Hubsan H117S Zino Review: The Best DJI Mavic Pro Killer Under $500?

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Is the Hubsan H117S Zino the next DJI Mavic Pro killer? Just as it seems like every brand tries to create a similar version of the popular Mavic Pro drone with slight modifications. The Hubsan H117S Zino foldable drone is no exception. It’s launched a few months ago but quickly became quite popular among beginners and first-time aerial photographers who are looking for an inexpensive smart camera drone.

If you think that the Hubsan H117S Zino drone truly can beat Mavic Pro in terms of price and features. Then, stick with us because you are going to want to find out more information about that. Through researching the drone and sifting the customer feedback, we have assembled the Hubsan H117S Zino review to help shoppers like you make an informed decision. As excited as you’re to learn more about this smart foldable drone. Let’s dive into the details.

What’s Inside The Package?

Before we start talking about the Hubsan H117S Zino review. Let’s take a look at what is inside the box. This is the most important part of the review because you’re going to want to know what’s included in the box. So that you can prepare your order in case you need to purchase additional batteries and perhaps amount holder for your favorite tablet. That being said, I’m going to show you the package content inside the box.

Hubsan H117S Zino Drone Review

Package Content:

  • H117 Zino Foldable Drone
  • Intelligent Flight Battery
  • HT106 Remote Controller
  • Two Propellers (Set)
  • Two Propeller Screws (Set)
  • Gimbal Protector
  • Propeller Wrench
  • AC Adapter
  • Balance Charger
  • USB Charger for Aircraft Intelligent Flight Battery
  • USB Charger for Transmitter Intelligent Battery
  • Three RC Cables (Lightning Connector, Micro USB, and Type-C USB)
  • User Manual

Similar Design, Unique Style

At first glance, the H117S Zino drone looks similar to the famed Mavic Pro quadcopter. However, the design is different albeit similar style using the same concept of portability. I liked how this foldable quadcopter comes in the jet white coating. Which makes it look completely like a professional-grade drone and especially user-friendly that doesn’t scare away people. The main difference is that the Zino drone has a curved front while the Mavic Pro has a more trapezoid frontal.

Hubsan H117S Zino Smart Drone Review

Regardless, I thought the H117S Zino drone design is way cooler. This smart drone uses aerofoil technology which features foldable propellers. This design feature gives travelers and beginners a big advantage since it reduces the space. This means you can easily store the drone and add more accessories and batteries however as much as you want. In addition to that, the Zino drone is equipped with foldable motor arms that extend its overall dimension size to 304.6 * 252.4 * 90mm (L*W*H, respectively).

Built for Durability and Impact Resistant

Just like the Mavic Pro, the Zino drone is crafted with heavy and high-quality material made of durable alloy metal. The fact that the Hubsan H117S Zino foldable drone is made of alloy metal gives it natural protection against impact. Alloy metal is thick and much harder to break compared to toy-grade drones under $50. However, that doesn’t mean the Zino drone is impervious to crashes and other simple human pilot errors.

Hubsan H117S Zino Foldable Drone Review

Furthermore, this smart foldable drone is equipped with brushless motors that improve performance and power effectiveness. Brushless motors are integral to achieve high flying speed, precise flight controls, and reliability. The main advantage that these motors have over brushed motors is that they generate less friction which means the Hubsan H117S Zino drone doesn’t overheat that quickly compared to these brushed motors drones and can stay in the air for a long time.

Stabilized Camera

One of my favorite parts about the H117S Zino Review is catching people by surprise. As you’re reading an informative guide about the Zino drone, you’re probably thinking to yourself, hmm, all of these are great but why should I buy this drone? If you’re a beginner or simply want to have a good camera drone to start with. You’re in luck because the H117S Zino drone is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. At the price that this drone is going for, it easily beats DJI Spark by a large margin.

H117S Zino Camera Review

The camera that the Zino drone is using can capture stills and videos on incredible 4K ultra high definition at 30 frames per second. While delivering you quality professional-level aerial shots from the skies. It just goes to show that Hubsan has put this smart foldable camera drone in the right direction while offering an inexpensive choice for everyone who wants to capture pictures in the air. We highly recommend at least a 128GB micro SD card for this drone with Class-10 Speed.


