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The Force1 F111 Phoenix drone is among one of the latest foldable quadcopters that incorporates modern features like the Amcrest A4-W Skyview and Becrot RC Drone. Force1 is a well-known drone manufacturer that has crafted several quality copters at an affordable price for beginners. After researching and sifting through the reviews, I decided to assemble the best guide for you so that you can get all the information you need to know.

In the Force1 F111 Phoenix Review, we will go through design, performance, features and of course remote controller. In the end, I will share my final remarks about the copter and why is it worthy enough to check out. Without further ado, let’s get the propellers spinning and find out if this foldable drone is the perfect match for you.

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Design & Build Quality

First and foremost, I have to say that I am impressed with the design appearance of the F111 Phoenix smart foldable drone. Featuring in jet black coating with orange coating in the middle and propellers. Both colors give out the impression of a colorful clash that adds finishing touch to the drone. Furthermore, its body design is built with foldable motor arms which gives the drone both key design features: compact and portability.

When the drone is folded, you can easily store it in your pockets or travel case. Thanks to its compact design, the F111 Phoenix smart foldable drone is very tough and durable. That is because it is crafted of durable ABS plastic typically used on more modern and advanced beginner drones such as the Bolt Bee and Snaptain S5C Drone.

Force1 F111 Phoenix Review Smart Foldable Drone

The drone uses a modularized battery that protects against overcharge and discharge. On average the battery gives a flight time of 9 minutes which is quite good for a drone within its price range. But there is a catch. The package comes with a bonus battery which gives you a total flight time of 18 minutes. This gives you plenty of flying time to learn, practice and develop your piloting skills.

Lastly, the F111 Phoenix foldable drone is equipped with LED lights that assist with visual positioning. This is an important feature that all the drones need to have, even Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro has it! Not only it helps with you seeing where the drone is during the daytime. The built-in LED lights make a nice light show during night time. It can be quite very fun to watch the drone’s light making a motion in the dark.

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When it comes to performance, the F111 Phoenix foldable drone flies with grace and precision. For beginners who are wondering how easy is it to fly this drone will be the big buying point of all. Normally, when you are shopping for a drone, you want to keep these in your mind: how easy is it to fly and how durable is it? As mentioned previously in the build and design quality section, this drone is very durable and can resistant crashes.

Not just only that, its slightly added weight helps curbs its overall performance by providing additional resistance to the wind. Thus, it makes the Force1 F111 Phoenix drone a potential foldable quadcopter for starters who wants to fly outdoor as well indoor. This quadcopter comes with a three-speed mode that allows a smooth learning curve for beginners who are starting off to become an expert remote pilot.

On default, the drone will be on the lowest speed setting. This allows beginners to pick up and learn how to fly the drone. Because of how easy it is to pick up a drone, the Phoenix smart foldable quadcopter makes a great choice for kids too. Thanks to its amazing performance, it is way easy to fly a drone compared to the prototype of drones that was introduced to the consumer market. To see the F111 Phoenix drone’s performance in action, check out the video review below.

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The F111 Phoenix introduces a multitude of features that makes it quite appealing for kids and beginners. First, it comes with Wi-Fi FPV mode which enables video transmission from the drone’s camera to your smartphone in real-time. This is an awesome feature that will truly teach you how to develop your aerial photography skill before you plan to splurge your money on high-end drones.

Secondly, the drone can take off and land automatically with a single press of a button. These features make it very easy for beginners to start their flight operations without having to go through the manual process. It also comes with a built-in altitude hold function that provides stability for the drone to hover. This means beginners and kids can focus more on the movement instead of having to maintain the height.

Force1 F111 Phoenix Smart Foldable Drone Review Features

Third, the drone has a built-in 720p HD camera that lets you capture beautiful aerial shots with a high level of detail. Simply press the capture button to start taking aerial footage and share it with your friends and family on social media. While the quality is not bounded to wow factor your audience, it will certainly impress some of your friends and pave the path for you to become an aerial photographer in the future.

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Remote Controller

First of all, the remote controller that F111 Phoenix uses has a very professional appearance. With that stylish remote controller, people will think you are flying a professional-grade copter worth $300 to $500 when you are only flying the drone for less than $100. So in a sense, you are flying a professional copter that is extremely affordable for beginners and kids which is a big plus. From what we see on the remote controller, it is extremely simple, yet intuitive.

Force1 F111 Phoenix Smart Foldable Drone Remote Controller

There is a power button located in the middle which is pretty much self-explanatory. On the right side of the remote controller is a lever that is used for movement control. Then on the shoulder button is speed mode. On the left side of the remote controller is a lever used for altitude hold and rotation. The button on the shoulder button is used for a 360-degree flip. While you can’t see most of the functionality on the remote controller.

Most of the features can be accessed via connecting the app installed on your smartphone to enable capture video, pictures and more. Not just only that, you will get access to important data such as height, speed and more. Finally, the remote controller comes with a built-in mount holder that easily holds your smartphone with cases like iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus. In the end, I think the remote controller that Phoenix drone uses is truly a professional-grade appearance that will make you look like a drone expert.

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Final Verdict of F111 Phoenix Review

Before I conclude the F111 Phoenix review, there are several remarks that I have to share with you. I think the F111 Phoenix smart foldable drone is one of the best professional-grade copters under $100. It is uncommon to see modern drones that incorporate advanced features as seen on high-end models. The F111 Phoenix drone is a great example of the modern quadcopter that is built for beginners and kids in mind.

Most importantly, this copter is made to last for a long service life. Thanks to its incredible durability and combination of features. Beginners will find themselves very happy with their choice because the Phoenix drone is quite a smart copter. If you are a beginner looking for a high-quality drone to start with. I would recommend you to check out the F111 Phoenix. It even comes with two batteries that give you a total flight time of 18 minutes.

I would have to say that is a serious dealbreaker. With double batteries, extra accessories and high-quality material. The F111 Phoenix foldable drone is truly a great starter choice for beginners. You can check its price on the official page by seeing how much it costs currently. I also recommend you to purchase additional batteries for the drone if you want to extend its flight sessions. Happy drone shopping!

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Last Amazon price update was: May 25, 2022 6:56 am
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
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The F111 Phoenix drone is a compact and foldable quadcopter that encompasses all the features made for beginners and kids. Thanks to its high quality durable material and foldable style, beginners can fly without having to worrying about accidentally breaking the quadcopter. Because of its quality and professional remote controller, we think the F111 Phoenix smart foldable drone is one of the best product we ever have seen so far.

Flight Time
  • Foldable
  • Compact
  • Easy to Use
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Built-in Camera
  • Double Batteries
  • Average Camera Quality
  • Limited Control Distance
  • No Built-in GPS Module
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