10 Unbelievable Ways Drones Are Changing The Business World

The drones are the rage of the modern era. Introduction of the drones into both consumer and private markets has sparked several innovative ways in real-life applications. From using it to monitor patients by providing aerial support for the ground-based unit in law enforcement agencies. In this article, I will talk mainly about how the drones are changing the businesses operate.

Take a step back and look at how far we have come with technology. Around 6,000 years ago, gathering food and irrigating the crops were done by human labor. A few centuries ago, farmers used ox to plow and seed the crops. Not so long ago, they were using tractors to gather and firing the seeds back into the crops.

The drones are changing the way the farmers manage their crops now. We have certainly come a long way but the introduction of the drones is just only a beginning to the business world.

You would be rather surprised to learn how the drones have so many benefits. Not just only it is great for business worlds. They are also useful for search and rescue and tracking weather patterns. If I were to include everything about what drones can do, there will be countless reasons why drones are good and why you should buy one.

I can just keep on talking about how drones are changing our everyday lives. However, that being said, we will only focus mainly on the impact that the drones are changing how the business world operates. Let’s find out how they are changing our industries in many different ways.

Delivering Medicine in Remote Areas

Most of the hospitals in underdeveloped countries often struggle with having enough supply to take care of their patients. The roads aren’t maintained routinely that creates unsafe delivery of vials and medicine. When a hospital needs to have its supply refill, delivering them on the roads often is a daunting task to do so.

Fortunately enough, the Zipline is changing the way medicine is being delivered to hospitals in remote areas. They build and customizes their drones that are capable of delivering medicines much faster, effective, and safer.

Zipline Drones

So, how does it works? A hospital all have to do is contact Zipline and request for delivery of certain medications to their location. A remote pilot will pack all the necessary items onto the drone and launch it into the air. Then the pilot flies it over to the hospital and drops the supply. The parachute will activate as it lands for the person to grab it.

Simple and effective as it is. Delivering supplies from a drone is much less time-consuming and faster than doing it via an airplane. It is also easier to maintain drones and in terms of cost-effectiveness. Because of this, many hospitals in remote areas especially Africa can treat their patients thanks to the fast and safe delivery of necessities. As of a result, the drones are becoming more accepted for the delivery of supplies to meet adequate healthcare service access.

Security & Surveillance

Thefts and shoplifters might come to an end with the use of drones being implemented for security and surveillance purpose. When a person steals an item from the store, they can’t make a profit and suffers from loss of money. Because of that, the manager has to fill out a report for loss of property to the government and gets reimbursed at the expense of taxpayers.

As of a result, the majority of the stores have installed cameras and detector gates at the front entrance. But sometimes they do overlook and shoplifters getaway by luck. The drones are changing the business world with their incredible aerial capabilities. The major advantage that drones with cameras have over security cameras is the elimination of blind spots.

Aerial Monitoring Drone

If a company hires a certified remote pilot or two to overlook their property. They will be able to scan everything and uncover blindspots to minimize loss of damage. Not only they are helping store managers protect and generate more profits, they make a great police report when someone files claim.

To put this way, having drones scan all the store’s property would be an effective way to deter thefts and shoplifters. Doing so creates a safer and friendly environment for the customers. Protecting the property and maximizing the revenue for the companies.

Pizza Delivery

Who doesn’t like cold pizzas? I don’t and I like it hot. When I order pizzas online, I expect it to arrive hot and fresh. I savor the feeling of gooey cheese melting in my mouth. Even so, delivering pizzas on the ground can be very unpredictable. We are talking about roadblocks, road rages, heavy traffics and the like. Most of the food deliveries can take between one hour to two hours. By the time food gets there, it is either warm or… ugh cold.

With the drones, things just got a whole lot easier and it has been done in New Zealand already. It works similarly to Amazon delivering the items to its customers. A customer calls Pizza Hut and places the order for a large pizza with double cheese, pepperoni, jalapenos, pineapple slices and anchovies on it. Done and done, the order is paid and now the workers have to prepare the pizza for delivery.

Domino is doing trial runs with pizza being delivered by drones. See the video for yourself above.

Flying over the homes, cutting all the unnecessary roadblocks, traffic and stops greatly reduce the delivery time. According to the statistics, the drones have benefits for the business world by accelerating the delivery time. 30% of the consumers believe they will have their first drone-delivered item by 2020. Having the pizza delivered to your home might be closer than you think.

