Holy Stone F181G Drone Review: Fast Racing Quadcopter Under $200

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There is a cool racing drone just right around the corner. Holy Stone recently introduced an upgraded version of the F181 Chaser drone. This Holy Stone F181G drone comes with several improved features that make it overall possible one of the best quadcopter for beginners. The company claimed that the F181G Chaser drone is one of their best racing quadcopter ever yet. Not to mention that this drone incorporates professional craftsmanship and top-notch quality that Holy Stone is well known for its popular drones such as the HS700 Ophelia and HS150 Bolt Bee.

Even though, the Holy Stone F181G is designed to be a better version with a ton of cool features that they have to offer for beginners and kids. Hence, we decided to write a Holy Stone F181G drone review. Through researching the product and customer feedback, we want to provide with you all the information to make an informed decision. Therefore, we’re going to dive into the Holy Stone F181G drone review and find if this is the best racing camera quadcopter for you.

Design Quality

On the initial impression, the quality of the Holy Stone F181G drone is certainly impressive. It’s made of tough and durable ABS plastic which is thick. Not only beginners can easily fly without worrying about cracking the main hull framework. It’s made to be shock-resistant and impact-resistant which is an important design feature that all drones should have for long service life. In addition to that, the drone comes with propeller guards that provide an additional layer of protection.

Holy Stone F181G Drone Review

We highly recommend that beginners should use the guards on for the first few flight sessions. Because beginners with no prior flying experience will likely crash the drone. So the guards are there to protect from damaging the propellers. As well as to act as a shock absorber by providing stability to the drone. Furthermore, the Holy Stone F181G drone is equipped with landing pads that help reduce the impact of landing.

I also really liked the landing pads because it creates a safe distance between the camera and ground so that tiny particles don’t get stuck inside. In front of the drone, there’s a large blue LED light that provides visual support. There is a red LED light in the back that tells you’re looking at the back of the drone. Design-wise, the hull integrity and style is one of the best things that I have seen from Holy Stone by far.


Performance-wise, the Holy Stone F181G Chaser is no different than its predecessor. It still boasts the same performance in terms of incredible flying speed and stability. However, it does receive improvement to its battery capacity. The original version of the Holy Stone F181C Chaser (See Price) has a maximum flight time of 8 minutes. This upgraded drone comes with an upgrade that pushes its total flight time up to 10 minutes at most.

It’s a major performance upgrade for its capability to fly longer. Not just only that beginners and kids will enjoy being able to fly for a longer time. The Holy Stone F181G Chaser drone brings a new and improved transmission system. The original version only has a built-in frequency up to 2.4GHz which doesn’t do an effective job at deflecting random signals. Often of the time, it leads to poor video FPV quality and such.

So, Holy Stone made sure of that by installing the brand new 5.8GHz frequency that blocks most of the Wi-Fi signals and directs the communication between the drone and transmitter. This results in better image quality as well as performance. As you can see in the video below that the Holy Stone F181G drone responds with precise flight controls and amazing stability. Check out the drone’s performance in action.

Loads of Features

Holy Stone is known for adding a ton of features to some of its best drones. There are no exceptions that the Holy Stone F181G Chaser drone brings a lot of cool features for beginners and kids. Even though it’s priced slightly higher, it comes with new features that the original version doesn’t have. Like an optimized camera for better and smoother real-time video quality. In addition, its FPV mode feature has been upgraded to offer you a reliable live stream connection.

Along with these features, the Holy Stone F181G Chaser drone can perform a multitude of beginner-friendly functions such as 360-degree flips to awe your audience. Plus it comes with speed mode which provides a smooth learning curve for beginners to master their piloting skill easily.

HS F181G Drone Review Features

On default, the HS F181G drone will be at its lowest speed setting. This is done so that beginners can learn the basics of flight controls. Once you have got the handle of it, you can increase the speed mode to challenge yourself. I especially think it’s a nice feature to have for beginners because it’s an integral training tool to have before you plan to spend on one of these professional-grade camera drones.

