UPair One vs UPair 2 Drones: In-Depth Comparison Guide for Beginners

Most people are familiar with brands that are focused on imitating the common ones on the market. This observation isn’t unique to drones but is also prevalent in all electronic industries worldwide. Some brands copy the popular ones, not to ensure quality performance, but to make some money out of it without considering the users. They do so by copying the outer layout of the product in their niche, such as Upair drones for instance.

Copycats tend to offer cheap and unreliable products because their bottom line is to make money and subject the leading brand to stiff competition. In this in-depth comparison review guide, we explore various features and facts about Upair One drone and Upair 2 Drone. Note that these drones are a significant product on the market, and they do ensure that the users get the most useful functionality for the value of their money.

Upair One Drone

UPair One Drone Review

In the drone technology, there is a lot of competition, and new models are constantly introduced. As the demands of the users get complex, the drone companies are faced with the challenge of introducing better products to meet the user demand. Upair One Drone operates on the latest technology to ensure that users get the best performance at an affordable price. Read on to learn more about unique design and features of Upair One Drone

Upair One Specifications

The Upair One Drone provides you with a maximum flight of up to 300 meters to ensure that your session is as productive as possible. With a flight duration of 18 minutes, you’ll enjoy the privilege of capturing many high-quality photos and videos. The drone only weighs 1350 grams. Hence, making it easy to fly and control. The product provides you with 500 meters of video transmission, thereby making it more convenient compared to other models. It also comes with motor 22212 and the propeller model 9450.

Here’s an overview list of the following specifications that the UPair One drone has:

  • Maximum Flight Time: 18 Minutes
  • Control Distance: 800 Meters
  • Camera Quality: 2.7K HD Resolution
  • Gimbal Stabilizer: 3-Axis
  • Weight: 1350 grams
  • Type of Motor: 22212
  • Type of Propeller: Model 9450

Upair One Camera

The one interesting fact about this product is that it comes with two cameras. Though they look alike, they have different resolutions. The most affordable option is the 2.7K camera, but still, it can take cool aerial photos and recordings. On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend a little more, you can get the 4K camera.

UPair One Drone Camera

This one will awe you with exclusive video and picture quality. To help you stabilize the package, the manufacturing company provides you with the gimbal as part of the package. Note that regardless of the camera you decide to use, you’ll never be disappointed with the results.

Upair One Battery and Flight Range

The battery of this product is very powerful. It comes with a 540mAh LiPo battery that works excellently. The label states that the battery can last up to 18 minutes on a full charge. However, some users report that they stayed in the air for up to 21 minutes on a full charge.

UPair One Drone Battery

The flight range of this drone is one of its most amazing features. The manufacturing company claims that it can go up to 300 meters. Again, some users report that their drones can go a bit further than the 300-meter mark. However, this isn’t so good compared to other products on the market with which it competes.

Upair One Drone Flight Performance

This drone comes in standard size; hence using it indoors won’t be a problem. The compact, robust design ensures that it doesn’t get spoiled if it accidentally hits objects in the house. The size makes it easy to control for beginners looking to take photos and record videos indoors. Its performance is enhanced by the smooth control and stable propellers that make it even more convenient outdoors. It has simple features; thereby first-timers won’t have a hard time using it.

Upair One Drone Remote Controller

This drone comes with an excellent remote controller. The remote controller comes with a 7-inch LCD so that you get detailed flight data at all times. For more convenience, the GTEN Innovation decided to craft the add-ons and the software that operate the remote controller so that you don’t have to download them from the manufacturing company’s website. The controller comes with features that are extremely to use, thereby making it suitable for the first-timers.

UPair One Drone Remote Controller

Furthermore, the controls are very simple and basic enough that beginners will have an easy time learning how to pilot the Upair One drone. I liked how professional and stylish this remote controller. The way it looks also makes it easier to handle which is a huge design bonus.

Features of Upair One Drone

When it comes to a drone, features are the most important things to consider before purchase. With the elements, you can quickly tell the kind of performance to expect from the product. Below is a list of features that the Upair One Drone have:

  • Low Battery Voltage
  • Position hold
  • In-built GPS System
  • Failsafe auto-return
  • Smart orientation control
  • One home-key

The product comes with a controller that looks more like DJI Phantom’s but in a more improved way. It has a fancy design with a white finish. With the controller, you get a 7-inch display for FPV. You don’t have to worry about the display quality since it is one of the best.

Customer Experience

The UPAir One drone has an average rating of 3 out of 5 in Amazon. Fifty-two percent of the reviews are comprised of four-star and five-star reviews, and the rest are from three-star, two-star, and one-star reviews. Those who are happy with their purchase said that the drone was easy to fly, and its features worked well. It both great for beginner fliers and those who have been flying drones a while now. The customer support is also stellar.

Repair 2 Drone

UPair 2 Drone Review

It’s the style and elegant design of this drone that you will notice first. Though it isn’t rare to find a drone that combines beauty and design to achieve exceptional performance, Upair took it a notch higher on this one. The product comes weighing 1.25 kg, and you’ll need to register it with FAA to fly it. Though it’s a big drone, it comes in a sleek design that impresses everyone that sees it.

