MARSMO B4W Drone Review: Best Foldable Camera Drone Under $300

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  • Great flight time up to 22 minutes on a single battery charge.
  • Provides up to 1600 metes remote control distance.
  • Packed with 2K HD camera for precise and clear footage.
  • Foldable motor arms that makes it easy enough for traveling.
  • Crafted with durable design that makes it tough against impacts.
  • Loaded with ton of features that makes it simple for beginners to learn how to fly a drone.

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Description and Review

This week, we are introducing another brand new foldable camera drone that is currently on sale. Meet the MARSMO B4W drone, this is one of the most advanced quadcopters that comes with long flight time and relatively good remote control distance. If you are looking for the best drones under $300 such as Holy Stone HS720, Holy Stone HS700, or even Potensic D88. Then you have come to the right spot because, in our in-depth review about MARSMO B4W drone, you will learn why this quadcopter is the best pick for you.

Through sifting the customer reviews and researching this drone gadget, we assembled a MARSMO B4W drone review. In this article, we will go through the basics like its design and build quality, flight performance, features, accessories, and more. The purpose of this review is to help buyers like you make an informed decision. Whether you are looking to have your hands on one of these smart GPS drones or not, we will share why you should buy a MARSMO B4W drone.

What’s Inside The Box:

Before we dive in details, I want to talk about what to expect inside the box. I think this is the most important part of doing drone reviews because you get to know what is included and whatnot. So that you can plan and buy additional items if needed. For instance, this drone has a built-in camera and can deliver footage directly to your mobile device as well as internal. But it doesn’t come with a MicroSD card. So for this drone, we recommend purchasing a 64GB MicroSD card to go with it.


Inside the package, you should expect to get these following accessories:

  • MARCO BW4 Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • A Set of Propellers
  • USB Charger
  • Modularized Battery
  • Battery Charger Balancer
  • A Screwdriver
  • Traveling Case
  • User Manual

Design and Build Quality

The build and design quality of the MARSMO B4W drone is exceptionally crafted to last for a long time. This quadcopter uses a combination of durable material from alloy metal to ABS plastic that provides strong damage resistance against impact. Furthermore, each motor arms are outfitted with a brushless motor. Which reduces burnouts and improves propulsion force for much longer flight time at reduced battery consumption. Not just only that, it helps deliver a higher maximum flying speed with quieter flight performance.

MARSMO B4W Drone Desgin

One of the design features that we liked the most about this drone is its foldable motor arms. This means you can easily fold this drone and take with you anywhere on a road trip or hiking. It also comes with foldable propellers that further minimizes the amount of space that it takes. MARCO B4W is a drone that is crafted for beginners and recreational remote pilots as you can see how it is designed. Mainly with a power button located on the front for easy to activate.

Finally, this quadcopter comes with a built-in 2K HD camera on a 1-axis gimbal stabilizer. However, it is not that advanced compared to the Holy Stone HS720 drone due to limitations. If you are simply looking for a camera drone that will teach you the basics of aerial photography before you plan to buy yourself a DJI Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic 2 Zoom. Then MARSMO B4W drone is a great candidate to go for first due to its built-in GPS module that provides you aerial perspective flexibility.

Flight Performance

In the next part of the MARSMO B4W drone review, we are going to talk about its flight performance. Just like every other drone such as Eachine E511S and HASAKEE Q8, you need to know how well this drone performs specifically the ease of controls and aerial capabilities. First of all, the MARSMO B4W drone comes with a modularized flight battery that provides up to 22 minutes of flying time. Which alone is plenty of time to soar the drone around.

One of the major flight performance advantages that this drone brings to the table is its undisputed remote control distance. Indeed, it has a maximum flight distance of up to 1,600 meters. Which is way more than what Holy Stone’s premier drone has to offer? Although, as good as the MARSMO B4W drone is, it comes with some limitations like fewer features that don’t hinder its flight performance that much. But as a beginner who wants a drone, more features is always a good thing.

