DJI Launches New Ronin SC Gimbal for Filmmakers

Attention filmmakers, you might be interested in DJI recently released lightweight gimbal called the Ronin SC. This latest gadget from DJI only weights 2.4 Lbs and pretty much does everything a standard gimbal does. But not without additional features of ActiveTrack and Force Mobile.

If you already used a gimbal gadget like Moza AirCross. You will be familiar with the basic operations of these hand-held stabilizers that keeps the camera leveled during moving shots. Plus, it enables you to perform creative footage that presents opportunities for the video makers.

The brand new DJI Ronin SC is designed for smaller mirrorless cameras. With the ability to view single-handed run & gun shooting. Therefore, it can handle camera and lens combinations up to 4.4 Lbs. Which means it basically can handle Sony Alphas, Nikon Z Series, Panasonic GH-Series and X-T rigs with small, wide-angle lens without any issues. Furthermore, it can handle longer lenses too on lighter bodies.

DJI Ronin SC Gimbal Stabilizer

Unforunately, DSLR Cameras are out of question. Like many other recently launched gimbal stabilizer, the new Ronin SC’s roll arm is designed to sit out while you film. Which is an annoying issue that plagued its earlier models. Similarly to the Moza Air 2, it comes with quick-release plate that makes it easy to switch the cameras. As usual, it features combination of controls, multiple modes and sports mode that lets you react quickly to the movement.

One awesome feature that this gimbal stabilizer has is the ability to talk to your phone in an interesting way. Basically, you mount your phone on the top of the camera. Then you connect it through an app to the Ronin SC gimbal. After the connection has been established, the gimbal will utilize your smartphone’s camera and processing capabilities that enables ActiveTrack. Similarly to the feature as seen in popular DJI drones such as Phantom 4 and Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic 2 Zoom.

On the same note, the new Ronin SC gimbal introduces a new feature called Force Mobile. This feature lets you split the job of moving camera and give the control of gimbal to a second operator. Who will control the gimbal with their phone to aim and capture the shot.

Ronin SC gimbal is capable of performing timelapses, motionlapses, panoramas, motion control shootings and all other things you can expect. You also can buy it with accessories which features a follow focus if you prefer. Lastly, the battery has a running time up to 11 hours. So, it is pretty good for an all-day long shooting. Right now, you can buy it on Amazon for just a little bit under $600. Which is quite an excellent price tag if you want to get your hands on this gimbal stabilizer.

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