Holy Stone HS100G Drone: Is The G-Edition Worth Upgrading?

Introducing the Holy Stone HS100G drone, one of the best camera drones designed for beginners and recreational quadcopter users. It’s built with durable ABS plastic material which provides amazing resistance against wind. However, if you’re looking to have your hands on the best camera drone just for under $250. You might want to know why you should consider upgrading to Holy Stone HS100G rather than just getting the original edition.

First of all, the characteristics, features, and performance are superb. Which easily makes the HS100G drone one of the most popular choice for new drone users. Although, the remote controller might take a while to get used. Rest assured, it isn’t that difficult to understand and learn the basics of flight controls. Furthermore, you can mount your mobile device to enable FPV mode and to make it easier to fly the drone.

Speaking of the FPV mode, the quality of the video runs incredibly smooth and features crisp clear video quality. When taking close aerial shots, it captures the stills with high detail level. At long distance, the image is softened up slightly. Not just only that the Holy Stone HS100G drone is capable of capturing beautiful aerial shots, the drone comes with built-in intelligent flight modes that offer you the tools to create professional videos.

Why Choose Holy Stone HS100G Drone?

Holy Stone HS100G Drone

As some of you are wondering why is it worth buying the HS100 G-Edition drone. We know it is one of the best camera drones which is outfitted with an advanced GPS module that locates the quadcopter and enables intelligent flight modes. If you have been eyeing to get a smart camera drone to start with. We think you would be surprised to learn the amazing features that the HS100G drone brings to the table. Stick with us to find out what the features are:

Top 7 Best Features of Holy Stone HS100G Drone

  • Upgraded 1080P FHD camera that offers epic aerial shots in crispy and clear detail level.
  • Holy Stone HS100G will automatically activate Smart Return to Home if its battery is low or loses signal.
  • It comes with an upgraded remote control distance up to 500 meters and longer flight time up to 15 minutes.
  • Integrated intelligent flight modes such as Follow Me, Orbit Mode, and Custom Waypoint.
  • Built-in LED lights for improved visual and night-assist lights for dark flight missions.
  • An optimized camera that delivers quality aerial shots to your mobile device thanks to Wi-Fi technology.
  • Beginner-friendly features such as altitude hold, headless mode, one-key take-off, and landing.

For an upgraded smart camera drone, it’s a lot to say about it. When it comes to flying the drone, the HS100G is incredibly easy to fly. Thanks to the built-in GPS module which assists with the flight controls, it’s especially useful for new drone users who have no prior flying experience. The Holy Stone HS100G drone is perfect for anyone who wants to have a quadcopter that looks like an Obsidian Edition of DJI Phantom 4.

How to Set-up Holy Stone HS100G Drone?

Although the Holy Stone HS100G drone is an affordable camera drone that can be bought for less than $250. It might not be cheap for some drone users. But when you consider the specifications that the Holy Stone HS100G drone brings to the table. It easily beats most of its competitors thanks to its superior maximum control distance up to 500 meters and a maximum flight time of 15 minutes.

To start flying the drone, you need to push the takeoff button. Before I flew my drone, I charged the battery so that I can enjoy the full flight experience. In several flight tests, I was able to achieve a maximum flight time of 15 minutes. I highly recommend that you purchase extra batteries since each pack lasts up to 15 minutes as not to disappoint yourself or your friends when they get to the park.

Finally, in events where you can’t find your drone. Simply push the Smart Return to Home button which will recall the drone back to its last home-point. This feature is much more advanced compared to these drones under $100 because it tells the drone to return to the point where it took off. You can also find the same feature on drones under $500 and professional-grade camera drones.

How is the Camera Quality of Holy Stone HS100G Drone?

Holy Stone HS100G Drone Camera

Speaking of the camera quality that the HS100G drone comes with, it delivers clear aerial shots that beautifully captures the moments. Furthermore, you can remotely adjust the camera up to 90-degree which gives you the flexibility to point the direction at. You can learn more about advanced camera settings which the user manual tells you how to use them.

What’s The Difference Between HS100 and HS100G Battery?

There is no difference between the HS100 and HS100G battery. They use the same battery and delivers a maximum flight time of 15 minutes. But, the main difference between these two models is that the G-Edition of HS100 comes with longer remote control distance and better camera quality. It also features stronger performance that easily makes it one of the best smart camera drones for beginners.

Why I Choose the Holy Stone HS100G over Holy Stone HS100?

See all of my reasons above why I choose the Holy Stone HS100G drone over its original mode. The main reasons are obvious because it has amazing camera quality and performance. I was able to fly the drone around and capture special moments. The details of aerial shots are really good compared to drones under $200. This quadcopter is about the closest drone you can get that looks like an Obsidian Edition of DJI Phantom 4 for less than $250.

Furthermore, the Holy Stone HS100G comes with an upgraded 9-axis gyroscope that brings incredible stability and precise flight controls. The upgraded 9-axis gyroscope also makes the drone much more wind-resistant that it’s easier for drone users like you to fly in moderate wind conditions. Plus, it is packed with a load of beginner-friendly features like headless mode, altitude hold function, and more. Not to forget to mention that you can fly the Holy Stone HS100G drone up to a maximum distance of 500 meters and up to 15 minutes.

Where to Order Holy Stone HS100G Drone Parts?

For some of you who are wondering where can you order new Holy Stone HS100G drone parts. Don’t worry about that because I have assembled a list of parts that you can buy to repair or replace your drone. I always highly recommend that you buy at least extra so that you can get the drone back into the air quickly. Because this is a Holy Stone HS100G drone, I recommend you to get a 32GB micro SD card so that you can capture and store quality aerial footage. Be sure to include these accessories during your checkout:

What Comes Inside The Box:

Here is the list of parts that you should expect when unboxing the Holy Stone HS100G drone:

  • HS100G Drone and Transmitter (1)
  • 2500 mAh Drone Battery and USB Charging Cable (1)
  • Propellers (8)
  • Propeller Guards (2)
  • Blade Pads and Blade Caps (4)
  • Screws for Blades and Motors (8)
  • Fixed Rubber Pieces for Blades’ Screws (8)
  • Manual (1)

Holy Stone HS100G Drone Parts


My Recommendations

My recommendation for you as a new drone user of the Holy Stone HS100G drone is to follow the instruction manual carefully. It’ll explain and tell you what you need to know about the drone before flying such as explaining what each button does and how to use smart flight modes. Another recommendation is to charge the battery fully so that you can enjoy the flight experience to the fullest. Let us know how you like about the Holy Stone HS100G drone by commenting in the comments section below. Happy flying and fly smart!

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