The Ultimate Guide to Taking Proper Care of Your Drone Batteries

Being able to fly your drone and capturing special moments can be a quite very fun thing to do. If you own one of these professional-grade camera drones or toy-grade quadcopters under $50. You will realize the importance to take proper care of the batteries. If you want to be able to use it for a long time and get the most out of flying your favorite drones. You need to learn how to take proper care of your drone batteries and maintain them in the right conditions.

That being said, the drone batteries are the “organ” of your quadcopter. Without a fully functioning battery, your drone can’t run effectively at its best performance. No matter what kind of drone batteries you have, even if it is an intelligent flight battery (yes, what a surprise!). There are several ways you can do to take proper care of your drone batteries to make a lot of uses out of it. Stick with us and learn how to take great care of your drone batteries.

Charge Before You Fly

Charge Your Drone Batteries Before Flying

The first step to taking proper care of your drone’s batteries is to charge them before you fly. If you are planning to fly your drone within the next few days, you should go ahead and charge the batteries. However, if you have no plan to fly the drone and leave the batteries charging for weeks. You are not taking proper care of your drone batteries. Since the batteries are constantly being charged, they will go into self-storage to discharge all excessive power.

This is not healthy and can weaken your drone batteries’ power capacity. This reduces the drone’s performance because the batteries don’t deliver the same power-efficient as it used to. As a general rule of thumb, always charge your drone batteries at least 24 hours before your flight mission. Make a good habit of doing this and you will notice the difference that you are making for your drone batteries’ durability.

Store At Room Temperature

Store Your Drone Batteries At Room Temperature

Always store your drone batteries at room temperature. The ideal temperature should be between 60 to 75 degrees so that you can get an optimal charging rate for these drone batteries. If you charge the batteries at hot temperatures, it will overheat and poses fire hazards. On the other side, if you try to charge the drone batteries in cold weather. They will not charge that fast. Plus, you also run the risk of having these batteries shutting off due to cold weather.

Taking this simple step to charge your drone batteries at room temperature will not only help prevent these risks. But, extends the lifespan of your drone batteries by keeping them in healthy room temperature. That way they get the best charging rate and maximize their power capacity so you can fly your favorite drone for a longer time. This is the second most important step that you should be doing to take the right care of your drone batteries.

Keep Away From Weather Conditions

Mavic Pro Platinum Showcase

Never, ever charge these batteries near the heaters or windows. As nice as they do sounds, charging your drone batteries next to them isn’t a great idea. Because the windows aren’t a suitable place since it doesn’t entirely block the weather effects. Cold weather still can get through and impact the batteries’ lifespan while charging. On the other hand, charging the batteries next to the heater will only increase the likelihood of hazards.

Don’t Deplete Batteries Fully

Don't Deplete Your Drone Batteries Fully

Some remote pilots try to force their drones to use up all of the remaining juice in the battery by ignoring the warning signals. If you own smart camera drones such as Phantom 4 Pro or Mavic 2, you will see that they have automated warnings when the battery reached a critical level. At a certain point, the drone will activate smart return to home as a layer of protection. You should let the drone do its job to return home safely.

If you force the drone and ignore these warnings just to use up the remaining juice until it is depleted. You are doing more harm to the batteries than you think. Not only a depleted battery takes a long time to recharge, but their power efficiency also gets weaker fast. Plus, their flight cycle duration gets shorter which means you will be only able to fly shorter than what you used to. If that is the case, you might have to buy freshly-made factory batteries for your drone.

Bring Powerbank To Supply Batteries

Bring Powerbank to Supply Your Drone Batteries

Another advice to taking proper care of your drone batteries is to buy a power bank for it. If you plan to travel around the world and do not have access to an electric source. I recommend that you bring a fully charged power bank at least for your favorite drone. A power bank will be able to recharge your drone batteries on the go which extends your flight sessions and gives you more flexibility to fly around for a longer time.

Generally, this power bank for popular DJI drones is good enough to recharge up to five batteries. Depending on what kind of drone you have, how many batteries a power bank can recharge tends to vary. So, be sure to check out these power banks to supply your extra drone batteries!

I hope you found my guide about how to take proper care of your drone batteries helpful and insightful. If you have any questions regarding these batteries. Or you have other tips to take care of these batteries to share with the drone community. Please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. Happy flying and fly smart!

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