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Amcrest A4-W Skyview Review: Best Intelligent Drone Under $100

Amcrest A4-W Skyview Review: Best Intelligent Drone Under $100

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In our today review, we’ll be talking about the Amcrest A4-W Skyview drone. The intelligent drones have been around for quite a few years with the Phantom 3 drone making its first debut. With the drone popularity rising at a fast pace, we’re seeing the drones consumer market evolving at a rapid pace. This means the drones are getting affordable, smarter, and easy to control that a beginner even can learn how to fly one.

The intelligent drones are quickly becoming beginners’ favorite category because of how smart they are and capable of performing their flight modes independently. Through researching the Amcrest A4-W Skyview drone and sifting the customers’ commentaries. I have assembled the Amcrest A4-W Skyview review to bring you all the information that you need to know about it. The review will be divided into four categories: Build Quality, Performance, Features, and finally Remote Controller. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Build Quality

The Amcrest A4-W Skyview drone comes with a white coating that gives out a professional appearance. On initial impression, it does look like a drone industry crafted a professional-grade quadcopter designed for beginners. The Amcrest A4-W Skyview drone utilizes durable ABS plastic material that makes it durable and tough to break on crashes and accidents. This compact drone comes with a built-in 720p HD camera that allows you to capture pictures and record videos with ease.

One thing I like how it comes with black color that contrasts with its main body color. I do think it adds a nice finishing touch to its overall style. Plus, the package comes with four propeller guards that protect its propellers. That module will help beginners learn how to fly a drone and make mistakes without having to worry about damaging the propellers. On a side note, it adds more weight to the drone which isn’t good if you are going for speed. However, I do recommend beginners to use the guards for the first few flights until they feel comfortable enough to pilot without them.

Amcrest A4-W Skyview Specifications and Package

The Amcrest A4-W drone comes with a modularized battery that protects against overcharge and discharge. Not just only that it helps the battery last longer, it is modularized so that the power gets delivered to the drone more effectively for better flight performance. If you have seen that most modern drones such as the Furibee H818 and Bercrot RC drone use modularized batteries too.

The average flight time of a battery is around 7 minutes. This is standard flight time for a drone within its price range. However, it has a control distance of up to 100 meters. From my experience flying several drones such as HS150 Bolt Bee and X12 Quadcopter, it is more than enough. You won’t have to worry that much because the flying space is plenty enough that lets you learn how to fly a drone.

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When it comes to performance, the Amcrest Skyview RC drone dominates this category. Thanks to a multitude of features that enhances the drone’s performance capabilities. Beginners and recreational remote pilots who are looking for an easy drone to start with will have to look into this stylish drone. That being said, the Amcrest Skyview RC drone is incredibly stable and flies with precision. Also, the drone is responsive to the controls with lighting speed.

As I mentioned previously that the drone uses a modularized battery that improves the performance. Because of that, the propulsion force is stronger that helps keep the drone stable and steady. Furthermore, it has a tiered speed mode that brings a smooth learning curve for beginners who haven’t flown a drone before. On default, it’ll be on the lowest speed setting so that you can learn the basics of flight controls.

Once you master the flight controls, you can increase the speed mode to challenge yourself. In my experience, I think it is truly a great feature and performance to have that makes the Amcrest Skyview RC drone overall a great training quadcopter. Not just only that beginners will be able to learn quickly, its speed mode offers resistance against wind. Overall, that makes the Amcrest Skyview RC drone a perfect starter’s choice for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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Like I mentioned briefly about the features in the performance section. I’m going to expand and talk more about these features that the Amcrest Skyview RC drone has in the store for beginners. This quadcopter comes with a built-in altitude hold function that provides a steady and stable hovering position through detecting and adjusting automatically per the air pressure level. The next important feature is the headless mode.

Some of you might be scratching your head what the heck is a headless mode. It switches the control orientation from the drone to a remote controller. Instead of flying in the direction based on where the drone is facing. The drone will fly following the direction you are pushing the movement lever at. This makes the whole flight operation easy for beginners to learn and focus on movement.

Amcrest A4-W Skyview Features

If you happen to have few people watching you flying the drone. You should take advantage to command the drone to perform a 360-degree flip. It’s even cooler when you’re recording a video. Finally, when you want to end your flight session. All you have to do is simply press one key return button and the drone will fly back to its landing point. Be sure that the flight path is clear before activating the function.

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Remote Controller

The Amcrest A4-W Skyview review isn’t completed without talking about the remote controller. If you’re a gamer and enjoy playing games on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Then this remote controller should come across as familiar to you. It resembles a game controller, albeit, you are flying a drone instead of playing games on television. On the right side, the lever is used for movement. The buttons below the lever are called trimming which lets you adjust its stabilization if the drone is flying unsteadily.

Amcrest A4-W Skyview Remote Controller

On the left side is a lever for altitude and rotation that lets you control where you want the drone to fly. Below the lever is buttons for features such as altitude hold function, headless mode, speed mode, and 360-degree flip. Lastly, the remote controller includes a built-in mount holder that you can insert your smartphone with a case on it. This is a nice addition because it lets you see the video in real-time and experience a first-person view.

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Final Verdict

My final remarks about the Amcrest Skyview RC drone is quite extensively. We think that this professional-grade drone is built well for beginners thanks to its amazing stability and smooth flight controls. Any beginners who are looking for an easy drone to start with will quickly pick this quadcopter without hesitation. In addition to that, the Amcrest Skyview RC drone introduces a multitude of features such as FPV mode and Speed Mode that makes it overall a great training quadcopter.

My only qualms with this drone are how short the battery life is for its price range. Few drones within the same range have longer battery life as 12 minutes, such as the IN 1802 Quadcopter for instance. But that’s standard for some drones and it isn’t that bad overall. Beginners and recreational remote pilots who are looking for a good drone to start with, I recommend Amcrest Skyview RC drone. You can check its price by visiting its official page.

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Last Amazon price update was: July 23, 2024 5:20 pm
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
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The Amcrest A4-W Skyview drone is an intelligent quadcopter built for beginners who wants to be able to have an easy time flying. Based on our research, we think this is truly a professional crafted drone that encompasses all the features with ez flight mode mindset. We recommend the Amcrest A4-W Skyview drone for beginners and recreational remote pilots.

Flight Time
  • Easy to Control
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Compact
  • 720p HD Camera
  • Incredible Stable
  • Limited Battery Life
  • Limited Control Distance
  • No Built-in GPS Feature
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