DJI Expands Into Camera Market With Osmo Action Competes GoPro

DJI, the world-class leading drone industry recently launched a brand new product that is now available for sale called Osmo Action. This action camera features ton of improvements including image sensor that is far superior to GoPro HERO7 Black. Furthermore, it comes with new feature called Rocksteady that helps stabilizes the action camera footage, allowing for a complete and professional content. The new action camera is the latest step of DJI expansion into the action camera market.

So, what is the world-class leading drone industry doing by dabbing into the action camera market? We all know that DJI obviously have the largest market control over the drones. According to the article by Drone Girl, DJI control approximately 75% of the market that gives them a deep pocket. Several drone industries like Yuneec and Parrot are competing against DJI to win over the customers with their latest gadgets but didn’t succeed in doing so.

For instance, GoPro launched the failed Karma. Although, it didn’t went well as expected when the Karma drones started to drop out of the sky literally. This resulted in them withdrawing from the market. However, there are some rumors going on that GoPro is considering entering the drones market. DJI is looking to expand into a new venue, this time targeting action cameras which they have done exceptionally well with providing class camera quality on their popular drones like Mavic 2 and Phantom 4.

DJI Osmo Action Market

GoPro’s Lack of Competition

For years, GoPro dominated the action camera market with relatively no major industry to compete against. Although, that might change as DJI enters the action camera market with their latest gadget. The release of Osmo Action camera means there are new competition which will pressure GoPro to compete against DJI in order to retain its control over the action camera market.

While GoPro is notorious for its high-quality action camera and superior features. DJI is well known for providing world-class camera quality on their drones. It is a no wonder why they are looking to expand their market into the action camera, bringing their signature technology and top-notch engineering to a whole new audience.

In addition to that, DJI’s Osmo Action camera can be mounted onto the drones. Which gives beginners and professionals alike the opportunity to turn their action camera drones into an incredible aerial photography quadcopter. All of these features that Osmo Action camera brings to the table is rather stunning enough to create professional footage thanks to built-in Rocksteady feature.

DJI Action Camera on Mavic 2

What Will We See Out of This Competition?

DJI is well known for competition with other major industries. Several drone manufacturers have tried compete against DJI and failed to do so. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to most of people since DJI is the leading industry for drones. That being said, it would be interesting to see the competition between DJI and GoPro. Will DJI succeed in delivering high quality action camera product that woos the consumers?

Or will it flip-flop like when GoPro tried to compete against DJI with their Karma drone? We don’t think it is likely that DJI Osmo Action will flip-flop at all as the company has good reputation for customer service and product quality. However, we do hope that the entrance of DJI in the action camera market will encourage the major industries to start delivering more features and better quality at a much more affordable price tag.

The competition between DJI and GoPro certainly would be interesting to watch unfolding. Stay tuned for more information regarding DJI and GoPro products. You can learn more about DJI’s latest gadgets like the Mavic 2 drones in our ultimate guides & tips page. Alternatively, you can check out our curated list about the Mavic 2 drones if you are want to know more or plan to buy one yourself:

What do you think of DJI entering into the action camera market? Is it a good move or bad move? How do you feel about it and what do you expect to gain from the competition between DJI and GoPro? Feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. We are looking forward to starting a conversation with you! Happy flying and fly smart!

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