But that’s not all about it. The Holy Stone F181G Chaser drone includes several flight safety features such as low power warning and out of range alarm. These are just the tip of the iceberg and there are a lot more features to that in addition to what I mentioned which will make the Holy Stone F181G Chaser a drone that will be worthwhile.

Camera Quality

In the next part of the Holy Stone F181G drone review, we’re going to talk about the quality of the camera. First of all, this is a drone that has gotten major upgrades to its camera and the ability to Livestream video in real-time more smoothly. It still uses a 720P HD camera. However, the camera has been optimized. For some of you who don’t understand what it means, it has been upgraded to operate more effectively using 5.8GHz frequency for the best quality.

This isn’t the only drone that Holy Stone introduced upgrades to. The HS100G FPV drone is another wildly popular quadcopter that features an optimized camera to achieve the same result: better real-time video transmission quality. Check out the camera quality and I think you’ll be impressed with how well optimized the Holy Stone F181G drone is. The quality is great and precise that easily makes this drone one of the best camera quadcopter choice for beginners.

Remote Controller

While there are a lot of good things to be said about the Holy Stone F181G drone. The remote controller is the most important thing that we should talk about. On the first impression, the design quality of the remote controller is superior. It’s simple, sharp, and unique. Unlike most drones that you normally would see with cluttered buttons there and here. The Holy Stone took a step further by introducing basic and simple controls that beginners will have an easy time flying the drone.

Holy Stone F181G Remote Controller Review

All it has is two simple levers for piloting the drone, a power button, and shoulder buttons that perform features. There are no complex buttons that you need to maintain the drone, namely the trimming buttons. So that’s a huge advantage by eliminating them thanks to the built-in upgrade barometer and gyroscope stabilizer. Plus, you don’t need to use your smartphone or tablet. It comes with its own dedicated FPV screen to deliver you the best quality in addition to the built-in sunshade. This is a drone made for racing and aerial photography.

Customer Experience

The Holy Stone F181G drone has an average rating of 4 out of 5 in Amazon. Seventy-five percent of the reviews are from four-star and five-star feedbacks of happy customers. The customers who left positive reviews point out how the drone was great and that it’s perfect for beginner drone pilots. That being said, some users also still suggest that you need to practice flying it as there is a chance it might fly away. Thankfully, the Holy Stone customer care responded to their concern and provided a replacement.

Bottom Line of Holy Stone F181G Review

Overall, the Holy Stone F181G drone is one of the best quadcopters that brings a lot of nifty features. While it is slightly more expensive, I think beginners and kids will appreciate this drone in the long term. It’s incredibly stable, mobile, responsive, and fluent as Holy Stone claims it to be. Not just only that this drone is built to be simpler and easier for beginners. It features improved battery capacity for longer flight times up to 10 minutes.

Holy Stone clearly showed their hard work effort. They do make the best racing drone for beginners by keeping everything simple and eliminating what wasn’t necessary. Thank god for no trimming buttons which makes it easier for beginners to focus on flying the drone. Instead of spending time correcting the drone’s stability. Plus, the video quality is all smooth and great that delivers the best flight experience. You can check out its price here.

8.7 Total Score
Editor's Review

The Holy Stone F181G Chaser drone is definitely one of the best upgraded quadcopter introduced by Holy Stone. It comes with improved battery life time, better performance and of course more features. While it is priced slightly higher, it is the price that you are paying for overall a major improved drone over its original version. We think this is a best quality camera drone for beginners and kids that is worth buying.

Flight Time
Camera Quality
  • Improved battery capacity up to 10 minutes of flight time.
  • Super simple and easy to control drone, thanks to intuitive remote controller.
  • Optimized 720P HD camera that delivers quality images and video directly to FPV Screen.
  • Integrated with 5.8GHz frequency for best speed and transmission signal.
  • High-powered performance to achieve top flying speed, precision and maneuverability.
  • Limited remote control distance, however that's a minor drawback.
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