What Is The Right Mavic Pro For You: Mavic Pro, Platinum or White

So, you came here because you are thinking of getting a Mavic Pro drone. But you are not sure if you should either get the Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro Alpine White or Mavic Pro Platinum. Choosing the right Mavic Pro drone for yourself can be a little tricky. We decided to assemble an in-depth guide to help you pick the best Mavic Pro drone that suits you. Let’s compare each drone and find out which one is the right Mavic Pro for you.

Design Appearance

First and foremost, all these DJI Mavic Pro drones feature the same signature foldable design. But they all come in three different color. First, we have got the Mavic Pro that features gray matte which is suitable for business. Secondly, we have Mavic Pro Alpine White which is a limited edition and is perfect choice for winter-themed flight missions. Finally, the third Mavic Pro model comes with sleek, chrome-like sliver that gives out top-notch elite professional appearance.

Key Features

These DJI Mavic Pro combines portability, compactness and power that makes them one of the most popular drones on the consumer market. They only have a body dimension that is 83 * 83 * 198 mm and merely weight 734 grams. This makes the Mavic Pro drone incredible lightweight and suitable for traveling around the world on foot. Furthermore, the Mavic Pro drones are equipped with powerful precision and stabilized three-axis gimbal that gives a professional level aerial footage at 4K ultra high-definition resolution.

Thanks to its built-in powerful 12MP camera, these drones can easily let you shoot like a professional with its intelligent flight modes. As for flying safely, all these three Mavic Pro drones are equipped with Obstacle Avoidance detection system that provides world class protection against collision and the like. But, there are two main difference between the popular Mavic Pro Platinum and other two Mavic Pro drones.

First, the Mavic Pro Platinum features improved propellers that creates quieter noise up to 60% reduction for a more enjoyable flight experience. In addition to that, it can fly up to 30 minutes thanks to all improved propulsion systems. This allows the drone pilots enjoy flying the quadcopter and maximize your flight experience. Check out this table to compare the Mavic Pro models to see how they stack up against each other:

Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro White vs Mavic Pro Platinum


Check out these drones to see the price tag. Since the Fly More Combo package has become cheaper over the past recent year. You can easily buy the complete drone setup for just a little under $1,000 depending on the type of Mavic Pro model that you are planning to buy. That being said, the Mavic Pro Platinum is definitely an expensive option compared to the Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Alpine White. Below is what you will get when ordering the Mavic Pro:

  • Mavic Pro Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Gimbal Cover
  • Gimbal Clamp
  • Battery Charger Hub
  • Battery Charger Cord
  • 3 Intelligent Flight Batteries
  • 16 GB Micro SD Card
  • Micro USB Cable
  • RC Cable (Lighting Connector)
  • RC Cable (Standard Micro USB Connector)
  • Car Charger
  • Travel Case
  • 2 RC Cable Slider
  • User Manual
  • DJI Care Refresh

You also can read our Mavic Pro tutorials to learn more about how to fly, resolve and even aerial photography tricks. If owning a Mavic Pro drone is your dream but you are not ready to buy one just yet. We have several great guides to share with you. As matter of fact, there are 8 great drones that looks like a DJI Mavic Pro and they are perfect for beginners who wants to learn how to fly as well take aerial pictures.

That’s all about it! 🙂 I hope you found our guide about what is the right Mavic Pro drone for you helpful and insightful. If you have any questions about these Mavic Pro drones, please feel free to comment in the comments section. We will read and answer your questions as soon as possible. Happy flying and fly smart.

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