who wants to fly around a lot. But you will also have the option to switch for three batteries and include the propeller guards. While having enough room for the drone, transmitter and its accessories.

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DA600 Travel Case

Attention DJI Mavic Air users! If you are on a tight budget or you are just simply looking for a quality travel case to start with. Then look no further because the DA600 travel case is here to make it happen. It comes with customized cut-form which fits the drone, transmitter, three additional batteries, a battery charger and hub, including two space for micro SD card as well other accessories. Even though it can be bought for less than $50, it encompasses all the qualities that makes it a popular travel case.

The DA600 travel case is made of high-density EVA material. Featuring with durable ABS plastic that makes it an ideal waterproof case. In addition to that, it comes with shock-resistance that protects the drone and its fragile accessories. You can rest at ease knowing that your drone will be protected during the road trips because it’s designed with external hard case. Finally, it comes with a standard automatic pressure equalization valve that keeps the pressure stabilized and prevents moisture from entering the case.

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Nanuk 915 Case

In our top 5 best Mavic Air travel case, we want to introduce the Nanuk 915 case to you. Nanuk is a well known company for its durable and secure cases. They specializes in crafting customized travel case that suits your Mavic Air needs, not just only that drone but for Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro too. Featuring IP67 rating that provides wateproof and dustproof that keeps the drone safe from external effects.

Not only the case does a good job of preventing water and dust from entering the case. Its case is built with NK-7 resin that makes it incredibly impact-resistant. You will not have to worry about the drone and its accessories if you hit it against an object. Because the built-in foam is designed to hold the gadget and its accessories securely. Furthermore, if you are the type of person who cares about protection and keeping it safe.

Then you are in luck. Because the Nanuk 915 case (and like most of its other cases for drones) are equipped with two Powerclaw. It is a triple-action that latches and keeps the case securely closed using the compression force. Furthermore, you can use one of those TSA-approved locks (see here for a list of the approved lock) and use it to lock the case so that nobody but you can open it. The Nanuk 915 case is the ultimate travel gear for professional and recreational drone pilots.

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Smatree Travel Backpack

If you don’t want to carry the case by hands. Perhaps you prefer to bring the drone and its accessories on your back if you feel comfortable doing that. Smatree offers an alternative choice by introducing its travel backpack for DJI Mavic Air users. This is a multi-functional backpack that can store the drone and its accessories. In addition to that, it has room for GoPro camera that will fills in the role for ground travels. So you aren’t limited to only flying your drone but also making videos with your GoPro camera.

The Smatree travel backpack comes with two customized-cut foam that is designed for Mavic Air drone. It can hold a drone, four extra batteries, a battery charger, a charging hub, transmitter as well as other accessories. The second customized-cut foam can fit the GoPro Hero series from 3 to 7, including the Hero 2018 version and up to 6 batteries including accessories. But wait, there is more to that!

If you are a photographer who wants to be able to edit videos and images on the go. It comes with a designed pocket that has plenty of room for laptops up to 13 inches. This Smatree travel backpack comes with a comfortable padded backpack that offers multiple angles for your GoPro camera. It is one of the best travel backpacks for DJI Mavic Air users if you decide to travel around the world and want to use your GoPro action camera too. I definitely wouldn’t pass on this travel backpack if I were you!

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Pelican 1560 Case

Finally, we have reached to the top 5 best Mavic Air travel cases for all drone pilots. Now, if you already checked out these travel cases that I just listed out. And you don’t like any of them. Maybe you want to customize your own storage for the drone? You can order a fresh one from Pelican 1560 case and use foam cutter to carve out your own storage. It can be as many batteries as you want to, or to address a specific accessory that you need. So, I will leave the rest out for your own preferences, but let’s get talking about its case qualities.

The Pelican 1560 case is crafted with stainless steel that provides the best and highest quality for protection. It even comes with reinforced padlock protectors that will lock the case securely. Along with that, the case features an automatic pressure equalization valve that releases the air pressure and keeps the water outside. This is done by keeping internal dry so that the drone and its components don’t get damaged.

Furthermore, the Pelican 1560 case is equipped with a retractable extension handle. So you will have an easy time traveling with the case on the ground. Thanks to its amazing qualities and durability, you can rest at peace knowing that you will be able to travel around the world. And best of all, you can customize your storage capacity that suits your needs. Ultimately, this is one of the best choices for those who want the freedom and autonomous choice to make their travel case.

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Is Any of These Best Mavic Air Travel Cases Worth It?

From my experience, yes all of these top 5 best Mavic Air travel cases are worth investing in. Whether you are traveling around the world or not, you will need to buy one. Because if you don’t have one, gathering all of the drone’s accessories and storing them into a bag can be a major inconvenience. Not to mention that you don’t get the protections that these travel cases have to offer for your drone.

So, it is better to buy a travel case and store its accessories where you can easily reach it. Also, you will not lose your things (I hate it when it happens, so you don’t want to lose important accessory because of lack of organization). If you are not sure which travel case to buy, you should decide for yourself. Which one is the best fit for you: a travel case that is lightweight for travel purposes. Or do you need a large backpack that can store a lot of batteries including GoPro camera and laptop?

Depending on what you need and what you have. You should consider the qualities of these travel cases for your drone and make accommodations to it. However, if you are using a different travel case for your Mavic Air drone and have a positive experience with it so far. Please feel free to share with us in the comments section so that our fellow drone pilots can know about it too.

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Best Mavic Air Travel Cases Guide

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That’s all I have for you fellow readers and drone pilots. If you have any questions regarding the best Mavic Air travel cases such as specifications or features. Please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section. And we will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading and fly safe!

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