How to Become Part 107 Certified: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

So, you came here because you want to know how to become Part 107 certified, right? Then you’re in the right place because, in my article, I’m going to explain to you how to become Part 107 Certified. Before we go ahead, there are few things that you need to know about it and who are eligible to take the exam.

Part 107 gives the drone pilots permission to fly their drones for commercial purposes. However, not everyone will have to take the test. There are exceptional rules that decide who gets to fly the drones and others who have to take the exam and pass to operate the quadcopter. Here is a summary of the FAA rules about which groups need to study and who can start flying a drone.

Commercial Drones Only

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If you’re interested in making money with the drones, you’ll need to obtain a Part 107 certificate according to — a website that collaborates between the FAA and industry. The recreational purpose of your drone is the operation that’s meant for fun and enjoyment. But when it comes to taking pictures and selling it to other people, it would be considered a commercial purpose.

But, do keep it in your mind that you don’t need a Part 107 certificate to fly your drone recreational. You all need to register and label your drone with the identification number which is given by the FAA. If your drones weigh more than .55 pound and less than 55 pounds, you can register online. However, drones that weigh more than 55 pounds will be required to undergo a different process.

If you’re planning on becoming a commercial drone operator and think you need to take the part 107 exam. Read on to find out more information.

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Current Pilots

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The pilots who already have current Part 61 Airman’s Certificate for manned aircraft and completed a flight review within the last two years can use a simplified process for commercial drone certification. They aren’t required to undergo the same process to obtain the Part 107 test as non-pilots do.

Current pilots will have to take FAA’s online training course and present the test report, form, proof of current flight review, and a valid ID in person to the FAA representative. For more information regarding these requirements, you can visit the link to find all the details here.

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Public Drones

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Agencies such as federal, state, or local government offices who want to operate a drone as part of their job. These agencies don’t need to take and pass the Part 107 certificate. The government drone operators are eligible to apply for a public certificate of waiver or authorization for specific operations.

Several government agencies such as FBI, NGA, NSA, and police departments use drones for aerial intelligence gathering and providing support to the ground-based units. They’re also useful for government agencies that need to map out a certain location to analyze the data to build evidence and speeding up the cases.

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New Commercial Drone Pilots

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If you have never taken the Part 107 exam before or don’t hold any of this certificate above. Then, you’ll have to take the Part 107 exam to fly your drones for money. Here’s what Part 107 certificate without a waiver will allow you to do under these conditions:

  • The drone can operate in Class G Airspace.
  • You must maintain a clear visual line of sight.
  • You must fly the drone below 400 feet.
  • The drone can be flown only during the day time.
  • The drone must fly below 100 miles per hour.
  • You must yield right of way to manned aircraft.
  • You can’t fly the drone over people who are not part of the operation.
  • The drone can’t fly over moving vehicles who are not part of the operation.

If you want to be able to operate outside of these following requirements, you’ll have to request permission from the FAA. I also highly recommend you to check out my top 10 favorite free drone apps to download. Which all of them are incredibly useful for your everyday drone operations.

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How Do You Become Part 107 Certified?

Now that we have the ways how you can become a drone pilot out of our way. If becoming a commercial drone operator is your goal as you want to make money flying drones. Then you’ll need to acquire a Part 107 certificate to fly legally. Studying for the Part 107 exam isn’t exactly that easy because there is so much information that you need to know.

This is why I recommend Drone Pilot Ground School as your training course for the Part 107 exam. It’s one of the best FAA training courses that will get you up to speed within a few weeks and contains chock full informative videos and tutorials. More than 10,000+ students took this training course and 99% of them passed the exam. Once you pay for their training course, it’s yours forever and you can always access the course to review or simply to stay updated with the latest changes to regulations and laws.

Sure, you can do it the old fashioned way by digging through the FAA remote pilot’s guide. But you won’t find all the information that you need. Plus, their guide is tough to read which adds even more confusion and makes the studying process hard. Studying for your Part 107 exam doesn’t have to be that hard at all. After all, it’s a small price to pay if you do not want to spend another $150 to retake the exam.


What Is a Drone Pilot Ground School?

The Drone Pilot Ground School is an interactive stay at the home training course for non-pilots who wants to get a Part 107 certificate to start making money with their drones. It was created by Alan Perlman who is an FAA-Certified remote pilot with the help of an FAA-certified Instructor. The goal of the Drone Pilot Ground School is to deliver content that is easy to understand for all levels of pilots.

It’s taken a hybrid approach mixed with instructional videos and text to accommodate all students’ learning styles and preferences. Divided into several chapters with a section that reviews how well you absorb the content by giving you a short quiz. As you can see, the course below is what you’ll see when taking the exam.

Drone Pilot Ground School Class Course Showcase

The average time it takes for a person to finish studying the course is around two to three weeks. That’s around 20 hours split across the dates. For that amount of content and information that you need to know to pass the exam isn’t exactly an easy feat. Which is why Drone Pilot Ground School is here to help make the studying for exam much easier and simpler.

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What Do You Need to Know for Part 107 Exam

As I mentioned previously, there’s so much information you need to know. But I will go ahead and list what you need to know:

  • Must be able to read and understand the aeronautical maps.
  • Can you tell me what is a military flight route and how high is the altitude?
  • Do you know the difference between a radioactive fog and adhesive fog?
  • Can you locate Tower A that is 300 meters away from Airport B?
  • What do you need to do to fly your drone in Class E airspace?

These are just the iceberg of the questions you will face when taking the Part 107 exam. If you don’t know the answers to these questions, that’s fine because Drone Pilot Ground School covers everything you need to know. In case you’re wondering what is the exam score breakdown, check out below:

Part 107 Exam Score Breakdown

There’ll be 60 questions that are randomly selected from the library of 300 FAA-inspired questions. So each test is never the same that makes the exam itself even more challenging than a regular driver’s exam. Also, you’ll receive an aeronautical map which you need to understand how to use it to answer the questions. You’ll see something like this and will be promoted to answer the question of where the airport or tower is located at.

How to Become Part 107 Certified Aeronautical Map

Understanding how to use the map is very important if you were to fly your drone in the skies. At first, it might across to you as very confusing because you never experience anything like that before. Not only you will pass the exam but become a knowledgeable remote pilot.

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Final Remarks about Drone Pilot Ground School

I’ve written an in-depth review of Drone Pilot Ground School and raved about how good it is. If you’re looking to become an FAA-Certified remote pilot but you need someplace to start at, I would recommend you to start with Drone Pilot Ground School. Some people wasted their time looking at the wrong sites and end up spending more than what they should be getting. While we don’t want that to happen to you because you should get the best resources that will help you grow and become successful. Which is what exactly the Drone Pilot Ground School does.

Also, as a bonus to my readers, you can save $50 off the course using our special discount link. All you have to do is enroll in the course via clicking on the link below to get a discounted price. If you’re looking for drone services such as the private one on one training and need help with learning how to fly your drones, you can contact us.

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