Top 10 Things Parrot Anafi Beats Mavic Air By Miles

The recent introduction of Parrot Anafi as a brand new mid-tier professional camera drone has sparked discussion whether it is worth getting this quadcopter or the Mavic Air. If you are looking to get your hands onto a professional-grade camera drone, but you are not sure which one you should get. Stick with us because we are going to share the top 10 things that Parrot Anafi beats Mavic Air by miles.

We created this brief guide to help shoppers as you choose between these two popular drones. Some people say that Mavic Air is still a better drone compared to Parrot Anafi. You will be in a big surprise because there are a lot of things that Parrot Anafi drone beats the Mavic Air in some way. Namely its ability to capture stills and video in the 180-degree direction and its mouthwatering camera that delivers amazing quality.

Before we talk about the top 10 things Parrot Anafi beats Mavic Air, you can check out both drones to see the price difference. While the price difference between these two drones isn’t that major. Both bring entirely different features, performance, and tools that make them hot competitors. Now that we have set them aside, we are going to dive into the article. Grab a cup of coffee and sit comfortably because you will find it surprising.

1 – Flexible 180° Camera

Parrot Anafi Camera

One of the major feature that Parrot Anafi has the advantage over Mavic Air is flexbility. While the Mavic Air’s camera is limited in three different direction, it doesn’t have the ability to point its camera upward as the Parrot Anafi drone does. Which puts the Mavic Air at disadvantage because it limits the aerial photographer’s ability to run their creativity wild.

The Parrot Anafi drone can capture and record videos from downward to upward at perfect vertical. This means you can capture footage of what is under the bridges or tunnels. It changes to the whole game and brings video content to the next level. Not to forget to mention that it makes a great tool for aerial inspection, especially in hard to inspect areas.

2 – Portability Is King

Parrot Anafi Portability

Portability is king when it comes to traveling around the world with drones. At the body dimension of 244 x 66 x 63.5 millimeters, it is thinner compared to the Mavic Air drone which sports 168 x 83 x 49. This means you can easily store the Parrot Anafi drone inside your backpack without taking up too much space. Think of it like a water bottle that you can carry around with anywhere you go.

Not to forget to mention that the Parrot Anafi drone weighs less compared to the Mavic Air. For some of you, it might come across as surprising news to you. But, the Parrot Anafi drone only weighs 320 grams while the Mavic Air weighs 430 grams (around 110 grams more). This puts the Mavic Air drone at a disadvantage when it comes to portability and ease of use for traveling purposes. Convinced yet?

3 – Longer Flight Time

Parrot Anafi Battery

The Parrot Anafi comes with a battery that lasts longer than the Mavic Air does. On an average charge, the battery provides approximately 25 minutes of flight time for Parrot Anafi drone. Which is quite impressive considering the price tag that it is going for less compared to Mavic Air. If you decide to buy Mavic Air drone, you are looking at a battery time that will run for 21 minutes which is considerably less. Not to forget to mention that you also have to account for the time it takes to land and take off as well how aggressive you are flying the drone.

I highly recommend getting at least two extra batteries to prolong your flight session up to more than 90 minutes. Fortunately, you can buy Parrot Anafi battery just for $99. It is slightly more expensive compared to Mavic Air, but you are paying for longer flight time and better quality. If you chose Mavic Air, I recommend buying at least three extra batteries since they last up to 21 minutes. The Mavic Air batteries can be ordered here just for less than $80.

4 – Packed With Stronger Punches

Parrot Anafi Drone

A key feature that the Parrot Anafi drone brings to the table is stronger performance. If you are a beginner looking for the best drones to start with, Parrot Anafi is among one of the viable options to buy first. Not because it is expensive, but mainly because of the features that it has which makes it one of the most affordable smart camera drones. Thanks to built-in GPS and GLONASS feature, it automatically detects its position and adjusts accordingly so that the remote pilot only have to focus on navigating the drone around.

In addition to that, the Parrot Anafi drone possesses incredible maneuverability and stability. Which makes it so easy to command the drone thanks to responsiveness and precision flight controls. On the side note, the Mavic Air drone is also easy to control but it doesn’t have the same performance that the Parrot Anafi drone has. For instance, it is easier to navigate the Parrot Anafi due to its stronger braking power and precision.