In the next part of the Hubsan H117S Zino review, we’re going to talk about its flight performance. Just like you will expect from the drones under $500, this smart foldable drone is equipped with a dual GPS / GLONASS positioning system. Which enhances its precise flight controls and stability for a smooth and responsive flying experience. It even comes with intelligent flight modes such as Follow Me, Orbit Mode, and Waypoint Mode.

That being said, the Hubsan H117S Zino drone is a little bit slower compared to the Mavic Pro. It has a maximum flying speed of 37 miles per hour. But that’s pretty good for an inexpensive DJI Mavic Pro clone that’s packed with amazing camera quality and great performance. The Hubsan Zino drone can be flown up to 2,500 meters, offering you a wide range and plenty of flying space to soar around.

Plus, it’s equipped with an intelligent flight battery with a built-in LED light status that lets you know how much juice it has left. Each battery on average provides you with 21 to 23 minutes of flight time. However, by accounting safe flight navigation systems, you’re probably looking to fly the drone around for around 19 to 20 minutes most of the time. This is good for a professional-grade camera drone. If you want to extend your flight sessions, you can order extra batteries here.

Foldable Remote Controller

And everything that we have said about the Hubsan H117S Zino drone just got even better! Introducing the HT106 foldable remote controller. This advanced transmitter comes with dual antennas that communicate with the drone from 2.4GHz to 5.8GHz to achieve a lighting fast and responsive connection. Design-wise, I liked how simple and professional the remote controller is. It isn’t cluttered with buttons at all. Plus, you can see how much battery it has left by checking its LED health status indicator below.

Hubsan H117S Zino Foldable Remote Controller Review

Which makes it easy and simple enough for beginners to use. Aside from that, capture stills and videos are located on the shoulders. The majority of the features such as intelligent flight modes can be unlocked via using your favorite smartphone or tablet (you will need a mount holder that works with this remote controller). The HT106 foldable remote controller comes with a durable mount hold extender that supports smartphones up to 7-inches.

Final Verdict

To conclude the Hubsan H117S Zino review, I’m going to share a few final remarks with you. I think this smart drone is a strong potential DJI Mavic Pro killer. It’s equipped with a powerful camera that does a great job of delivering quality images and videos at 4K UHD resolutions setting. Not to mention that the Hubsan H117S Zino drone comes with an intelligent flight battery that provides 23 minutes of flying time and a great remote control distance.

H117S Zino Drone Review

While it’s priced slightly higher, it beats DJI Spark in the long run because of its overall a strong performing drone with better specifications. If you’re a beginner or an experienced drone pilot looking to upgrade to a smart camera drone. The Hubsan H117S Zino drone should be an obvious choice given how affordable it is and packed with features. You’ll save around $500 off compared to the Mavic Pro. Which is a no-brainer deal if you’re looking for an entry-level aerial photography drone like the Hubsan H117S Zino drone.

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Last Amazon price update was: September 24, 2022 6:29 pm
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
9.3 Total Score
Editor's Review

Overall, the Hubsan H117S Zino drone is a high quality 4K UHD aerial photography quadcopter packed with strong performance and features. For less than $500, the H117S Zino drone easily beat most of the professional-grade camera drones thanks to its built-in powerful camera that beautifully captures aerial shots from the skies. Along with amazing quality footage, the Zino drone can perform intelligent flight modes and other advanced functions. We think the Hubsan H117S Zino drone is easily one of the best entry-level aerial photography drone for beginners and kids.

Flight Time
Camera Quality
  • Integrated with 12MP Camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal camera stabilizer that offers smooth and professional cinematic footage.
  • Dual GPS / GLONASS Positioning Systems that enhances the drone's stability and precise flight controls.
  • Intelligent Flight Battery packed with 23 minutes of flight time.
  • Amazing remote control distance up to 2,500 meters for wide range flying space.
  • Foldable, Compact and Portability that makes it easy to take with you anywhere you go.
  • Easy to use for beginners even without prior flying experience thanks to smart functions.
  • Affordable, one of the best DJI Mavic Pro killer without having to spend hundreds.
  • Requires registering with the FAA since it weights over 0.55 lbs requirement.
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