Brighter Spark: 11 Best Starter Tips For Flying Your DJI Spark

DJI Spark is one of the most popular drones for beginners. It is smaller than the Mavic Air and incredible lightweight featuring a ton of beginner-friendly functions that make it easy enough for newbies to fly. Whether you are a new DJI Spark drone user or an experienced remote pilot, I have assembled 10 best starter tips to fly your quadcopter right out of the box. Stick with us to find out how you can maximize your flying experience!

Launch The Drone From Pad

DJI Spark Drone Landing Pad

Sure, the DJI Spark is small, compact, and lightweight enough. But it is also quite an expensive gadget to own. You can grab the starter base for merely $319 or if you prefer with a remote controller and extra batteries, you can get the Fly More Combo pack for $499. You are going to want to keep your drone clean from tiny particles like dust from touching the camera and motors. So, get a drone launchpad. Besides, it looks cooler and makes a landing/takeoff process much easier.

Earn Mad Props

DJI Spark Propeller Guards

If you are going to fly your brand new DJI Spark drone around anywhere you go. You definitely can’t go without earning some mad props on the drone! That being said, the propeller guards are an extremely important module to have that protects your drone’s propellers from breaking apart on impact. Plus, it acts as a shock absorber that reduces the impact and improves stability. Which makes it easier to navigate your beautiful DJI Spark drone with ease. You can grab propeller guards for the DJI Spark for $19.

Become A Gesture Genius

DJI Spark Gesture Mode

With DJI Spark drone, you can become a gesture genius. Command the drone using hand motions to capture selfies, navigate, or to pilot. Without the need of a remote controller or smartphone, you can capture special motions using your hands. Practice and practice, you will find out that becoming a Gesture Commander is much easier than you think. Best of all, it is a super-friendly feature that beginners and even kids can learn how to fly the drone with this mode.

Snatch & Grab

DJI Spark Snatch and Grab Palm Launch

With DJI Spark drone, you can easily snatch with your hand. Because it is small and portable, it is safe enough to land the drone onto your hand. This feature is incredibly easy to use and friendly enough for everyone including beginners to snatch the drone with their hands. Thanks to the design, the Spark drone is built to be safe enough with the inclusion of propeller guards. Furthermore, this feature is useful if you are flying on the landscape like beaches or muddy areas that might impair the drone’s performance.

Be Fluid

The DJI Spark drone comes with a 12MP camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that delivers pristine and high-quality aerial footage. Although, it records videos at 1080P HD resolution setting which is comparatively less to the quality that Mavic 2 and Phantom 4 Pro. The quality of video still can be achieved taking advantage of Tripod Mode. This mode can be activated via intelligent flight mode. It reduces the speed to enhance the fluid and transforms the quality of video into a professional-level cinematic that will attract your audience’s attention.

Get Fast & Rough

DJI Spark Sports Mode Remote Controller

Feeling sporty? You will need to get a remote controller which can be bought for $119 and connect to the drone. To activate the sports mode, just switch the button on its side and the drone can reach a maximum flying speed of 31 miles per hour. It is a perfect option for those who want to zip around and perform aerial stunts to impress their audience. Moreover, it improves the DJI Spark drone’s performance to cover a large distance in fewer minutes.

Expand Your View

DJI Spark Mount Holder

If you want to use your favorite tablet with the DJI Spark remote controller and whatnot. You definitely will need a mount holder to hold your mobile device. The folding arms take up some of the screen space which can be a little bit bothersome. So, why don’t you free up space and expand the view that supports a wide range of mobile devices? Best of all, if you decide to upgrade to a better mobile device, the mount holder still can support it regardless! You can get the mount holder that fits DJI Spark for $27.

Improve Connectivity

DJI Spark Remote Controller Cable

By nature, the connectivity between the drone and mobile devices isn’t that spectacular. If you want to be able to navigate the quadcopter around with fluid response and precise flight controls. You need to buy a Lighting Cable that connects your mobile device to the remote controller. This switches the connectivity to the remote controller and drone. At the same time, the data obtained by the drone gets transmitted to your mobile device in real-time. The connectivity is much more reliable and better compared to using a mobile device alone.

Be A Hard Case

DJI Spark Travel Hardcase

The DJI Spark drone itself isn’t truly a tank at all compared to the flying beast Mavic 2. If you are going to travel around with your drone, you will need a hard case that acts like a tank. What I am talking about is the capabilities to protect the drone and its accessories no matter how hard you hit it, swing it, bash it, or thrash it around. This hard case supports up to five batteries, propeller guards, a remote controller, a drone, and of course charging hub. It is the ultimate package that will complete your DJI Spark flight experience.

Go Wild

DJI Spark Custom Skin

Go wild with your DJI Spark drone, seriously. Choose how you want to express your personality with a wide choice of popular decal skin for your favorite drone. With more than 15 options to choose from, you can transform your plain-looking drone into a completely stylish and unique appearance quadcopter. The decal skin adds a cool factor to your drone and is bounded to generate attention by curious bystanders about the style. You can find all the best decal skins for your DJI Spark drone here.

Become A Brighter Spark

Become A DJI Spark Owner

Finally, if you don’t own a DJI Spark drone, it is a chance to shine brighter with this latest aerial gadget. Choose from five different colors from the base starter kit to fly more combo package. You can become the new cool kid on the street with this fancy, affordable toy. With the Fly More Combo kit which goes for $499, you will get a drone with a remote controller and three batteries along with accessories. That kit alone is good enough to get you started with flying right out of the box.

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We hope you found our 11 best starter tips on flying a brighter spark drone helpful and insightful. Before you go, if you are new to flying the drones and aren’t sure where to start. We have assembles a master guide page with all useful links to tutorials, tips, tricks and important things that you need to know like how to get Part 107 certificate and dos/don’ts. Flying drones are incredible fun and sometimes can be an expensive hobby. So, be sure to check out our master page on guides & tips!

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