HS210 Rogue: The Difference Between Red, Blue, and Green Editions

Over the past few weeks, Holy Stone released two brand new color editions of HS210 Rogue: the Blue Edition and the Green Edition. This is the latest move to appeal to a broader audience who might have different color preferences. If you love the HS210 Rogue mini drone, but you prefer either blue or green. Holy Stone made sure that you have three options to choose from now: red, blue, and green.

However, we will dive into the details of what makes each HS210 Rogue different and unique in its corresponding color style. One thing you should keep it in mind that all of these HS210 Rogue mini-drones come with bonus batteries, responsive controls, and simplicity that is what makes them engaging and enjoyable for beginners. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details and find out more information about each mini drone color style.

HS210 Rogue Mini Drone: Red Edition

HS210 Night Elf

Meet the HS210 Rogue mini drone red edition. This is one of the most popular and longest selling quadcopters among beginners and kids. It is also one of the first launched drones that became very successful because of its integrated features that make flying much simple. Thanks to built-in 9-axis gyroscope that provides awesome stability and precise flight controls. The Red Edition HS210 Rogue is a perfect match for those who want a fiery and colorful drone to soar around.

HS210 Rogue Mini Drone: Blue Edition

Holy Stone HS210 Blue Edition

Introducing the HS210 Rogue Mini Drone: Blue Edition. This is a simple recolor of the popular HS210 Rogue drone. Although, it features a much softer and serene color that perfectly blends the skies. This mini-sized quadcopter possesses incredible aerial capabilities such as the ability to perform 360-degree flips and automatic takeoff/landing. Like the Red Edition HS210 Rogue drone, this blue edition also comes with two bonus batteries that extend its total flight time up to 21 minutes.

HS210 Rogue Mini Drone: Green Edition

HS210 Rogue Green Mini Drone

Finally, we are sharing Holy Stone’s newest toy drone in the consumer market: HS210 Rogue Mini Drone, Green Edition. This quadcopter features jet green coating around its body framework and propellers with a mix of white and black coating. The green edition is an amazing combination for those beginners and kids who like green, suggesting that they enjoy outdoor activities and nature. Very much like the red edition and blue edition, this HS210 Rogue is incredibly easy to learn how to fly thanks to simple and basic controls.

Over to You

All of these HS210 Rogue mini drone comes with the same package and aerial performance. However, they all feature different color style that is designed to match the remote pilot’s preferences and style. If you are one of those people who are choosy about color style. Then, these drones might finally be the perfect match for you. Below is what Holy Stone has to offer currently for beginners and kids who wants an entry-level toy drones.

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