Inspection for Damages

If you are a homeowner, you will understand how tedious and expensive it is to hire a roof inspector to analyze your roof. Because of that, a roof inspector often can’t check hard to reach places and measurements are inaccurate. That is why insurers try to underpay claims every time by downplaying that the damages are not that serious enough to warrant funds. This results in disagreement between the homeowners and insurers.

But with the drones, they are changing the way insurance claims are being used in the business world. A drone that can examine and measure the width and length of a property’s roof more accurately will help insurers make more informed decisions. PrecisionHawk is well known for its innovative applications that help remote pilots analyze and measure the property roofs.

Drone Aerial Roof Inspection

The applications that PrecisionHawk uses turns the drones into incredible and powerful tools that use an algorithm to set a flight path for pictures. A remote pilot simply has to locate the property they want to take pictures of. Once they located the property, they have to do is start and the drone will do everything on its own automatically.

After the flight session, the remote pilot has to upload the pictures toward the PrecisionHawk’s site and they will generate automated reports for them to share with you. This has helped many homeowners who hired remote pilots to do it more effectively, saves time and money. With an automated report, both homeowners and insurers can agree on together that will resolve many of business conflicts.

Real Estates

The drones have major advantages in the real estate business world. Before the introduction of drones in real estate, the potential buyers looking at the listings for sale will see eye-level pictures and videos. Buyers will go like that, yeah, yeah, this is interesting. But does any of them warrants enough to blow their mind out that they have to come and check it out?


With the use of drones, they are helping the real estate converting their properties into high-selling by posting aerial pictures and videos. The listings are intangible and buyers want to be able to see the whole view of the property.

Real Estate Drone Photography

A drone easily eliminates that issue by providing an aerial 360-degree view of the property. What makes the customers go wow is that they can see the beauty of property in its true form.

Moreover, aerial pictures and videos also can be used to give a leeway of the property’s surroundings. As a buyer, they often wondered how it looked like and how big they are. Thanks to the use of drones, they have helped real estate agencies grow their sales by selling 32% faster and 60% more on an annual basis compared to those who don’t take advantage of that.

Preventing Contraband and Illegal Drug Substances

You probably have heard about this before, but some criminals are using drones to bring contraband into prisons. This creates an even more unsafe atmosphere for the prison complexes who routinely inspect to ensure there is no contraband.

With the contraband falling into the wrong hand, lives could be well in danger. Recently, a prison agency in South Carolina hired two veteran pilots to oversee their complexes. The use of drones is changing the way they monitor the prison complexes by providing a complete aerial overview.

Law Enforcement Police Drone

Moreover, the drones can be easily mounted with thermal or night vision cameras to see in the dark. When the remote pilot sees someone who is not authorized, they notify the guards immediately and they will handle the situation from that point.

Because of that, hiring a remote pilot that oversees the complex is much more cost-effective than guards on a watchtower. That resulted in better prison management, improved public safety and reduced expense of taxpayers.

Increase Farming Output

More than 7.5 billion people are living on planet Earth and it is already reaching an unsustainable level. Some of the food prices are too high for impoverished people to be able to afford. And we are not doing enough to provide a large supply of food to support the global human population.

Argicultural Drones

There are several ways scientists and researchers are testing to increase the output of crops such as vertical farming. But the drones in the agricultural industry have huge advantages over most of these methods. The ability to detect and identify the health of the crop before outbreaks even happen. Applying the right amount of resources to each crop and whatnot.

The application of drones have provided many effective ways the farmers manage their crops and livestock better. As a result, they save money, generate more profit and produce larger output to feed the world. So, we might well see the drones dominate this field for a long time.

Managing Inventory & Restocking

Besides these awesome aerial capabilities that the drones have. Many companies are starting to use them in a completely different way that gives them competitive advantages. Amazon, for instance, is using the drones to manage the inventory and restocking the items.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, how the heck a drone can do that if the stock is too heavy to carry? And I tell you, that is the beauty of machinery and technology combined. The drones shown in this video are equipped with sensors that communicate with other drones. It doesn’t matter what kind of stock is as long as the drones know where to go and can do it independently without humans.

There is also another type of drones that does the job of scanning the products on towering shelves. Imagine how risky and dangerous it must be for a worker to climb the ladder just to scan an item. A drone can simply scan the item and move on to the next item. Rise and repeat.