5 – Badass Remote Controller

Parrot Anafi Remote Controller

You just can’t go wrong without talking about how badass the Parrot Anafi remote controller is! It comes in jet black coating like the Mavic Air and has its built-in mount holder for your smartphone. I like the Parrot Anafi Skycontroller design better than the Mavic Air remote controller. Because, first of all, the mount holder is located on the top instead of the bottom which is a minor design flaw that Mavic Air faces.

That being said, it is easier to see your mobile device screen on the top while piloting the drone. Furthermore, it is easier to mount and faster to do so because you don’t have to clamp onto the arms. Bonus point, if you use a phone case on your mobile device, you don’t have to worry about removing it since the Parrot Anafi Skycontroller is designed to handle up to 6 inches without any issues. This gives the Parrot Anafi drone a major advantage over Mavic Air in terms of the remote controller.

6 – Bigger Internal Memory Storage

Parrot Anafi Internal Memory Storage

The Parrot Anafi drone comes with 16GB included in the internal storage. Compared that to the Mavic Air which has built-in 8GB internal storage. This gives the Parrot Anafi drone a major advantage over the Mavic Air in terms of memory storage. It is particularly nice because you will never know if you accidentally forget to insert a micro SD card inside the drone. Having a large memory internal storage serves the role as a backup in times when you need to capture footage.

7 – Mapping Out The World

Parrot Anafi 3D Mapping

Another advantage is the ability to create 3D maps using the footage captured by the drone. Parrot Anafi is one of the only drones that can be bought for less than $600 and has the 3D mapping tool. The Mavic Air can be bought for less than $900 and it doesn’t even come with a 3D mapping tool which puts it at a disadvantage when it comes to professional services and recreational purposes.

The Parrot Anafi’s 3D mapping feature allows you to easily create the world stitching the stills together into a model. It can be useful for construction modeling or to create models of famous architecture like the Effiel Tower and such. If you are looking for a drone that is packed with serious punches and ton of features. The Parrot Anafi drone is easily one of the best options to shop for along with smart functions.

8 – Colorful & Vibrant Footage

Parrot Anafi Photography

The quality of the camera is often hotly debated. However, there are several reasons why Parrot Anafi easily beat the quality of Mavic Air’s camera. First of all, the Parrot Anafi drone is outfitted with an impressive camera sporting 21 megapixels. That is much stronger compared to the 12MP camera mounted on the Mavic Air. Furthermore, the Parrot Anafi captures up to 5K resolution settings, allowing for a wide perspective with high details level.

Thanks to the introduction of DNG files, you can edit the stills using Lightroom and Photoshop to achieve masterpieces. Because Parrot Anafi drone has superior camera quality, it can capture a large amount of light. Which makes it easier to create pictures that are clear and visible to your audience. It is often one of the tools that most drones don’t have which makes the Parrot Anafi quadcopter one of the best affordable options for a camera drone.

9 – Quieter Noise

Parrot Anafi Quieter Noise

Don’t worry about having a drone buzzing overhead because luckily the Parrot Anafi drone features quieter propellers. It is quieter than the Mavic Air. The decibel noise level of Parrot Anafi is merely 63.6 while the Mavic Air generates up to 73.6. This is particularly advantageous when it comes to flying your drone outside because it doesn’t make that much attention. Which means you will enjoy a better flight experience.

After all, you want to be able to enjoy flying your drone without causing too much interference, right? That is why Parrot made sure the Anafi is quieter to provide the ultimate experience for beginners to professionals. Not to forget to mention that the propellers mounted on Parrot Anafi drone are made of durable carbon. Which makes it tougher to break apart and incredibly flexible. A perfect combination choice.

10 – It’s Brand New

Brand New Parrot Anafi Drone

Finally, the Parrot Anafi is brand new and recently launched. It is no wonder that it has quickly become popular in such a short time. When it comes to shopping between the Parrot Anafi vs Mavic Air. You want to look out for the specifications and features that both drones introduce to the table. If you are a beginner and want to have the best camera drone for photography, the Parrot Anafi is easily the right choice.

On the other hand, the Parrot Anafi drone gives you a longer flight time, better controller, and amazing camera features. These are the qualities of drones that you definitely cannot pass on at all. Before I wrap up this informative article, I want to share our master guides & tips with you. If you are new to drones or just starting, you will find all informative guides in one spot covering from tips to tutorials and how-to-dos. Thanks for reading and feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below if you have any questions.

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