This drone comes with a flexible speed mode that makes it easy for beginners who has no prior flight experience to learn how to fly. Once you master the basics, you can adjust the speed setting to challenge yourself and hone the piloting skill. In addition to that, the MARSMO B4W drone makes a smart use out of an optical flowing position that provides stability and precise flight controls. Overall, the flight performance of this foldable camera drone is by far one of the best.

Remote Controller

The remote controller that comes with the Marsmo B4W is stylish yet simple looking. It comes with a smartphone holder, which is also has a simplistic design. The small LCD screen displays its essential features and status like the drone’s battery life. The drone connects to the remote controller through a 2.4GHz frequency. Unlike 5GHx WiFi, obstacles cannot block the signal. It’s no surprise that the remote controller’s control distance can reach 1600 meters. To power this remote, you will need a pair of AA batteries.

Advanced Positioning System

The MARCO B4W drone is built for accurate and precise mainly to make it simple enough for beginners. Four positioning systems work independently of each other to provide a lighting smooth flight experience: Ultrasonic Sensor, GPS Positioning, Optical Flow Positioning, and Barometric Positioning. Which I will further talk about each integrated positioning system in detail in the next paragraph. I have included an image to show you how each system works that benefits you as a beginner and recreational remote pilot.

MARSMO B4W Drone System

Ultrasonic Sensor: This is one of the most advanced positionings that encompasses built-in sensors that measure the landscape to provides precise positioning. The ultrasonic sensor utilizes frequency that bounces from the drone to terrain to avoid rough landings.

GPS Positioning: This is a common feature, yet very useful for communicating with the satellites to acquire precise positioning. A GPS-based drone keeps its position steady to ensure a smooth flight experience.

Optical Flow Positioning: This system uses a sensor that allows the drone to hold its position without the need of a remote pilot. Essentially, this feature serves as a back-up in case if the GPS module doesn’t work due to poor communication or lack of signal.

Barometric Positioning: Finally, this is another useful feature that encompasses the flow of air. By detecting changes in the level of air pressure, it automatically shifts to balance the pressure out so to ensure a precise height level

Final Verdict: Should You Buy MARSMO B4W Drone?

Now that we have concluded the MARSMO B4W drone, you might be wondering if you should buy yourself this drone. Let’s recap what we talked about throughout the review. First of all, we know this smart camera drone comes with an impressive flight time up to 22 minutes. Furthermore, it has a maximum remote control distance of up to 1,600 meters which is more than what most of the best drones under $300 have to offer.

MARSMO B4W Drone Verdict

Combined with several smart and advanced features such as 5G Wi-Fi transmission, Waypoint Mode, Return to Home, Altitude Hold, Point of Interest, and more. MARCO went beyond the standard expectations to deliver an intelligent camera drone packed with several features. Mainly to focus on making it easy enough for a beginner with no prior flight experience to have a simple time learning how to fly.

At the price tag of just a little bit under $250, we think the MARSMO B4W drone is a great deal. Not to forget to mention that it also comes with a traveling case. Which means you can easily store all of its accessories inside and take with you. Overall, we recommend the MARSMO B4W drone for beginners and recreational remote pilots. Currently, you can get your hands on this drone via here. We hope you find this review helpful and insightful. If you have any questions about this camera drone, feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. Happy flying and fly smart!

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8.5 Total Score
Near-Perfect Smart Foldable Drone for Beginners

The introduction of MARSMO B4W drone is a strong aerial drone packed with 22 minutes of flight time, 1,600 meters of remote control distance, and 2K HD camera. It does a good job at delivering clear stills and videos quality with exceptional level of aerial performance. If you are looking for a quality camera drone to begin with, then MARSMO B4W drone is your best pick.

Flight Time
Camera Quality
  • Great flight time up to 22 minutes on a single battery charge.
  • Provides up to 1600 metes remote control distance.
  • Packed with 2K HD camera for precise and clear footage.
  • Foldable motor arms that makes it easy enough for traveling.
  • Crafted with durable design that makes it tough against impacts.
  • Loaded with ton of features that makes it simple for beginners to learn how to fly a drone.
  • 4K HD camera would be a nice upgrade.
  • Longer flight time to compete some of high-end drones.
  • Bigger remote control distance.
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