While there might be some people who are worried that these drones are taking away the jobs. It is not their intention to do so at all. Aside from that, they are much more effective and help keeps the flow of fulfillment centers at is maximum operation. The drones are changing the business world by managing the inventory faster and safer so that the workforce can be put into more useful fields like delivering to customers and organizing the items.

Advertising for Businesses

When we drive around through the cities, we will often see the cars being parked outside in the front of the car dealerships. How many of you are aware of the cars they have in the back? Probably not and that is because the cars are in the back, which creates an illusion people think they don’t have that many cars up for sale.

Limited view hurts the businesses and the potential to increase revenue by selling more cars to buyers. The drones are changing the business world in this area by providing an aerial overview of the property. That way the car dealers can say, “Hey look at us! We got cars here and way more in the back! So if you want to buy a car, we got a lot of cars up for sale!”

Drones for Ads

When customers see it that a car dealership has 200 or 300 more cars in the back. That will make their wow factor goes up and be more willing to check out the car dealership inventory. In the end, a customer might eventually end up buying a car thanks to the use of drones.

This is especially useful in the marketing industries where advertising with drones allows businesses to show off their storefront and properties that are up for sale. Promotional videos bring potential buyers’ attention and reel them in to turn into profit-generator for the businesses. The drones are truly revolutionizing the way businesses markets themselves.

Filmmaking and Photography

This is one of the many fields that is still going very strong. People love and are captivated by the beauty and nature of photography. Renowned photographers like Andy Yeung and Karolis Janulis used to be photographers that travel around before they bought drones and added aerial pictures to their gallery.

Starting your own photography business with a drone isn’t that hard to be quite exact. All you have to do is find good areas and wait for the perfect moment to capture it. After that, you will need to go through the post-editing process such as PhotoShop and Lightroom. With the right editing, you can bring your audience’s attention and awe them.

Aerial Photography By Drones

In the field of filming industry, the drones are being used to capture immersive videos. Never seen before, you now can see towering buildings from long range that adds dynamic feeling to the movies. The drones do a real good job of capturing special effects that brings a whole new feeling and unique experience for the moviegoers who will be likely to recommend to their friends and families to watch it.

If you are looking for the best drones to jumpstart your photography business. I would recommend these drones for photography, especially Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2. But they come at a higher price tag. Although, there are bundle deals that you can get it a far cheaper price.

Drones Are Changing The Business World

The drones have so many benefits that can be used in the business world. From managing the crops to marketing the properties, the drones are cheap and cost-effective for the business. While I only listed 10 ways the drones are changing the business worlds, there are way more. If you are thinking of having a drone, either for your own drone business or as a supplement to boost your sales.

I highly recommend starter DJI drones such as Mavic Air (See Price), Mavic Pro (See Price) or Phantom 4 Pro (See Price). They all are great starter drones for beginners and experienced remote pilots alike. However, if you have extra cash to spend, you can go for Inspire 2 (See Price) as it is one of the most powerful camera drones available to date.

Furthermore, I recommend you to use our specialized drone deal finder to help you find the best deal for these drones. You will be able to find the drones you want to buy at a lower price tag compared to your potential preferred store.

From my experience flying a drone as a pilot for hire, many businesses grow and succeed because of the aerial videos and pictures brings in more customers to them. By demonstrating the properties, marketing your storefront and delivering the items, the drones are changing the businesses at an incredible pace.

How Drones Will Change the Future?

While the drones are still relatively new in major industries field. More and more companies are starting to see the benefits of drones changing the way they operate their business from protecting their items to generating new businesses.

The demand for certified remote pilots with aerial photography experience and piloting skills will only continue to rise as more jobs are being created for them. The drones are changing all of the industries in several different ways and that certainly will shape the future of the business world.

As of 2016, there are 42,000 licensed commercial drone operators. The United States government agency predicted that the number of commercial drone operators will grow by tenfold up to 442,000 at the end of 2021. From August to December 2016, around 23,000 applicants became certified drone operators. That is around 300 new pilots a day.

Like I mentioned previously, the drones are changing the businesses in major ways. And it is only the beginning of implementing the drones for various purposes. Even so, the drones basically can be used for everything you think of. Until then, happy flying!

Hello, welcome to UAV Adviser! My name is Keith Ericksen. I am a commercial licensed drone operator. Flying and talking about the drones is my passion. Whether it is toy-grade to professional-grade quadcopters. On my leisure, I enjoy socializing with friends, play video games, hiking, traveling and reading. If you have a project that needs our drone services, please contact us via Hire-A-Pilot page.

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