Repair 2 Specifications

This drone is an improvement on the Upair One Drone. It comes with a battery that lasts up to 24 minutes to ensure that you capture as many moments as possible. With its 16MP camera, you’ll awe your audience with high-quality pictures taken from aerial positions. The controls are simple yet highly advanced to meet all your preferences.

The Camera

This is one of the key features that the product boasts. It’s best known as the 3-eye camera since it comes with three lenses. The main one has 16MP, which is fantastic for taking still photos and videos. In case you have a high-profile videography firm, then buying this drone might be one of the best decisions you can ever make. It can be a great back up camera because it provides you with a high resolution.

UPair 2 Ultrasonic Smart Camera Drone

Since it is a 3D-4K Camera, it will enable you to capture 3D videos. Also, you will be able to see the three lenses in front of the drone. The center one is a 4K UHD lens, and the rest are 2K FHD lenses. The camera that this drone is equipped with makes it one of the best choices for multi-purpose aerial solutions.

Battery and Flight Range

The Upair Two Drone comes with what can be described as an intelligent battery. It comes with a capacity of 5100mAh. The battery can pump out more than twenty minutes of flight time. Therefore, you get more flight time compared to other drones. You have the option of acquiring an extra battery to extend the flight time. The battery has a feature that lets you know when it is running low. It does this by issuing you with a warning. It comes with a battery meter to show you the amount of charge you have left. The Upair Two Drone comes home automatically; it gets back to where it was launched if the battery is critically low.

UPair 2 Ultrasonic Camera Drone Features

Flight range is the distance over which the drone can operate. The frequency range of the transmitter and sensitivity of the drone’s receptors can be used to determine the flight range. The Upair Two Drone can function in a range of up to 1000 meters, which is significantly above average compared to other drones

Repair 2 Drone Flight Performance

On your iPhone or Smartphone, you can download the Upair app and then use it to indicate the path that you would like the drone to follow. It will capture the videos and transmit it in real-time within a distance of up to 2500 meters. It is possible to preset the two coordinates that you would want the device to follow. Though larger than Upair one drone, Upair two drone is easy to control is that it weighs slightly more than its predecessor. It can be used both outdoors and indoors because it comes in a compact, ergonomic design. Even if it hits an object, the chances are that it will not get spoiled by the impact.

Repair 2 Drone Remote Controller

Just like the Upair One drone, the remote controller is white. It comes with a Smartphone stand. It comes in a sleek, ergonomic design so that you can hold it comfortably over the 24-minute flight time. The flight controls are easy to use because they are marked in icons. Also, you can access the controls on the App if you have it downloaded on your Smartphone. However, you will not use your phone to fly the drone all the time, which is why you need the remote controller.

UPair 2 Drone Transmitter

The design, however, is slightly different compared to its predecessor. If you were to ask me which transmitter I prefer the best, it would be the UPair 2 drone. Because it comes with several upgrades such as the ability to see how much battery juice it has left. It also incorporates quality of life improvements such as better mount holder and flexibility for more control over the drone. Not just only that it makes flying the UPair 2 drone easier for beginners, but also professionally for photographers.

Features of Upair 2 Drone

It comes with enhanced features to enjoy photography and videography. The features include:

  • GPS Position Function: It ensures that you get enough accurate position information
  • Fun and Easy to fly. It comes with follow me, and headless mode, one key return home, and altitude-hold function.
  • It can operate for up to 24 minutes on a full charge. This is a functionality that makes Upair two drones stand out from the competition in terms of performance and reliability.
  • Comes with 3-eye UHD Camera that enables you to take high-quality pictures in high altitude. It has a 4K high definition lens alongside a 2K FHD lens. With this product, you get a high resolution of up to 16 MP.

These features are an improvement of Upair 2 Drone. This is a perfect match for someone who values quality and efficiency.

Customer Experience

Compared to UPAir One, The UPAir Two’s average rating in Amazon is slightly higher: 3.4 out of 5. Fifty-eight percent of the feedback came from 4-star and 5-star reviews. Many are happy with their purchase of the drone, saying that it’s an intermediate to a pro-type of drone model sold at a great price. Some also note its similarities with the DJI Phantom 3. Once they went over the directions stated in the manual and used to flying the drone, it is indeed a pleasure to fly.

Final Words

Drones have changed the way people view photography and videography. Taking high-quality aerial photos has never been so easy and fun. With their incredible features, you can capture every moment in the most convenient way possible. The Upair one and Upair two drones provide you with enough flight time so that you continue to record your best moments. Besides, they can be a massive plus to your business if you are running a videography firm by making you stand out from the competition.

UPair One vs UPair 2 Drones Review

Though Upair Two Drone is more advanced compared to Upair one drone, they can both give you exceptional results in terms of quality. However, if you are a novice, looking to start with a smaller budget, then Upair one drone has you covered. It comes with 18 minutes of flight, and still, you can carry an extra battery to extend the session. For seasoned users, Upair Two Drone has the latest features to ensure that you get value for your money.

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