Top 5 Popular Smart Holy Stone Camera Drones for Beginners

Welcome to our top 5 popular smart Holy Stone drones with a camera for beginners. If you are a fan of the Holy Stone brand like me but you want to shop for their popular smart camera drones. You have come to the right place because, in this article, I am going to share the top 5 best smart camera drones crafted by Holy Stone. It consists of all of the most popular and best-selling drones that you can find and is readily available for shopping.

In this guide, I will briefly explain each drone’s specifications, features, and what they have to offer on the table. You will be able to browse the top 5 best smart camera drones from the list and decide which quadcopter you want to choose from. So stick with us to find out what are the top 5 popular smart Holy Stone camera drones for beginners! Let’s get the propellers spinning now and watch these little birds soar in the skies.

HS160 Shadow

Introducing the Holy Stone HS160 Shadow, one of the best and affordable camera drone for beginners. It comes with built-in 720P HD camera that does a good job at delivering quality aerial shots. Furthermore, it is integrated with modularized battery which provides a maximum flying time of 8 minutes at most with a remote control distance of 70 meters. One of the main feature that HS160 Shadow drone brings to the table is its foldability.

Originally, the foldability technology is exclusive to professional-grade camera drones such as the Mavic Pro. But, since its debut, the foldability technology has found its way to drones under $100. As the Holy Stone HS160 Shadow drone focuses mainly on compact, portability, and most importantly, providing the best flight experience for beginners. This is truly an entry-level camera drone for anyone who wants to enter the world of drones.

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HS110D RC Quadcopter

The second best Holy Stone camera drone for beginners to shop in 2019 is the HS110D RC quadcopter. It certainly looks like an Obsidian Edition of DJI Phantom 4 Pro. This camera drone is outfitted with 720P HD adjustable camera. Furthermore, it carries a 1000mAh Li-Po battery that gives 10 minutes of flight time. Which means you truly can enjoy flying the drone more without having to land and recharge frequently.

On the positive side note, the HS110D RC quadcopter has a maximum remote control distance of up to 100 meters. Not to forget to mention that this little bird comes with a load of features like headless mode, altitude hold function, and more. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly drone to start with. Place all your bet onto the HS110D RC quadcopter because this is a drone that will not disappoint you at all.

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Introducing the HS120D GPS, one of the brand new and latest quadcopter to release this month. The HS120D GPS features built-in GPS module for advanced and intelligent flight modes. It also encompasses upgraded 9-axis gyroscope that ensures stability and precise flight controls. Battery-wise, a single charge gives approximately 16 minutes of flight time. At the price tag that this bird is going for, it is definitely plenty of flight time.

I highly recommend purchasing additional batteries to prolong your flight sessions if you truly want to fully enjoy the experience. One of the main advantages that HS120D GPS drone has in the store is its intelligent capabilities. You can command the drone to follow anywhere you go. Even more so, you can customize and create your flight paths for the drone to follow. Which gives you the ability to create stunning and beautiful aerial footage.

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HS100G Navigator

If having a smart camera drone that delivers optimized aerial footage while being able to come packed with features is what important to you. Then meet the HS100G Navigator. This is an upgraded version of the HS100 drone featuring optimized camera and better signal frequency for improved reliability. With built-in camera which delivers 1080P HD imaging capabilities, it does a great job at capturing the details.

Furthermore, it has a built-in GPS module that comes with intelligent flight modes. The HS100G Navigator drone is capable of performing the following intelligent flight modes: Follow Me, Waypoint Mode, Orbit Mode, and Hovering Mode. Because this bird has advanced technology, flying it has never been that easy than ever before. It is the perfect choice for beginners and experienced drone users who want a smart Holy Stone camera drone.

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HS700 Ophelia

Finally, we have reached to the last drone that is widely popular among all consumers. We want to introduce the Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia drone. This is one of the smart Holy Stone camera drone and a flagship product. It comes with a lot of features including an action camera that you can replace with better one if you want to. But, let’s not forget to mention all the jaw-opening specifications that the HS700 Ophelia drone has to offer.

First of all, it is packed with an intelligent flight battery which provides 20 minutes of flight time. That is just about the longest you can fly for a smart camera drone within its price range. Furthermore, it has a maximum remote control distance of up to 1,000 meters. The action camera that this bird includes beautifully captures aerial footage in a 1080P HD resolution setting. However, if you want to achieve the best imaging quality, I recommend buying GoPro HERO 7 Black to go with this drone.

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